Can you see who views your Instagram


How can you see who views your Instagram? And more… Can you see who viewed your Instagram video and can you see who views your Instagram story? Let’s see how can you see who views your Instagram profile.

You’re are a social media lover, and for this reason, you recently started using Instagram to publish the photos you take and video you make with the smartphone. Other users and friends have started to follow you, commenting with different messages of appreciation for the content you published. 

In this regard, you are wondering if the curiosity of being able to know who looks at your profile can be answered, we’ll help you find out. So you have clearer ideas about who people are who view and appreciate your photos and videos. If that’s the way it is, you’ll be happy to know that I can help you.

During this tutorial, in fact, I’m going to explain in detail how to succeed in this intent, so you get some information about who interacts with your Instagram profile, for example looking at the stories you publish or “liking” your posts. Today you can not know who watches videos on Instagram.

You can only know the identities of those who see the video if you have published it as a story. Instagram however allows you to get rather useful information, how to find out if a video liked more than others, or find out the number of views videos on IG. Please note: there is an official and simple solution to use to obtain this information, namely the Statistical Data tool.

But let’s go step by step: follow step by step the directions I’m going to give you in this tutorial of mine and you will find out in detail what are all the operations that you have to put in place to achieve the goal that you have proposed.

Who can see your Instagram profile

How you ready to begin? All you need is a few minutes of free time, to carefully read the following procedures. Keep your hands on your pc or smartphone you intend to use Instagram with and follow my instructions step by step.

If your intent is to know who visits your IG profile, you must first keep in mind that you cannot know exactly the manes of the people on your account, if they do not interact in any way with the posted content.

Nothing is lost:  there is a tool within the platform that allows you to analyze your account for free, to get some information about people who view and interact with content. This tool is called Statistical Deta and is accessible via the social network application for Android or IOS, but also from the Web, using the Facebook Studio Creator tool.

But there is a small obstacle: you should know that to be able to use it, you must have made the transition to a corporate Instagram profile: it is a change obtainable through a completely free procedure, which can be performed at any time.

That said, to move from a personal Instagram account to a corporate one you first need to create a Facebook page, then you have to connect the latter to your IG profile, following the simple on-screen instructions that are shown in the Settings-Account-Switch to the professional account of your IG application account.

See who views your Instagram account

can you see who views your instagram story 3
Do you already have a company Instagram profile and want to know how to use the Statistical Data tool? No problem: in the following lines I’m going to explain to you in detail how to proceed. To view your Instagram profile statistics, launch the social network application you have installed on your device and log in with your account or FB profile details.

Now, on the home screen, tap on the icon of a man located at the right down, so as you can view the section of your profile. Then tap on the symbol with horizontal lines placed at the top right and then,  in the menu that is shown on the screen, press on the item Statistical data.

You can see on-screen the main sections of the Statistical Data tool: Activities, Content, and Public, which show different information and analysis data related to the profile. Specifically, the Activities section tells you the interactions performed by other users on your account regarding profile visits and values for Coverage and Impression ( refers respectively to the total number of times your profile and posts have been seen).

The Content section is related to the statistics concerning published posts and stories, which indicates the number of people who have viewed such content. The Public section, on the other hand, is useful to learn more about who visits their Instagram profile.

All this information I just left you on this post are also visible from the Web, by accessing the tool Creator Studio FB, and by clicking on the Statistical Data item for your IG account connected to the FB page.

How can you see who views your Instagram story

Would you like to know more about who’s watching your stories on Instagram? In this case, getting this kind of information is much easier, since it is not mandatory to switch to a corporate Instagram account. After publishing a story, you can see the names of those who view it and interact with it even if you use a personal Instagram account.

Start the Instagram app on the icon with the symbol of a little man located down right and press on your profile image, to view the stories you published. Now, make a swipe from the top to the down, so you can see the Views screen( the symbol eye), where the names of people who have seen your Instagram story, and who may have interacted with it.

If, instead, you decided to connect to Instagram via its Web version, click on a little man’s icon and then on your profile image, to see the story you published and the names of those who viewed it: this figure ban be found by clicking on the Displayed by, left down.

Can you see who vies “likes” on your Instagram posts

To see who puts “like” to the multimedia content you publish it is possible too. Press on the symbol of a man, on the main screen of the social network, to view the section of your profile and locate the content you post. Press, then, on it and then on the item Like followed by the name of some users.

Through this way, you can see the Like screen, which shows all the names of people who interacted with the content, putting on “like it”.

How can you see who views your Instagram profile

In case you are looking for an alternative solution that allows you to know how can you see who views your Instagram profile, you must first know that at the moment there are no reliable tools other than those mentioned above.

I make this clarification because you may have found on PLAY STORE different applications that indicate the ability to know who can see your IG profile.

I advise you to be wary of these tools, as they are unofficial tools that often show only the list of your followers. Also, to work, these third-party apps need to connect to the Instagram account you want to analyze, then require the input of the username and password: about this,  remember that it is not safe to type your login data in unofficial third-party applications, as these may cheat you by stealing this sensitive data.

Practically, the use of third-party applications to see who visit is an Instagram profile is not recommended unless it is well marked for their actual use. That being said, if you want to know the names of those who follow you on Instagram, just tap on the words FOLLOWER that you find in the section of your profile; you, therefore, do not need a third-party application to obtain this information.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video

can you see who viewed your instagram video 2

Of all social networks, Instagram is currently what you prefer. After some time you realized that your Instagram account has now reached a certain degree of popularity and, you are asked if there is an official method that allows you to become aware of who is viewing your videos within the social networks.

Well, honestly this is a great question. To me the arduous task of telling you that you cannot know in detail the names of the people who viewed your videos,  but you can instead know the number of people who have actually seen your published content.

Ok ok calm! I understand now I’ll tell you more…Don’t be hasty!  From the moment I know in detail the operation of the Instagram application, I can explain how can you see who viewed your Instagram video.

Please note that we will need a FB profile, this is essential to switch to the corporate version of your Instagram profile, and as a result, even access analysis tools that will allow you to see who’s viewing your videos on Instagram. Ok? Ready? So..enjoy it

If you want access to an advanced section related to your Instagram accounts statistics, you will need to convert your profile into a company profile. The main difference between your personal Instagram account and your corporate account is that, through the company account, you can sponsor your own content for a fee.

Once we have understood the difference between personal and corporate accounts, we can see in detail the procedure for the transition to the company account, at the creation of a FB page.

I think by now everyone will have a FB profile so let’s get straight to the point. For the FB page, you will have to connect it to the IG account to be able in this way to pass from the private account to the corporate account.

This step is indispensable. To connect the FB page to your Instagram account you will need to act through the IG application.

Now you have to tap on the icon that has the little man symbol. Once you are on the screen of your user profile, tap on the gear symbol you find in correspondence with the wording Edit profile. Press ion the CONTINUE entry for 4 consecutive times until you reach the screen through which you can connect the FB page: tap on the voice CHOOSE THE PAGE.

Locate the created page between the list of visible ones and place the checkmark on the one to connect. To continue, press the NEXT button, and then, after you have modified or inserted all the data related to your IG profile, continue by pressing the END button.

How to see who view your Instagram videos

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You can see all the statistics by tapping on the chart symbol that you find on the screen of your IG profile. Instagram Insights tool data are not retroactive; for individual videos, you will need to post a video to your profile and wait for the post to appear.

Once you have posted a new multimedia content on IG and waited for it to spread, you can tap on the video you posted on your profile screen and then, tap on the VIEW Insight data item. All information related to your IG account statistics cal also is viewed from PC, using the free FB tool called CREATOR STUDIO, which allows you to easily analyze them in detail.

Then! Why are you still sitting here reading to me, pick up your device, and get to work? I will be here waiting for any other doubts or curiosity about the fantastic world of social networks most photographic in the world: Instagram.

Can you see who views your Instagram
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Can you see who views your Instagram
How can you see who views your Instagram? Let's see how can you see who viewed your instagram video and how can you see who views your instagram story.
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