How do you delete Instagram

How do you delete Instagram

Social networks are so overcrowded that you are probably wondering if they are really that safe with your privacy. Instagram is no exception, as many of the photos can be downloaded by anyone.

In this article I will explain you how do you delete your Instagram account and how do you delete Instagram in general.

As a general rule, in this type of pages, they only allow you to deactivate your account, leaving all your data hidden, but stored in Instagram, so if you want to discover this trick to delete your Instagram account we recommend that you read below.

How do you delete your Instagram account: how to Permanently Delete an Instagram Account

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Have you subscribed to Instagram and used it for a while and now you don’t want to use it anymore? Did you want to try it but you didn’t like it and now you want to delete your profile but you don’t know how to do it? In this guide, we will explain how to delete the Instagram account, with some very simple and quick steps.

This is an operation that everyone can do, you don’t necessarily have to be a computer expert to delete an Instagram account, below you will find all the instructions to get to complete the procedure without problems.

Instagram is the famous photographic social network par excellence, since it entered the hands of Facebook, it has seen exponential growth worldwide, millions of users use it and every day as many photos and videos are uploaded.

With Instagram you can upload multimedia content and share it with the whole world, easy and immediate, it quickly found a success that initially, was hard to find, also thanks to the many new features and additional features that made it even more social.

Despite the great success, if you are among those who did not appreciate it, you can find out how to delete an Instagram account in a few steps.

Before explaining how to delete an Instagram account, you should know that there are two options available: the first is to delete the account forever, losing all the photos and information in the account; the second is to temporarily disable the profile, with the possibility of reactivating it when you want.

Below we will see how to delete the account temporarily and permanently, you choose the procedure that best meets your needs.

By temporarily deactivating your Instagram account, the contents and therefore, the photos, videos, comments, and likes, will be hidden and can be reactivated when the account is reactivated.

To disable the account you need to connect to the Instagram site from a mobile browser or computer because it is not possible to do this from the official application. Select at the top right and then on the Edit profile item, scrolling down, click on Temporarily disable my account.

You need to select an option from the drop-down menu that is present next to “Why are you deactivating your account?”, enter your password, only when you have chosen a reason, the account will be deactivated.

Click Temporarily disable this account. The procedure has thus come to an end, your account will no longer be visible to others.

How to disable the Instagram account permanently

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If, on the other hand, you want to be more drastic and permanently delete your Instagram account, you must keep in mind that after closing, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers will be removed, you will lose everything, it is an irreversible process.

Also, another very important thing: once you delete your account, you will not be able to create another with the same name or add the same username to another account.

To permanently disable the Instagram account you must access the Delete your account page, to do so you will need to connect on the web, it is not possible, as for the procedure above, to do everything from the Instagram app.

Enter your password again, the option to permanently delete the account will appear only when you have chosen a reason. Finally, just tap on Deactivate my account permanently and the procedure will be finished.

As you may have noticed, it is not possible to carry out either of the two operations directly from a smartphone, you must forcibly connect to Instagram via a PC or Mac. It is not possible to delete accounts without having your password available, so it is important not to lose it.

What if you have lost your Instagram password? Don’t panic, fortunately, there are three ways to recover your account pass.

How to backup Instagram

To avoid losing everything we have uploaded to Instagram until the moment of cancellation, it is possible to download the complete package of activities thanks to the service provided directly by social networks as required by the GDPR regulations in Europe.

It will thus be possible to obtain a database that contains not only photos and videos but also comments, likes and everything we have combined over the various months or years.

Of course, the greater a load of activities, the longer the package will take to be prepared, up to a maximum of 48 hours waiting for the confirmation email with the download link. The photos will be downloadable in jpg format while the videos in mp4 format and all the rest in json format viewable via browser

For the procedure just go from the Android or iPhone application with the path Profile> Settings> Download your data by entering your personal email. From your computer: Profile> Privacy and Security Settings> Data Download> Request Download .

How to delete information from Instagram

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Before deleting all users, it might be an excellent idea to manually delete all sensitive information such as internal messaging by clicking on the letter icon at the top right. Just hold down on each conversation by selecting delete or at least limit yourself to the more “compromising” ones.

It is also advisable to double-check all the photos and videos in search of images that are better to delete (advisable in any case, even if you want to keep the user) such as photos of documents, references to your home, and so on by clicking on the three dots at the top right of each photo, then on delete.

Finally, it is better to delete any links or sensitive information from the description of your profile.

Reopen a temporarily disabled Instagram account

Let’s say you have temporarily deactivated your Instagram account, and maybe you had more than 5000 followers, a lot of posts published, a lot of interactions, in short, a lot of positive feedback .

For example, you’ve run an Instagram account with a decent following for a while, covering travel topics, places to go, and even tutorials and lifestyle tips .

Well, today you realize that you want to reopen it because you had a great idea to create your digital profession or to sell holiday packages also through your Instagram account.

After sleeping on it, you realize it’s a really good idea, and you realize that closing your account was a bad choice. Is there no way to reopen your Instagram profile? Of course yes, the methods we have explained to you so far are more than effective!

You reactivate the Instagram profile and decide to give it a new look (it can be done) by renaming the profile with a new name, a new bio, a new username, a new mission, in short, a nice breath of fresh air for a new project !

The positive aspect of having temporarily deactivated the Instagram account is that now that you have decided to undertake a new project, you do not start from scratch but from a good base of followers and statistics .

You will therefore not have to start from scratch, struggling to reach decent numbers, because you will already have a solid base of followers who were waiting for nothing more than to review the active profile.

In this case you are very advantaged because you can use the visibility of your Instagram profile because it already exists even if it has been stopped for a while. The first posts you can make them all black or colored in order to create a sort of line that delimits the old posts from the new ones.

You can start posting safely and if you want you can delete the featured stories because you do not think they are more suitable. Many people, very cleverly, create profiles of well-known characters, such as famous actors and singers, and then change their username and profile picture, making it a very popular private profile.

Taking advantage of the notoriety of these famous people unaware of all this, these people will have a highly indexed profile in no time. Of course, it’s not a very ethical thing, but there are those who do it.

How to delete multiple Instagram accounts

Have you registered on Instagram with more than one account and, after connecting the other profiles to the main one, would you like to make changes, removing some accounts from automatic access?

Do you want to permanently or temporarily delete an Instagram account created by mistake, but are unable to do this independently? Don’t worry: I’m here if you want, ready to solve all your doubts and problems related to this topic.

If you wonder how to delete multiple accounts on Instagram , you must first know that, to do this, you have more than one chance.

How do you delete Instagram

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If, on the other hand, you want to know how do you delete your Instagram account completely, permanently or temporarily, you can easily do it, but exclusively from the Web, as the Instagram app does not allow the deletion of accounts.

In both cases, do not worry: in the next paragraphs of this tutorial I will show you how do you delete your Instagram account.

Have you connected more than one account to the Instagram app and would like to remove access for one of them? In this case, refer to the instructions in the following lines: you will be able to succeed in the intent you have proposed, without having to log out of all the other accounts to which you are connected, or by completely logging out from the app (depending on of your needs).

Would you like to delete access to one of the Instagram accounts that you connected to the main one in the social network app for Android or iPhone, but without completely logging out of all accounts?

In this case, start the Instagram app on your device, and log in to the main account, then press the ☰ icon located in the upper right corner of your profile screen .

Now, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the Settings item, then press the Login Information item. Once this is done, if you have configured your current account to access multiple profiles, you can remove the one you no longer want to access by unchecking it.

Finally, confirm the operation by tapping the Remove button. In this way, the removed account will be disconnected from automatic login and, in case of disconnection, you will have to use its password and no longer that of your main account.

Do you want to remove automatic login for one or more accounts connected to the main one by logging out of all accounts (so that you can better manage the one to be removed)? In that case, don’t worry: all you need to do this is the Instagram app , for Android or iPhone .

To begin, log in to the account you have configured as the main one, that is, the one that allows access to all the secondary accounts you have connected.

To disconnect, then press the Exit button and confirm the operation, tapping the Exit item again. This way, you will be able to log out of all accounts that you have connected to the main one.

How do you delete Instagram
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