How do I delete my Instagram account


How do I delete my Instagram account? That is a question I have been asking myself quite a lot, recently. I go back and forth and think about whether I should actually do it or not. I mean, should I delete my Instagram? In this article I’ll explain you how do I delete my Instagram, how do I delete my Instagram account permanently and how do I delete one of my Instagram accounts.

I like to think I know so much about social media, and especially about Instagram. My friends and family always come to me to ask for support when they just cannot understand how something on the internet “works”. Over the years, I started to be known among my friends and family as the “social network genius”: whatever problem they had, they knew they could come to me, and I’d try my best to fix it and make their online experience a little better.

Yet, when I started actually considering the idea of permanently deleting my Instagram account, I was quite shocked to realize that I didn’t really know how to do it. how do I delete my Instagram account permanently?

I mean, liking and sharing photos, sure. Leaving nice comments and posting gifs, always. Yet, learning how do I delete one of my Instagram accounts? No, I had never done that. Now that I have done my fair share of research, I’m ready to teach you everything I learned!

How do I delete my Instagram account permanently? The official guide to learning how to do it!


As you probably already know if you are reading this article, Instagram is a huge social network with lots of users who post a lot of content every single day. I joined this amazing social network around 2014, I think. At that time, it was quite popular, yet it was nothing like it is today – in terms of a number of users, in terms of features and in terms of the overall experience.

Ever since then, I have remained active without ever taking any sort of break. I mean, why would I have wanted to take a break in the first place?

Instagram was not my job, nor one of my duties. It was just a very fun social media on which I killed quite a lot of time every single day and which allowed me to be myself, get in touch with my friends (and with new people who have then become my dear friends) and, in general, see beautiful pictures and videos which I always appreciated.

I know what you might be thinking now: if my Instagram experience was so great, then what happened? Why did I find myself googling how do I delete my Instagram account permanently because I wanted to get rid of my account for good? Well, if you have a little time, I’ll tell you what happened and then finally answer the question how do I delete my Instagram account?

How do I delete one of my Instagram accounts? Just follow this very useful guide!

I started college a couple of years ago. Don’t worry, I won’t be boring you with every detail about my new life, because I know that you don’t care and I know that this is not the reason for which you are here.

If you are here, it’s most likely because you googled how do I delete my Instagram and are now wondering how to do it. The last thing you might want now is having to hear some sad story of a dude you don’t even know who is not answering your question yet.

The reason why I told you that I started college a couple of years ago has to do with the reason why I am writing this article or the reason for which I decided that I wanted to learn how do I delete my Instagram account permanently.

I know that what I am about to tell you won’t really come as a shock to you, but Instagram did indeed start to distract me from my school work quite a lot. You might probably be thinking: well, so what? Of course, social media are distracting, but it’s your responsibility to manage your time right and learn how not to get distracted by other stuff.

To that, I have two replies. Of course, I promise that soon I’ll be teaching you how do I delete my Instagram account!

If you have been wondering how do I delete my Instagram account permanently, here’s how to do it!

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The first reply that I have to people who accuse me of not being able to manage my time right is: you are absolutely right, I do not know how to manage my time right. I have always been quite lazy and very easily bored, so it’s not a secret to my friends that I will most likely spend the majority of classes by endlessly scrolling through Instagram.

The second reply that I have is: I’m not stupid, I know very well that it is not Instagram’s fault if I’m failing my chemistry class, yet it is happening because I spend the majority of my time on Instagram.

So, what would the natural consequence of this be? Looking up on Google how do I delete my Instagram account permanently in order to see whether this could help me to improve my grades (and also my social life, let’s be honest).

You spend too much time on Instagram and think that if you learn how do I delete one of my Instagram accounts you might actually become more productive. Why delete it permanently, though? Why can’t you just deactivate for a while and then come back once you have more time and feel more relaxed?”

If you want to know how do I delete one of my Instagram accounts or even just how do I delete my Instagram, this is the only article you need to read!

Well, I see why you might be suggesting that. After all, I think it’s quite clear based on what I usually write here that I am tremendously in love with social media, so I do understand that it might be a sort of a shock to you to learn that I’m thinking about quitting social media for good only because I am having some trouble focusing for a short period of time.

The truth is that, even though I am really in love with social media and I am about to answer the question “how do i delete my Instagram account”, I’m not planning on leaving Instagram forever.

You see, this is what I told myself: if I decide to only temporarily deactivate my Instagram account, chances are I will probably be joining again after two or three days because I’ll be missing it so much. So, as much as it can hurt now, I decided to take a very painful choice, which is deleting my social media for good.

The deal I made with myself is that, once my studies are finished and once I have more time that I actually know I can “waste” on Instagram, then I’ll be able to join again by creating a new account and starting again. I mean, either when I finish my studies or when I finally decide to learn proper time management in order not to waste my time so much. Whichever one comes first.

It is much easier than you might imagine!

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I have probably been talking a lot already, haven’t I? I know, I am sorry. I sort of think of this blog as my diary, even though you most likely don’t really care about my stories and are just there to get an answer to the question how do I delete my Instagram account.

So, I’m finally about to give you that! There is just one little, minor thing that I would like to explain to you before we move on, one thing you probably haven’t even taken into account yet.

Have you stopped thinking about what would happen (or rather, what will happen) to all your content once you decide to leave Instagram for good? I mean, once your account becomes irretrievable, so does every photo you ever posted, every story you ever shared and even every DM you ever sent or received. That sounds quite sad, doesn’t it?

I know it does for me! I mean, sure, I did decide to leave Instagram to better focus on my school and on my life, but that doesn’t mean I regret the many years I spent on this amazing social network! And now I don’t want everything to be gone for good, with no chance of ever getting it back.

How do I delete my Instagram account permanently? Mmmh, wait though! What about your content? Are you sure you want to say goodbye to everything?

If you are in a similar situation as me, we are actually quite lucky, because Instagram does give us the chance – before we learn how do I delete my Instagram account, how do I delete one of my Instagram accounts or my only account – to save a copy of our info and data, that we can then keep on our phone (or on our email server).

Downloading your Instagram data is actually really easy and you’ll be surprised by how effortless the whole process is. If you think you’ll have to screenshot every post, individually save every story and singularly copy and paste every single DM you ever received in your phone’s block note, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

So, how do you do it? How can you save all your Instagram content at once before you learn the answer to the question “how do I delete my Instagram”?

First of all, open up your Instagram app. If you typically use a laptop to access Instagram, I think this time you’ll actually have to download the app, as the process will be much smoother on a mobile device. Don’t worry though, in order to permanently delete your account you will still need to use your computer (as it is not possible to do so using the app).

How can I save all of my data and how do I delete one of my Instagram accounts?

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Once you are on your Instagram account from a mobile device, click on the three horizontal lines right above and open “Settings”.

Now, select the “Security” menu and then find the section which says “Download my data”. Of course, you won’t be able to download everything right away – as Instagram does need a little time to process everything you ever posted – so you’ll have to insert your email address, to which everything will be sent once the content is ready. This is usually a fast process, and it will probably take about 48 hours.

That’s it, basically. Once you’ve done this, you can rest assured that all your data will not be deleted forever and that you will be able to always keep it with you!

Now, you are of course ready to finally delete your account for good. As I already said, it’s not possible to permanently deactivate your Instagram account by using the Instagram app, so you’ll have to access a specific website to do so. You can either use a web browser on your phone or (better) a computer.

Here is where you have to go!

The website that you need to access is Instagram’s “delete my account page”. If you didn’t log in yet, type in your username and password so that Instagram can recognize your account.

After you logged in and accessed the website, the process is actually really intuitive. You will need to give a reason for your decision, and only after you have chosen one will you be able to click on the “Permanently delete my account” link.

I know that it may sound silly to say this, but let me stress it: if you go through with this process and decide to permanently delete your Instagram account, you will never be allowed to access it again or use it again. So, of course, just think about it before taking this big decision!

I really hope that this article answered your question how do I delete my Instagram account!

How do I delete my Instagram account
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