How to add music to Instagram story

how to add music to instagram story

How to add music to Instagram story. With over 1 billion users worldwide, everybody nowadays knows and loves Instagram. It’s hard to come across somebody who doesn’t have an account on the popular social media.

Whether for fun, to stay in touch with friends, to promote a business or to try and pursue a career as an influencer, people love sharing their lives on Instagram. Posting a picture or a video is easy and fun, and it allows everyone to share their favourite memories or part of themselves for their friends to see.

Over the last four years, a new important feature has increased Instagram’s popularity even more: who doesn’t love Instagram Stories?

If you want to share something or communicate an important message to your followers without necessarily taking up important space on your feed, an Instagram story is the right place to express yourself: a short video selfie talking about what has been going on your life, a beautiful picture of the meal you are about to eat or a couple of memories from the girls night out from last night.

In this article, I will explain to you how to add music to Instagram story to get more engagement and boost your profile! How to add music on instagram story is very simple and you have to read this post to know how to add music to an Instagram story to have a perfect result!

How to add music to instagram story



In the past, many users have shared concerns over the privacy of their Instagram story. If your account is public, then pretty much everyone in the world can potentially see the stories you post and the photos and videos you take.

That is why Instagram has decided to create a “close friends” list so that even users with a public account can decide to only share their most important and private moments with the friends and the people they trust the most.

One of the most interesting features of Instagram stories is the multitude of filters users can apply to their photos and videos: everybody can create their own filter for others to use, and both kids and adult have fun spending countless hours trying to apply every new Instagram filter to their selfies.

Of course, this could lead to an increased “addiction” to social media, but what’s the harm in trying to see how we would look like with dog ears every now and then?

When users decide to post a story on Instagram, they can also take advantage of different features that Instagram itself makes available: if you are enjoying life in an exotic, far away place and want everybody to know exactly where you’re at, you can use the “location” feature and select the place you want your Instagram story to show.

If you are watching the sunrise after a long night out and want to make it clear that you did have a long night, the “time” feature will allow you to put a clock on your photos and videos, a sort of timestamp so that everybody knows exactly at what time you took the photo.

How do you add music to instagram story?

Every now and then, Instagram decides to introduce new features to its stories, so that users can always try out something different that keeps them coming back for more. Special features for pride or the possibility to add a gif or photo from your gallery to your story are just some of the new features that have recently been introduced on Instagram.

However, many Instagram users would argue that the most important update that Instagram has come up with is Instagram Music: with this magic feature, every user can finally attach a song to their photos of videos.

If you want to know how to add music to your instagram story to let your followers know exactly how you are feeling but just don’t want to have to write it yourself, or if you just like a song on the Top 10 and want to use it as a soundtrack for your newest selfie, you now have hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from.

Yet, Instagram Music has had to deal with its fair share of controversies. When it was first introduced, many users around the world took it to social media to express their anger for the fact that they still did not have access to this new function.

It isn’t exactly clear why, yet Mark Zuckerberg’s company only made Instagram Music available to some users, while others had no choice but wait and watch their other followers’ beautiful musical stories and dreaming about being able to post their own.

How to add music to your instagram story


After some time, though, more and more users reportedly gained access to this feature. I don’t think one needs to be a genius to realize that, nowadays, pretty much everybody is finally able to use Instagram Music: when we start navigating on Instagram and go through our timeline, we are bombarded with hundreds of stories with “background music”.

Once Instagram realized how successful this new feature was, they decided to take it to the next level: not only can you add music to Instagram stories, you can now also decide to display the lyrics of the song you are posting!

And more than that, you can even decide the font your lyrics will have, how long they will be displayed for and what kind of pattern the words will have. The possibilities are endless! Once this new feature was launched, users immediately began to create their personalized Instagram story having fun with all the different possibilities that Instagram Music now offers.

Yet, another question remains: we all know how fun it is to add a song to Instagram story, yet how can we do that? How do you add music to instagram story? Even though social media are typically thought to be very user-friendly, those who are only beginning their journey on social media now may still struggle to understand just how to add music to your instagram story.

How to add music on instagram story

Over the billion people that use Instagram, there are certainly some that would love to post a picture adding their favourite song to it but just can’t figure out how to do it.

That is why we have decided to write this guide: in this article, we will show you how to add music to an Instagram story! You’ll be surprised by how easy it is. We can guarantee you that once you’ll learn how to do it, you’ll never get tired of this feature!

So, how do you do it? How do you add music to Instagram story?

Before we answer this question, it is important to point out that Instagram is available on many different platforms: computer, smartphone, tablet… whatever you want to use to stay in touch with your friends, you know you’ll always be able to access Instagram from any device.

So, is it always possible to add music to your Instagram story? Unfortunately, the answer is negative: you can only add music to your Instagram story from a smartphone or a tablet.

Such news shouldn’t, however, come as a shock to users, as Instagram Stories is not a feature thought for computer: if you access Instagram on your laptop or PC, you will be able to see the stories your followers posted, but you won’t be able to post a story yourself.

So, if you want to know how to add music to an Instagram story, this is the first thing you need to know: you cannot do it unless you have a smartphone or a tablet. So, are you able to access a device which supports Instagram Stories?

How to add music to an instagram story

The first thing you need to do, of course, is open the Instagram app. If you still do not have the app on your phone or tablet, you can quickly download it from your device’s app store. Once the download is finished, you just need to log in with your username and password, and in no time you will be able to see what your followers have been up to.

Before you decide to add a song to your story, you, of course, need to create one! There is nothing easier than that: just open the app and click on the tiny icon on the upper left side of your screen. Can you see it? It’s on the left side of the screen, right before the Instagram logo. The button you need to click is shaped like a little camera, so you can never be mistaken.

Once you click on the camera icon, you are now ready to create the perfect Instagram story. You can decide to take a photo with or without flash (to do so, click on the icon you see on the top of the screen, right in the middle).

You can also decide to regulate your story’s settings: this is how you can decide to hide your story from some of your followers or create a “close friends” list so that only the person you are closest to will be able to see what you post.

Other than that, you also have the possibility to apply a filter to your selfie and, of course, to switch the camera you are using: do you want to take a picture of the sky or a selfie with a friend? Choose whether you want to use your front or rear camera and be ready to take the perfect shot!

Instagram story with background music: how to add music on instagram story



You could also decide to take a video instead of a photo. How do you do that? Easy! If you want to shoot a video, you just need to keep pressing the central button on your screen. If you want to take a picture, you only have to press it once, but if you want to record something, press it and don’t let go until your video is finished!

So, now that everything is done and you took your beautiful or shot your amazing video, how do you add music to an Instagram story?

Can you see the small icons on the upper right side of your screen? The first one (from the left) allows you to save your photo or video to your camera roll. The second one, instead, lets you play with thousands of different filters: just click it and choose which one to apply! If you want to know how to add music on instagram story, however, you have to select the third icon, the one with the shape of a square: this is where you can access every extra feature of Instagram Stories, such as “Location”, “Time” or “Temperature”.

To add Music, of course, you need to click on “Music”. Once you have done so, you’ll be able to choose among thousands of amazing songs that can fit your Instagram story. If you scroll down you’ll see the most popular songs users have been adding to their story recently. If you can’t find a song that you seem to like, however, don’t worry! You can always click on “Search music” and type the name of the song you would like to find.

Finally, you know how to add music to instagram story



Did you find the song you were looking for? Just click on it and… voilà! You finally added music to your Instagram story. You can choose to regulate the length of the song or the part that you want to play, and, as we said earlier, you can even project the lyrics to the song! We won’t tell you everything about these features though, because we know you will have lots of fun discovering them by yourself!

So, today we learned how to add music to an instagram story and how do you add music to instagram story. You might have been surprised by how easy it is, yet it is true! It is THAT easy to add a song to your story!

Are you ready to surprise your friends by posting an amazing Instagram story with a beautiful song?

How to add music to Instagram story
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How to add music to Instagram story
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