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Have you ever thought about increasing your Youtube video views because you want it to go viral? To buy YouTube views is easy.

You have finally managed to open your YouTube channel, upload your first video, and show up to the world,  but you are not satisfied. Why?

Probably your video, despite being really well done and interesting, gets few views. You may be wondering why this is happening, but the reasons behind it can be a lot. One of these reasons lies in the fierce competition around your video topic, together with yours there are ten thousand other videos that talk about the same topic, but you are convinced that yours is the best.

You have to know that about five billion videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and your video is one of these five billion. Yes, these numbers are crazy, but they are real!

To stand out in the multitude of videos uploaded to YouTube daily, you can decide to buy cheap real YouTube views to increase the visibility of your video. Only by purchasing views will your video be able to rank high on Youtube.

How to buy YouTube views: Youtube 2020 algorithm and how it works

When we talk about the YouTube algorithm, we mean the method that Youtube uses to give consistent answers to the searches that users make on the platform. Which videos are relevant to the query? The operating mechanism is similar to the Google algorithm but, as you well know, these systems are continuously updated to be more and more efficient and at the service of users/surfers.

Understand that the watch time of your video is crucial! The YouTube algorithm checks how many views the video you upload has based on the tags used (yes, tags are essential!) and the number of views, Youtube places your video within the ranking of videos similar to yours. Obviously, if the video has few views, it will be penalized and included in the latest search results. The more views it receives, the higher it will rank in the search results.

To overcome this problem, I suggest an easy and convenient solution:  that is to buy YouTube views! Everyone does it, and it’s a legal practice if done with the right precautions.

Which site to choose and how to buy real YouTube views?

It’s really important that you know that also the most successful YouTubers use this strategy to get views and climb the rankings in a short time, so don’t make a big deal out of this. They are necessary investments that you can classify as advertising expenses to make yourself known and increase your visibility.

If you think it is illegal you are wrong: to buy real Youtube views is legal, but you must comply with the rules and terms of service of the platform. The basic principle is that you can generate views from external sites, but you can’t buy them. So keep reading this article, I’m about to explain how to recognize a trustworthy site, and how to stay away from a website that sells fake views usually offered by illegal sites.

There are many sites on the market that sell this service where you can buy Youtube views cheap, to avoid scams there are three fundamental factors that you must analyze before proceeding with the order:

– check if the password of your YouTube channel is requested: when you purchase, many sites ask for the password, and giving your password away is something that I strongly advise against. By giving your password, you could give access to your profile to strangers, hackers, viruses and encounter annoying problems. So the first thing to keep in mind when looking for a reliable site is to pick a site that won’t ask for your Youtube password!

-check if there is a 24/7 customer assistance guaranteed: having the opportunity to contact the customer service is a symptom of the quality and safety of the chosen service.

-check the legal head office: if you want to receive real views from real users I suggest you choose services based in the USA.

How to Buy YouTube  views with Socially Fan

 Socially Fan is a reliable site with competitive prices, both to buy real Youtube views and to purchase new subscribers and likes for your video. Here you can also find services dedicated to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and also Twitch and Spotify. On Visibility Reseller you can buy in a safe and reliable way what you need to increase the growth of views of your YouTube video.

The greater the number of views, the greater its fame will be.

Have you ever chosen to watch a YouTube video that has very few views? I really don’t think so. When you search a video on the YouTube search engine, you too decide to watch the one that has the most views. We all do it. It is a psychological mechanism that is activated, and that makes you think something like “this video is more reliable because it has more views”.

Buy real Youtube views: think like the user

Don’t think as a Youtuber, think as the final user. What matters is what others like. Everything must be built according to the needs of the final users, who are looking for an immediate and effective answer to a specific query like this one: “how to make pasta with tomato sauce”. In this specific example, your video needs to have attractive graphics to catch the user’s attention, but also an interesting number of views. Otherwise, the click will never come, if not occasionally.

It may also happen that the video you post has little competition and that naturally ranks at the top of the YouTube favorites list. Even in this case, this rank won’t last long if not supported by a minimum number of views. This situation will last up to a couple of weeks because there will always be someone before or after you who will have thought about increasing the views of their video and beating the competition.

It’s not an unfair competition. Whoever has the most views and the longer watch time wins. The person who understands the process best ranks higher.


What are the packages offered by Socially Fan and how to buy cheap Youtube views?

You’ve finally decided to take the leap and invest in your YouTube channel. Now you have to choose the service that suits your needs best, according to the budget at your disposal. On Socially Fan you can choose to buy based on the number of views you want, starting at $3.42 for the basic package. There is a lot of packages to choose from:








But you can also choose to buy likes for your YouTube video, starting at $4.71:








Last but not least you can also buy new subscribers for your Youtube channel starting at $4.71:

50 subscribers;

100 subscribers;

150 subscribers;

200 subscribers;

250 subscribers;

500 subscribers;

1,000 subscribers.

You can start buying the basic packages to test the service and see for yourself if it’s good or fake. Furthermore, the instant increase in subscribers, compared to the number of views can be suspicious to the YouTube algorithm: you cannot have 500 views and 3,000 subscribers! Buy cheap YouTube views first and then buy new subscribers, to balance the two. It must be natural and organic growth.


How to buy Youtube views and not be scammed by a fake site?

When you upload a video to Youtube, the first 300 views are scanned and analyzed by the system. The risk of using illegal services is yours. In the event that Youtube understands that the views of your video are fake and/or spam, the following can happen:


  • your video gets deleted because it does not comply with the rules and terms of service;
  • your account gets banned/blocked forever because it does not comply with Youtube guidelines for creating and promoting videos


Why you should buy real Youtube views

The answer is simple. If you have decided to start a YouTube channel, you intend to share with your users something you know how to do, that you are passionate about or simply give away valuable and useful information. Whether you are a travel blogger, an influencer, an artist, a chef, a gamer, sharing is the basis of everything.

As you well know, you can only earn from Youtube videos by accessing the monetization program called the YouTube Partner program. In order to apply your channel must meet specific requirements, which are:

  • have at least 1,000 subscribers;
  • have at least 4,000 public views over a year;
  • have a Google Adsense account

As for the Adsense account, it is easily created in a couple of minutes. When it comes to the other requirements, a number of subscribers, and number of views, the situation is different. it’s really important that you decide to make a small investment and rely on a reliable site like Socially Fan.

Why do you make money buying YouTube views?

Once your channel meets the YouTube partner program’s requirements, advertisements will automatically be shown on your videos. The YouTube Partner program consists of putting ads before, during, and at the end of your video. This whole system is managed by Google Adsense.

There is also another way to make money with a YouTube channel: if your channel has a large number of subscribers, views, and likes, many companies will contact you to create a sponsored video. It will be your interest to negotiate on the best solution for both of you. Think about the promotion of a technological product, of a Play Station game, of a particular diet, of a product Made in the USA.

You can become a real YouTuber and make your job become your passion, just by doing one simple thing: buying cheap YouTube views. The internet offers these possibilities, and if you have the skills to create effective, fun, and useful videos, why not use them to your advantage?


How to buy Youtube views and have a successful YouTube channel?

Before starting your Youtube channel (if you have not already started one) decide which target of people you want to speak to and create a draft with the contents you would like to publish. In this way, you will work better and be more organized.

  • What age range do I want to reach? Kids, adults, or both?
  • What is my talent? What can I share that others still don’ share?
  • How much budget do I have to increase the views of my YouTube videos?


Organize your work in the best way possible, because you can create an impactful Youtube channel for many users if done wisely and with passion. It goes without saying that if the content you offer is good, and you have a good knowledge of video editing, your YouTube channel can become a source of income.

If you really believe in it, and you have the right skills, you can become a professional Youtuber. So many have succeeded, why shouldn’t you?

Don’t forget to always use reliable sites such as Socially Fan so that you can work with peace of mind and reach your goals. Forget about untrustworthy sites and learn to spot them. Remember these three magic words: 24/7 customer service, no password required, and company headquarters control.

And remember that buying real YouTube views is legal if it respects YouTube’s rules. To avoid illegality, you can rely only on serious sites such as Socially Fan. Try for yourself.


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