How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram

How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram 1

You have recently created your own account on Instagram and all happy with it you have finally started posting on the famous photographic social network all the shots (and mini videos) of yours notice noteworthy.

Let’s see how do you post multiple pictures on Instagram, how do you post multiple pictures on Instagram story, how do you post multiple pictures on Instagram on Chrome and how do you post multiple pictures on Instagram without cropping.

Speaking with a friend, you then became aware of the possibility, always offered by Instagram, of creating photo albums with multiple images (and videos) inside up to a maximum of 10 elements at a time and you rushed to the Web to search for further information about it as well as to understand how to do it.

So you ended up on my site, on this tutorial of mine dedicated precisely to the subject, and now you would like to know if I can actually help you or not.

How do you say? Did things go exactly this way? Well, then let me give you an answer right away: of course yes, I can help you, and how. If you dedicate five minutes or so of your precious time to me, I can in fact show you, in detail, how to put more photos on Instagram, thus creating the aforementioned photo albums on the now famous social network.

So make yourself comfortable and read the instructions that you find right below. The operation, I anticipate it immediately, is feasible only from the official app of the service available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

From the Web and from the application for Windows 10, however, the function is not contemplated, at least not at the time of writing this article.

Post multiple pictures on Instagram

Ah, I almost forget … I am perfectly aware that you are not very tight about the Internet and new technologies in general but contrary to appearances and beyond what you may think I assure you that the operations you will have to carry out to succeed in your intent are extremely simple and therefore at the door of everyone even those who, like you, do not consider themselves a “geek” and a social network expert.

Ok? Well, then ban the chatter and let’s focus on what to do. Enjoy the reading! The first fundamental step you need to take to be able to put more photos on Instagram is to grab your device, unlock it and access the screen of the same where the icons of all the applications are grouped. Once this is done, presses the Instagram icon (the one with the retro camera ).

Once the app screen is displayed, step on the “+” button at the bottom, select the item More elements on the right or the button with the two overlapping squares (which is always on the right) and choose which elements are present in your device’s camera roll, use for the album by selecting its thumbnails from the list below.

Each of the elements to add to the album that you choose will be numbered, in this way you can more easily redeem how many images (and videos) you have chosen to include in your “multiple post”.

how do you post multiple pictures on instagram on chrome 4

Then presses on the item Next at the top and then choose whether to apply the same filter to all the elements of the album or whether to select the ones you prefer for each single element.

By making a further tap on it you can also define its intensity. In the second case, press the button with the white and black circle in the bottom left corner of each item in the album and select the filter you prefer from the list at the bottom of the new screen that is shown to you.

Still from the same screen, you can also tap on the Edit item in order to act on further parameters of the reference element ( Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, etc.). Then click on the Fine item at the top right to confirm and apply the changes.

Perform all the above steps if you are finally ready to move on to the next step: sharing the album. To do this, stop on the word Next which is at the top right of the Instagram screen you are viewing, type any caption to add to your album, press on Tag people to tag one or more users in the various images (or videos) and select Add place to geolocate your post.

It also indicates if you intend to share everything also on Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr by turning ON the relative switches and logging in to the respective accounts in your possession and then presses the word Share in the top right.

Done! You have finally managed to complete the whole procedure to put more photos on Instagram, congratulations!

Other tips

You will therefore find your post consisting of several elements directly in the Instagram home as well as on your profile and you can scroll through the various images (and any videos) that make it up simply by pressing on it (only in the second case) and swiping it to the right or to the left.

You will still be able to easily recognize the albums on Instagram (both yours and those of others) as they are marked with an icon with two overlapping squares in the upper right corner of the post. Also, when scrolling, all the elements included in the post are numbered, always in the upper right corner of the post.

I also point out that if you want, before publishing your album you can also disable the insertion of comments by other users. To do this, just press the Advanced Settings item that you find at the bottom of the last screen displayed before sharing and then turn ON the switch related to the item Disable comments.

How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram without cropping

how do you post multiple pictures on instagram without cropping 3

Have you finally managed to put more photos on Instagram but on closer inspection the created album is there something that does not convince you and would you like to make changes?

It can be done but unfortunately the photos (and videos) part of the collection are not editable. The only things you can change are in fact the place, the caption and the tags of the people. Then, if you have enabled comments and if other users have entered them, you can delete them.

You can also deactivate and enable its insertion based on what was previously set. Let’s see in more detail how to proceed. To make changes to an album on Instagram, first of all go to your profile by pressing on the little man located at the bottom right of the screen and then press on the preview of the post with more images in relation to which you are interested in going to act.

Once this is done, press the button (…) located at the top right and select the Edit item from the menu that appears. Now, if you want to modify or add the place you have set for the album, stop on the name of the same at the top or, in the second case, on the word Add the place … and perform the geolocation procedure again.

If, on the other hand, you want to change or add the caption, press the appropriate field below and modify and/or enter the desired text.

how do you post multiple pictures on instagram story 5

If you then want to tag other users in your shots, locate the photo part of the album in relation to which you are interested in going to act, press on the item Tag people present in the lower left part of the photo, tap on the exact point of the image in to insert the tag and select the reference user from the proposed list or search for him using the appropriate field at the top. To delete a tag, however, you have to tap on the “x” next to its name in the picture.

In all cases, when the changes are completed, stage on the End item that you find at the top right.

If, on the other hand, you want to delete a comment from others, press the area dedicated to comments under the post with more photos (or videos), swipe from right to left on the comment to be removed and press the red button with the trash can.

As for the possibility of deactivating or enabling the comments to the album, you must always press the button (…) located in the upper right part of the same and you must select the item Disable comments or the Enable comments based on your choice previously carried out.

If, on the other hand, you are unsure whether to leave your album on Instagram again or not, you can archive it by always tapping on the button (…) and choosing the Archive item from the menu that appears.

You can then retrieve it if and when you want it by going back to the main screen of your profile as seen together a few lines higher, tapping on the clock symbol with the arrow at the top right then on the Archive item, choosing Post from the relative menu, tapping on the button (…) and selecting Show in profile.

If, on the other hand, you have clear ideas about what to do and want to permanently delete a given album created, presses on its preview, always stop on the button (…) at the top and choose Delete twice in a row from the menu you see appear on the screen. Done!

How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram on Chrome

How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram 2

The advice is good or bad the same that I gave you in my article dedicated to how to depopulate on Instagram, in reference to posts with single images (or movies). Here they are.

Use the right hashtags. Choosing the right hashtags is essential to make your photos known to the Instagram audience, so I advise you to carefully evaluate the labels to “stick” to your shots before sharing them online.

Basically, there are two guidelines to keep in mind: relevance and popularity. Create your own style. Try to define your own style of photography using specific framing, effects, filters and subjects. If you want some examples of “effect” photographs capable of attracting the attention of others, start the Instagram app, press the button with the magnifying glass at the bottom and take a look at the most popular images of the moment.

So try to identify the common elements of the various shots and make them yours in order to take advantage of them at the right time.

Also share with other members. Another valid way to make your posts count with more photos (and not only) on Instagram is to share them on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is an operation that you can perform both when sharing the album and later, by calling up the appropriate menu.

Interact with other subscribers. If you want your posts with more images (and not just those) to be appreciated, you must make sure to get in touch as much as possible with other users of the service, for example by commenting on others’ photos and tagging other users, all with a good dose of common sense and without excess.

how do you post multiple pictures on Instagram story

For further details, check other articles on our blog and become a real master in Instagram and social network!

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