How many Instagram users

How many Instagram users

If you have made it through this article, you are probably wondering about the topic of “how many Instagram users”. Do you really want to discover how many Instagram users are there in the world?

Instagram has grown incredibly in the last few years and continues to expand. The app, has become a breeding ground for influencers, advertisers and brands, moving away from the idea of an app for posting holiday photos and becoming a goldmine. But how many users Instagram have?

You can be sure that all your customers are using Instagram, as well as your competitors. Unfortunately, keeping up to date with the latest Instagram trends (and constant algorithm changes) is becoming increasingly difficult.

What is certain is that your potential customers are scrolling through their feed right now, and the question every marketer needs to ask themselves is: how do you set up your Instagram presence so that that customer will stop at my post, among the hundreds of photos that pass before their eyes every minute?

If your brand is not on this platform yet, these Instagram stats will convince you why it is important for it to be there and give you an idea of how to behave on social.

We tried to gather the most significant statistics and data to tell us who Instagram users are and what the social network looks like today, more than eight years after its birth (officially on 6 October 2010, to be exact).

It is not easy to get an overall picture, given the speed with which this data evolves.

What are you waiting for? Read on and discover the 10 Instagram stats of 2021 starting with how many active users on Instagram there are.

How many Instagram users among young people?

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If you wondered how many users does Instagram have among young people, you have to know that 71% of the one billion monthly active users on Instagram are young people under 35 (Statista, 2019).

This statistic on Instagram provides useful information on the distribution of Instagram users globally in January 2019. The most popular age group is users aged 25-34, followed by users aged 18-24. Are your target audience and potential customers included in this demographic?

Understanding social media demographics is crucial to determining which platform has the highest potential for your brand. This way you can be sure that you are not wasting time creating content for a platform that is not used by your target audience.

If your potential customers are young adults, you now know that Instagram is the perfect platform for your brand and you can start producing the right type of content to grab the attention of your users – choosing the right phrase for your posts is also crucial!

How many active users on Instagram? A monthly statistic

Have you ever wondered how many active users on Instagram are there each month?

As of June 2018, Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users, and over 500 million users use the platform every day. Just over 5 years ago, in June 2013, Instagram had “just” 130 million monthly active users, and today it is one of the most popular apps and social networks worldwide.

Instagram is a social network that allows its users to edit and share photos and videos. Of all the social networks, only Facebook and YouTube have more daily active users than Instagram.

Initially, the platform was mainly used by teenagers and millennials, but the continuous growth is transforming and establishing it more and more as the most popular social platform, and Instagram’s statistics only confirm this growth.

So, if you have been wondering whether to create an Instagram profile for your brand, and whether it is worth investing time and money on Instagram, the Instagram statistics in this article should be more than indicative.

In brief: How many Instagram users are there? Instagram has one billion active users and more than 500 million people use the platform every day

How many users does Instagram have?

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If we want to go even deeper into the subject “How many Instagram users” there are nowadays, I can tell you that we are talking about 1 billion users who use the platform every month and about 500 million who use it every day, a figure that is then crossed with the percentage of daily logins (at least once a day) which is 63%.

These numbers are impressive enough in themselves. The latest surveys also show that there is a small predominance of female users (52%) compared to men (48%). Going even further into the specifics of the research, we discover that the projected average time usage of Instagram users in 2020 is around 28 minutes/day.

It is also interesting to note the data relating to the world of business on Instagram: 200 million users will visit at least one company profile per day, increasing the potential reach of the medium to 849.3 million users, a figure supported by the fact that 1/3 of the most viewed stories are advertising-related, and this is the result of the average number of stories posted by brands, which is around an average of 2.5 per week.

These are really incisive figures that will make you really take seriously your planning on this social network that is becoming more and more a media with a predominant role over many others.

We will see what happens with the social, given the growing competition coming from the East and called TikTok, which is a short time is attacking Instagram, especially in the number of subscribers and in the use of the platform, with an increasing number of users, even not teenagers, who are starting to use the social medium more consistently, publishing videos that gather the consent of millions of users.

How many Instagram users are there in Italy?

Have you ever wondered how many Instagram users are there in Italy? There are 35 million Italians active on social media (59% of the total population); in January 2018 there were 34 million.

The average number of social accounts per person is 7.4; 11% of users use social media for work purposes. There are 31 million users accessing social media from mobile. Social users are 51.2% women and 48.8% men.

The average age is 47.9 years. The average daily time Italians spend on social networks is 1 hour 51 minutes. 51.2% of social users are women and 48.8% are men. The average age is 47.9 years. The average daily time Italians spend on social networks is 1 hour 51 minutes.

Instagram is the fourth most used social platform by Italians:

  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook

55% of users say they use Instagram; a growth of about 65% compared to January 2018 when Instagram users were “only” a 33%.

If you want to know how many active users on Instagram in Italy, continue reading. In Italy, Instagram has 19 million monthly active users: 51% are female and 49% are male.

In Italy, in order to create an Instagram profile, you have to be at least 13 years old. However, when you register, you are not asked for any ID to verify your identity.

For this reason, many young people (under 13) are active on this social network, even though they have not yet reached the minimum age.

Now that we have clarified several aspects such as mow many Instagram users can be found on Instagram, I invite you to continue reading this article in which I will show you other more statistics.

Use of hashtags on Instagram

With one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the social networks with the highest level of interaction, second only to Facebook. Instagram statistics show that this year, more than 60.6% of internet users in the United States have logged on to Facebook at least once a month, compared to 37.4% of users who have logged on to Instagram at least once a month. The percentage is impressive!

One of the most common questions is how to increase the number of followers on Instagram and improve the level of interaction. There are several ways to answer this question, but one of the most effective strategies is undoubtedly to use specific hashtags to reach as many people as possible. According to HubSpot, on average each Instagram post contains 10.7 hashtags.

If these Instagram statistics are not enough to convince you of the importance of hashtags, check out our article on the most popular hashtags you can use to promote your brand.

Average time spent on Instagram

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The amount of time Android users spend on Instagram is catching up to that of Facebook; as of June 2018, Facebook users spent an average of 58 minutes per day on the platform, compared to 53 minutes per day for Instagram users (Recode 2018).

Time spent on Instagram is relevant to Instagram’s statistics because the more time people spend on the app, the more ads they will be able to see, and the greater the opportunity for them to notice your brand.

Furthermore, Instagram has found that with the introduction of Instagram stories, people are spending a lot more time on the app every day. But it is not just the amount of time spent on social that makes a difference, it is also the time of day when users are most active.

With these Instagram statistics in mind, you can easily figure out when it is best to post on Instagram for your brand.

Growth of sponsored content on Instagram

83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on Instagram (Facebook, 2019). This means that they are using Instagram as a source of inspiration. The same study also reveals that just having a presence on Instagram makes brands appear in a different and positive light to potential customers.

Instagram is not playing a marginal role as a search engine for brand discovery, it is building a bridge that brings the buyer closer to the seller, in some cases going even further by introducing options such as the ability to purchase items directly from brand profile posts.

The potential of Instagram for marketers is growing, and there are more and more opportunities for marketers to influence potential customers through to the completion of the purchase.

This is also evident from the incredible increase in sponsored content and Instagram ads, which have seen 133% growth in just one year, from February 2018 to February 2019.

The use of Instagram stories

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In August 2016, Instagram launched stories. This feature was a complete game changer, allowing users to post photos or videos that remained online and available for only 24 hours. After the launch of this feature, users started sharing a lot more on Instagram.

Instagram statistics show that 500 million profiles use Instagram stories every day (Instagram, 2018). Not only that, 1/3 of the most viewed stories are posted by companies.

Before Instagram stories, users mainly shared the most important moments, which was not normally the case daily. Instagram saw this coming and gave people a better reason to share their daily moments with their followers, without having to keep that content on their profile. This change also gave businesses an incredible opportunity, greatly increasing their visibility.

How Instagram influences the shopping experience of its users

We have already talked about how important Instagram is for brands, but let us now see how, specifically. Instagram helps 80% of its users decide whether to buy a product or service (Facebook, 2019).

Instagram users reported making purchases based on the content they viewed while on Instagram. So, if your brand has not yet added this platform as one of its social media marketing tools, these Instagram statistics should change your mind and make you realize that you are missing out on an incredible opportunity, especially if your potential customers belong to the millennial category.


Over the years, Instagram has proven to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses looking to expand their visibility and customer base.

We hope these Instagram statistics for 2021 have helped you understand why your brand should invest in this platform and give you some ideas on how to make the most of it. You have reached the end of this article.

Now you can say you know many users does Instagram has and you will certainly get to know a bit more about this universe.

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