Can you screenshot Instagram stories

Can you screenshot Instagram stories

Ever since Instagram introduced the ability to create stories, you spend a lot of time watching what your friends and other users you follow share. The only problem is that you are not always able to see them, since after 24 hours of their publication they are automatically removed.

As if that weren’t enough, Instagram doesn’t integrate a button that allows you to save and view them later, so you’re missing out on a bunch of content that you think is potentially interesting. What if I told you that it is possible to remedy the situation through unofficial solutions?

Yes, you read that right! If you want to know how to save the Instagram stories of others, know that it is possible to do it in at least two ways: by taking a screenshot of the photos that make up the story or by downloading applications or browser extensions that allow you to save Instagram stories locally. 

Find everything explained below!

Warning: content posted by users in their stories may contain personal information. To avoid problems, I recommend that you ask the author for permission before saving his content. I advise you, then, not to spread them on the Net (unless you give permission to do so), otherwise, you would risk violating the conditions of use of Instagram and the copyright of the author himself.

How to View Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories are a function present natively within the social network application. You can find this feature already active within the famous photo social network if, on your Android or iOS device, you have updated the Instagram application to the latest version available.

In case you encounter any problems using this feature or if this is not present within the application, it is possible that the problem is due to the lack of an update. To carry out this verification, bearing in the Android Play Store or in the iOS App Store; in the first case, tap on the icon with the colored play symbol on the home screen, then press the button with the menu symbol (it is the one with the hamburger icon ) and finally press the words My apps and games.

Now, you have to check if, in the Installed or Updates screen, there is the Instagram application icon and the word Update: If it is in this specific section of the Play Store it means that an update is available.

How does Instagram Stories work?

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Usually, Android applications are able to update automatically but, in case you have not activated the automatic update feature, as I explained to you in my dedicated tutorial, press the Update button you see on the screen.

At the end of the download, start the application: press the Open button or tap its icon located on the main screen of your device.To check for an update for the Instagram application on iOS , start the App Store (the light blue icon with the symbol of a stylized “A”) and press the Updates button (the symbol of an arrow pointing to the bottom), located in the bottom bar.

Is the Instagram app icon corresponding to this section? If the answer is yes, it probably means that you haven’t turned on automatic app updates. In this specific case, you have to manually update Instagram: press the Update button and, at the end, start the app by pressing the Open button from the App Store or by tapping its icon located on the main screen of your device.

Can you screenshot Instagram stories

Taking screenshots is the first solution you might consider to save others’ Instagram Stories. This method, while being somewhat “artisanal”, is quite effective, as long as the story does not contain videos, of course.

If you are using Android, you should be able to take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Volume Down (-) key and the On / Off key of your device. If this key combination does not allow you to take a screen capture, you should be able to do so by pressing the Volume Down (-) key and the Home key at the same time.

If you have an iPhone with Face ID, you can make a screen capture at the same time pressing the right soft key and the volume up (+). If you’re using an iPhone with Home key, however, to make a screenshot you have to press the same button Home and the standby/wake button on the phone

Can you screenshot Instagram stories Reddit

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If you want to save all the content in the stories posted on Instagram by your friends, you should try smartphone applications that allow you to do this. These solutions, although not in any way connected to the social network, work quite well and thanks to them it is possible to save both images and videos.

As you can guess, they only work with stories created by public accounts and not with those of private profiles.

Save Stories is one of the most popular apps for users who want to save Instagram Stories on their Android device. It is free and simple to use, but it has advertising banners, which you can possibly remove by purchasing the paid version, which costs 2.39 euros.

If you have a device without Google services, see if it’s available on some alternative store. After installing and starting Save Stories, accept the privacy policy by checking the appropriate box, press the Agree button and tap the Login with Instagram button. Then, tap on  Accept and log in to your Instagram account.

Once you have logged in, press the magnifying glass symbol  (top right), search for the user you are interested in using their username (without  @ ) and then select the correct account. Select, therefore, the Story tab   (top), tap on the preview of the content of your interest and then press the Download button.

Do you use an iPhone or an iPad? Don’t worry, even for Apple devices there are many applications that allow you to save Instagram stories in a few taps. One of the best on the market is Storized for Instagram, which allows you to view and download content from public account Instagram stories.

It’s free, but to eliminate advertising and download unlimited content, you need to subscribe starting from € 1.49 / week. After installing and starting Storized for Instagram, the first thing you need to do to download stories is to search for the account of your interest: then type in the relative username using the text field at the top and tap on it, in the menu that opened.

Now, tap on the Stories tab, press on the preview of one of the contents that may be available and download it: to do this, press the button (…) located in the upper right corner, tap on the word Save present in the menu that opened and grant Storized for Instagram access to the media files on your device.

Can you screenshot stories on Instagram

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As with mobile devices, it is also possible to download Instagram stories on the PC with unofficial solutions. In this regard, since these have access to social network data, I recommend that you use them only if strictly necessary and delete them as soon as you no longer need them (they can represent, in fact, a potential risk for privacy).

On Instagram stories can you screenshot

Story Saver is a free extension for Chrome (also compatible with Edge Chromium and Opera ) that offers the possibility to download Instagram stories in an extremely simple and fast way. Let me explain how it works. To begin with, start Google Chrome (or one of the other compatible browsers ) on your PC, go to the Chrome Web Store page that allows you to download the add-on and press the Add and Add extension buttons.

Subsequently, log in to your Instagram account from the browser in use and go to the profile of the user of your interest: just search for it using the search bar located at the top of the page and click on the first occurrence that is found.

Next, open the story you intend to download, by clicking on the profile photo of the account of your interest, press on the Story Saver icon located at the top right (if you do not see the extension icon, click on the symbol of the piece of the puzzle at the top right and select the icon in question from the menu that opens).

At the end of the update, log in to Instagram (from now on the procedure to be performed is the same for Android and iOS ), indicating your account data. If you are not yet registered on Instagram or do not know how to log in, read my tutorial on how to register on Instagram or the one in which I explain how to log in .

Once logged in, press the button with the symbol of a little man to view the section of your profile and then tap on your profile image. If you see a warning relating to permissions, first press the Open the camera button and then allow the app to use the camera and microphone by pressing the confirmation items that appear on the screen and refer to the relative permissions.

How to make Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great tool to share photos and videos about different times of the day: using them is very simple. As I just indicated, through the section of your profile (the one with the symbol of a little man ) you just need to tap on your photo at any time to start the camera and the tool for creating Instagram Stories.

Now you need to adjust some settings: press the button with a gear symbol located at the top left to display the Options menu related to Stories. In this way, you can, for example, choose whether to hide the content you publish from some people ( Hide the story to ).

Using the menu items under the heading Allow replies to messages, instead, you can choose to activate or deactivate replies to Stories; by activating or deactivating the items Allow sharing, Save to Camera Roll ( iOS ) / Save to Gallery ( Android ) and Save to the archive, you can make sure that your followers are able to share the Stories you make and automatically save them in the multimedia gallery of your device.

At the end of the customization, press the Finish button (on iOS ) to confirm the choices. On Android , however, the changes are saved automatically.

As for the actual creation of the Stories, you can find different tools in correspondence with the items below: the wording Text allows you to write a Story in the form of textual content; the Live button allows you to start a live stream; the Normal button allows you to take a photo or record a video of up to 15 seconds, while the word Boomerang allows you to create a looped movie.

Finally, the Super zoom and Rewind buttons offer you the possibility to create videos with special effects (respectively the zoom effect and the rewind effect). Then there is the button Without holding down, which is used to make a 15-second video without having to hold down the button with the circle symbol.

The button with the symbol of a smiley, which opens the menu of filters and effects and the button with the symbol of two arrows, which is used to switch between the rear and front cameras. If, on the other hand, you need to adjust the flash, press the button with the lightning symbol .

Do you want to share a previously made photo or video in Instagram Stories? Tap the button with the symbol of the panel and, when requested, enable access to the multimedia gallery of your device, by pressing the confirmation item you see on the screen.

Capture, record or import a photo or a video, as explained, to see the other tools of changed Stories: the symbol of an adhesive, the symbol of a highlighter and the button with the symbol Aa. The first button mentioned opens the sticker menu and allows you to add a mention, to insert a hashtag, a place or a date, a GIF or even a survey.

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