Can you deactivate Instagram?


I want to tell you a story about Instagram. Over the past few years, something really strange has been happening in my family: pretty much everybody started joining social media. It was my mom who first decided to take the leap and get a Facebook account. She enjoyed it right from the beginning and still loves to use the “like” feature to show love and support to their sons for everything they share, even if it is a meme she most likely doesn’t get.

My dad followed suit right after: he joined Twitter because he wanted to follow scientists, politicians, “smart people”, as he calls them. He also had a great experience since the beginning, and he never gets tired of tweeting about his favorite food, his holidays or even just his opinion about whatever matter is most relevant at the time.

A couple of months ago, they also decided to join Instagram. Needles to say, it was like Christmas for me: I rejoiced at the thought of finally being able to send my mom and my dad memes through Instagram, or even just to tag them in a picture! After a while, though, they asked me something: can you deactivate your Instagram?

And if so, how long can you deactivate Instagram? Even though I was saddened by their decision, I started further investigating this matter, and today I’m happy to share with you what I found out!

Can you deactivate your Instagram? Let’s find out!


So, as I was saying in the introduction, my family had been using Instagram for a couple of months when they first asked me can you temporarily deactivate Instagram.

Of course, given how much they trust me when it comes to technology (and especially social media) and how little they know about this new world that they like so much but also sometimes find so weird, they decided that they didn’t want anything to do with the process of deactivating their accounts.

“Once you find out how to do it and also how long can you deactivate Instagram, please go ahead”. Of course, being the great son I always am, I knew I’d have to fulfill their request even if I didn’t agree with it and was sad about it.

However, one doubt remained: why were they asking me this? What was it about Instagram that they didn’t like and which was pushing them to stay off this social media?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know that Instagram has its fair share of flaws. Actually, I think this applies in a broader way to social media in general. On the one hand, they are really great. Social media let you get in touch with friends, meet new people, learn new things and see new places – even if only virtually.

On the other hand, however, you sometimes scroll through Instagram and see things you didn’t want to see, or that you don’t really like.

If it is possible to do it, how long can you deactivate Instagram?

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I know that different people will have a different approach to social media, and I knew I couldn’t expect my parents to like Instagram as much as I do. After all, we come from different generations: I grew up with this stuff, I was born in a technological age where everything was (and of course still is) accessible online, and where you do tend to feel a little out of place if you decide not to sign up for social media.

Even more now, because of the current emergency, most of our social life is indeed online, so it would only make sense that people sign up to Instagram, Facebook and other social media as to keep in touch with the people in their life.

While all of this is true, however, I also do recognize that Instagram might not be for everyone, and for different reasons: one thing that also sometimes happened to me is seeing content that I really wish I did not see, either because my friend shared a very crude picture on their stories (maybe because of a news event that had recently happened) or because I accidentally ended up on an Instagram page which had some weird stuff.

As a result, it did make sense to me when my parents asked me can you deactivate Instagram, can you temporarily deactivate Instagram, can you deactivate your Instagram, how long can you deactivate Instagram, although I was sad about it.

Yet, why did my parents want to know can you deactivate your Instagram?

As I already said, I would of course be a very bad son if I didn’t respect my parents wish and help them learn how to deactivate their Instagram account – in case that was even possible, that is.

I was really curious, however, as to why they were wondering can you temporarily deactivate Instagram. Especially, it is the word “temporarily” that caught my attention. Did this mean that they only wanted to take a short break because maybe they found it too overwhelming for now, and then maybe they’d want to rejoin in a few weeks or in a few months?

After all, they did also ask me how long can you deactivate Instagram: why would anybody be interested in that if they had no intention of coming back to Instagram? So, I went to my parents and asked them for more detailed explanations, and what they told me actually made a lot of sense.

Before I share with you the reasons for which my parents decided that they wanted to know can you deactivate Instagram, let me answer this question for you. I mean, if you are reading this article, chances are you also looked up can you deactivate your Instagram, or maybe even how long can you deactivate Instagram, so you might also be quite curious to know if this is possible.

You are about to finally get an answer to this question: can you deactivate your Instagram?

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So, if you have been struggling to know whether it is possible for you to take a break from social media – and specifically from Instagram – and are thus wondering can you deactivate Instagram, I have great news for you: this is indeed possible! What do I mean by that?

I mean that, if you decide that you “had enough” of social media for whatever reason, you won’t be forced to delete the Instagram’s app while keeping your account active because there is no way of hiding it or deleted. Quite the opposite, actually!

Once you decide that you would like to stop using Instagram, you actually do have a bunch of different possibilities to do this, and I will be more than happy to walk with you through each and every one of these possibilities in the remainder of this article.

So, now that you do know that it is indeed possible to deactivate (or temporarily deactivate) your Instagram account, I know that there is probably something else you might be wondering, and namely: what was the reason for which my parents decided to come to me and ask can you temporarily deactivate Instagram?

Before we learn how long can you deactivate Instagram, a short family story: the reason why my parents wanted to learn can you deactivate your Instagram?

So, I don’t want to keep you waiting anymore, and that is why I am about to finish my story about my parents. I will tell you what they explained to me and then, of course, I will teach you how to deactivate your Instagram account and also answer another question you might have, which is how long can you deactivate Instagram.

First of all, I was pretty relieved to know that my parents weren’t planning on getting away from Instagram forever. Instead, they wanted to know whether it was possible to temporarily deactivate their accounts because they did not want to permanently delete them.

This was actually reassuring because it made me understand that their Instagram journey was far from over and that soon I would again be able to share funny memes and lame videos with them!

My parents told me that they liked Instagram so much that they felt it was taking over their other duties: my dad, in particular, was pretty worried for the fact that he spent so much time looking at Instagram stories that his boss had to tell him to pay more attention and stop using his phone during their meetings.

My mom also shared some of his worries: she recently became a grandma, and she was afraid that she might be missing out on her first grandson’s most important memories if she keept scrolling her Instagram feed.

After I learned about their reasons, I was really glad to answer the question can you deactivate your Instagram?

“I know how happy you are with the fact that we both decided to join Instagram”, my mom texted me some hours after our conversation. “Don’t worry, I love it just as much as you do, so you won’t be getting rid of us. We just need to focus a little more for the time being, but pretty soon we will be ready to get your funny videos again”.

Reading her text, I knew that it was time to do what they were asking, so I decided to log in to their Instagram account and temporarily deactivate their accounts. So, just to recap, the answer to their question (can you deactivate Instagram) is a very solid yes, you can! Instagram does give you the possibility to deactivate your account for a short period of time, whatever your reason might be.

You might, then, of course, decide to join again whenever you feel ready, so don’t worry!

If you are struggling to learn how to do it, however, and need some help with technology just like my parents do, very soon I will be teaching you how you can deactivate your Instagram account, and then I will also reassure you as to how long can you deactivate Instagram, because that was their fear as well. “If we deactivate our account, is there a limit as to how much time our accounts can be deactivated?

Will I lose my account forever if I don’t rejoin Instagram after a few weeks?”.

Can you deactivate your Instagram? Yes, of course! And here is how!

can you temporarily deactivate instagram 2

So, before I explain to you precisely just how I temporarily deactivated my parents’ Instagram account, let me specify that it is only possible to do so on a computer or on a mobile browser.

This means that you will not be allowed to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account directly by the app. However, do not worry, as it is really easy to deactivate your account even if you are approaching Instagram’s desktop version for the first time!

So, to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, you of course need to log in with your account. Then, click on your profile picture on the right and then on “Profile”. This will take you to your Instagram account. You now want to go to “Edit profile” and then scroll all the way down until you see temporarily deactivate my account.

You have almost learned the answer to the question can you deactivate Instagram!

Once you click on “temporarily deactivate your account”, everything else you’ll have to do will be giving a reason as to why you are now deciding to take some time off Instagram, and then put your password to prove that nobody else is trying to forcefully delete your account by stealing your password.

And that’s it! You have finally learned how to deactivate your Instagram account!

And finally, the most important question: how long can you deactivate Instagram?

One common fear that users have when learning how to deactivate your account is the fact that there might be a limit (which they are not aware of) as to how long an Instagram account can be kept deactivated.

Well, if you, too, have been wondering how long can you deactivate Instagram, I am happy to let you know that there is absolutely no limitation or rule as to the time period during which your account can be deactivated.

Whether for a day, for a month, or for a year, you will always be able to retrieve all your content once you decide to join Instagram gain. However, remember that, if you want to deactivate your account right after you activated it again, you will have to wait a week to be able to deactivate it once more!

Can you deactivate Instagram?
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