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Buy Instagram Impressions

Buy Impressions on Instagram is very easy:

  1. Select the number of Impressions you want;
  2. Enter the correct Instagram link on which you want the promotion;
  3. Complete the payment.

You’ve searched on the Internet how to buy likes, how to buy followers, how to buy Instagram comments, and now you do not know what to do next. All you have to do is to buy Instagram impressions. If you are planning a social media marketing strategy you have to know that buying Instagram impressions is essential for your strategy to be successful. 

Instagram provides you with statistical data about the performance of your profile. Instagram impressions are the number of views of your content, no matter if it is a picture, a video, or a story. An impression is the total amount of all the views.

For example, if you check the impressions of your profile and you see the number 1,000, this means that the number of views of the content published is 1,000. As you can immediately figure out, buying Instagram impressions is essential.

Instagram impressions are widely used in case of sponsorship of social posts. In fact, advertising campaigns aimed at sponsoring your post or your content are based on the impressions obtained, regardless of the reactions, if any.

Buying Instagram impressions and where to view them

Now you understand what Instagram impressions are but where can you view this data? To have accessed to this analytical data you must change your personal Instagram profile to a company account.

Only in this way will you be able to access the metrics views, that are exclusively reserved to business account holders. Impressions, full coverage and other useful data are fundamental to develop your social media marketing strategy.

You understand that it is important to increase the value of this analytical data that are available only to Instagram business profiles. Now you need to know how to increase the number of impressions, both in a spontaneous way and for a fee. Buying Instagram impressions is a supplementary strategy to their organic growth.

  • use carefully the hashtag tool: your hashtags must not be generic but specific and aimed at a specific audience;
  • when posting a video, a photo, or a story, use geolocation since  it helps a lot to increase impressions;
  • choose the best time to publish your content on your Instagram profile: to find out which time is the best, analyze the statistical data of your older posts and try to find the right time for your target audience.

buy Instagram impressions: you can buy impressions for your Instagram business profile on Socially Fan (bear in mind that you cannot view impressions if you have a personal profile).

Why buy Instagram impressions

Buying Instagram impressions means significantly increasing the visibility of your published posts. Every time a user clicks on your content and views it, even if they do not click on “like” nor post a comment, the number of impressions increases.

Buying Instagram impressions means be visible on the recommended content page and therefore increasing the impressions. The time that users spend viewing your post will increase and so the metric will increase the value of your post.  Consequently, your content will appear on other users’ dashboards, and so on.

Post a photo in the early afternoon (before three o’clock because it is the time you go back to work) and add a good description. The description must be catchy, captivating, and using symbols and emojis divide it into paragraphs, putting the information in separate boxes.

This makes you understand that buying Instagram impressions is a great choice to gain visibility but you always have to post quality content and perfect descriptions. Only by trying and trying you will find your writing style and your strategic planning to post on Instagram.

The higher the number of impressions, the more likely it is that users will click on “like” and / or comment. It’s all connected. It is calculated that depending on the number of impressions of your post at least 40% of the users react to your post.


Where to buy Instagram impressions?

If you want to buy quality Instagram impressions you have to rely on our service, Socially Fan. In a few minutes your profile will have an increase in views and only thanks to your content and descriptions will you be able to get extraordinary results.

You can buy Instagram impressions by investing a small budget to get started; later, if you are happy with the results you can decide to invest more. Our site does not require any passwords since we do not use bots nor similar stuff. The users we provide are real and active; this is because we respect Instagram rules and regulations.

Be careful not to provide your password to any service that may ask for it; you may risk your Instagram account being blocked or suspended because of a violation of the rules of the social network.

We have only positive reviews by our customers, we provide customer service to reply to any question or doubt. What are you waiting for? Buy Instagram impressions now and see what happens to your analytics. Save this article so you can check anytime the steps to follow.



Buying Instagram impressions: engagement rate and profile engagement

As we explained to you at the beginning of this article, impressions are important data on which you should work and invest. Do not forget that the impressions are the total viewing time of your posts. But there are two types of engagement:

  • engagement rate is the number of people who have viewed your post and you can also check it with any apps downloadable from the Apple Store or Play Store;
  • engagement of the personal profile instead is a number that indicates the ratio between likes, comments, shares, views, and clicks on your story.

These two data, the engagement rate and the engagement of the profile are very important for Instagram because with those two metrics the social network decides the level of relevance of your post for the users.


Buy Instagram impressions but first turn your personal profile into a business one

As already pointed out before, to view the number of impressions of your profile and your posts you have to switch your Instagram profile from private to professional. But how can you do it? Here are the steps to follow to switch from a personal profile to a business profile.

  • enter the Profile section;
  • Click on the settings wheel;
  • scroll down and click on the option “switch to a professional account”;
  • now you have to choose whether you want a creator profile or a company profile (if you are a company just click on “company”, if you are a content creator just click on “creator”);
  • Click on the category to which your field of activity belongs (shop, blogger, youtuber, etc.);
  • enter the requested contact data (e-mail address, telephone number);
  • now link a Facebook page to your Instagram profile (if you do not have a Facebook page you can skip this step for now).

You have now moved from a personal profile to a professional profile. It is useful because you can view the impressions but also because you show professionalism to your followers. Instagram offers many tools for professionals (e-shops, inserting links, etc.). Why not enjoy them?


Not sure how to buy Instagram impressions? Use Socially Fan

You have finally decided to buy Instagram impressions and invest in your profile. We are happy with your choice. Hopefully, our recommendations will help you to grow your profile and boost your business.

You can buy Instagram impressions on our site at an affordable price for quality users. Read the reviews, contact us to find out more, or read the other articles on our blog if you want to learn more.

To have a perfect organization in the management of your Instagram profile, start with the basic package to buy Instagram impressions and dedicate some time to creating an editorial calendar.

Buying Instagram impressions: where and how to read insights data

As you may have realized, Instagram is made up of many names and data that you need to learn to read and analyze. Now we will explain to you in detail what they are and where you can find them in your Instagram profile.

First, insight data are the statistical data that can be viewed on your post, your story, and your profile. The data displayed will refer to the profile, story, or post you have published. On the Insight page of Instagram there are three items:

  • the activity item: the general statistical data of your profile;
  • the content item: the statistical data of all your content (from photos to stories);
  • the public item: the statistical data of your target, that is the users you managed to reach

The activity data are important because they allow you to read other key metrics for the growth of your Instagram profile. For example, you will find the coverage item which indicates the number of people involved and reached by the posts or stories you have published during the last seven days; and you will find the impression item as the sum of all the views of your content.

On the two items above you need to work. For example, you can buy Instagram impressions and then buy views, not just followers! Having a lot of followers means nothing. If you want to make your profile professional, bear in mind that interactions do count and that you need high statistics numbers to collaborate with companies.

Buy Instagram impressions and get your profile off the ground

If you want your profile to become relevant you have to buy Instagram impressions. You will discover amazing opportunities. You will be able to collaborate with companies and create sponsored posts regardless of the field of reference.

Whether you are a fashion blogger, a consultant, a grocery store, the mechanism is always the same. You have to focus on the caption (description of the post) in detail and create storytelling as if it were a blog.

The sooner you start and the sooner you learn… there is no magic recipe. Trust the services of Socially Fan to buy Instagram impressions and you will not regret it.