How to become Instagram famous

How to become Instagram famous

If you are wondering how to become Instagram famous, let me say that you are in the best place at the right time. Social networks excite you and you especially appreciate the possibility of posting photos on Instagram. This social network suits you, as you have a real passion for smartphone photography.

You frequently post photos on the platform, but despite the enthusiastic comments from your followers, you feel that you have not yet achieved the popularity you want.

Would you like to raise your profile on this popular social media network? Would you like to know how to become Instagram famous fast and free? Know that it is possible, it just takes a little more effort.

Of course, bear in mind that there is no real magic formula that will make you successful but there are guidelines that you can use to get noticed on the platform.

For example, if you are a dancer and you would like to become a famous Instagram dancer, thanks to this tutorial you can follow some guidelines to get noticed on Instagram.

In the last part of this article, I will also explain to you how to become Instagram famous and make money. All you need to do to follow the instructions I am going to give you in this guide is to take a few minutes to read the following lines carefully.

What I am going to give you are general tips that you can put into practice even if you do not consider yourself a real Instagram expert yet.

How to become Instagram famous: identifies the type of content to be published

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If you really want to know how to become Instagram famous, you must try. It is not enough to publish images. You must try to build your own identity on the social network owned by Facebook and be clear about the type of content and the type of audience you wish to address.

Before proceeding, try to determine the type of content you want to publish. Like to travel? Take photos while you are travelling but try to distinguish yourself from most Instagram users who post photos of their travels. Just to give you an example.

Very often travellers who share photos on Instagram post photos of landscapes, you could post photos of the inhabitants of the places you visit, thus documenting different cultures.

Love cooking? Take photos of food that stands out for its uniqueness, so that you stand out in the category of the most common food bloggers on Instagram. These are just a few examples that came to mind: the bottom line is that you need to use your creativity to be as original as possible. Once you have found your field, focus on it, and always post photos with a theme.

If you have a creative block and do not know what kind of content you could post to stand out with your originality, you can take some time to look at the content posted by popular Instagram users. Look at the photos they post and find the right inspiration for posting your own photos on the social network.

Do not forget to make a schedule for the content you publish. Be active in the social network and try to post a photo at least once a day.

How to become Instagram famous: produce remarkable content

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If you want to know how to become Instagram famous fast and free, then you will have to publish content that is noteworthy. Since Instagram is a social network based on visual content, to become popular within the platform you will have to publish content of high aesthetic quality.

If you have a passion for photography, you are already well on your way – work on the photos you take to improve their quality. Work on the photos you take to improve their quality. Focus on bright, high-definition images that will impress your audience with their beauty.

In this regard, one of the best tips I can give you is to publish content that always has the same style. For example, you can edit your photos before publishing them and make a colour correction that is always the same.

By doing this, your pictures will be easily recognisable everywhere and will stand out when posted on your Instagram profile.

If you are still not sure what kind of content to publish and what aesthetic impression to make, try to involve your audience: publish test content that is different from each other and ask your followers for their opinion. I am sure they will appreciate being involved.

Do not rush your creativity and take the time to create a style of photo that is unique and represents you: the goal is to publish photos that, briefly, have a distinctive presence: this will be your signature.

How to become Instagram famous fast and free: apply filters to your photos

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If you love photography but are new to photo editing and do not know how to do colour correction with professional software, you do not have to give up publishing creative images.

Instagram has a basic photo editing tool that you can use to enhance your photos. And do not underestimate Instagram’s filters – tools that have made the social network’s fortune and allow you to apply a unique style to your photos.

So, if you want to know how to become Instagram famous fast and free, you can then practice with these tools and then move on to editing your photos with advanced, paid-for software.

How to become Instagram famous fast and free: the power of hashtags

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Instagram is a photo social network, but for the photos you post to be seen by more people, you need to make proper use of hashtags.

If you are not familiar with this, you should know that hashtags are clickable tags that allow you to categorize your images.

Using hashtags on Instagram is essential, as this allows you to categorize your images and have them appear in the social network’s search results. People often search on Instagram using hashtags. Therefore, if the photo you have shared has no hashtag, no one other than your followers or people visiting your profile in general will be able to find the content you have posted.

On Instagram, you can include up to 30 hashtags in your description. You do not necessarily have to use all of them; the important thing is to include hashtags related to the photo you are sharing. Not sure which hashtags to use? Do not worry.

There are several tools that allow you to identify which hashtags to use according to the published image. In order to quickly and easily search for hashtags to use, I recommend using the Top Hashtag website.

How to become Instagram famous: interact with the community

There is more to Instagram than just you. If you want to become famous on this photo-sharing platform, you need to get noticed by other social network users. Interacting with other people is key, so do not forget to look at other users’ profiles.

I do not know if you have noticed, but on Instagram users seem to be ‘shy’ – many people like but not many people comment. 

Be spontaneous and do not just comment using emoji: write a text comment that is sincere if you like it. A constructive comment is also fine if you must criticize a published photo.

Follow the profiles of people you are interested in and send them a private message to thank them if they follow you back. Interacting with your community is the key to success, so you are not just an account that publishes photos but a person with real interests and passions.

You can also take advantage of Instagram’s advanced tools such as Stories and Directs to make videos where you show yourself. Tell people about your passions in live streams as if they were a kind of “behind the scenes” to the publication of photos on Instagram; you will see that people will appreciate your spontaneity and naturalness.

I think that Live Streaming is the best tool to use if you want to become famous on Instagram. I say this because, following the introduction of a new feature, Instagram allows you to make a live broadcast by sharing it with one of your followers.

Inviting a viewer to take part in your live stream is, in my opinion, a great way to interact with your community.

How to become a famous Instagram dancer

If you are a dancer and you want to know how to become a famous Instagram dancer, all you must do is to put into practice what I have told you so far, in the paragraphs above.

You will have to make the most of the power of photography. Choose photos of yourself in a dance performance or in one of your best dance poses and apply the right filters.

Moreover, if your Facebook friends know about your passion for dance but do not have an Instagram account through which they can see your photos, do not worry: you can easily make up for it by posting your Instagram photos on Facebook too.

It is easy to do this, and I will explain how in the following lines.

The first thing you need to do is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile. To do this, click on the little man symbol in the bottom right-hand corner. Then tap on the button with the gear symbol that you can see in the top right-hand corner and look for the Settings section. Then tap on Linked Accounts and select Facebook from the list of available social networks.

Then link your Facebook account so that Instagram content can also be published on Facebook. However, you will have to authorize this manually for each image you upload to Instagram: to do this, you just must move the switch corresponding to the Facebook item from OFF to ON, which you will find on the screen when publishing a photo on Instagram.

This way, the photo will also be published on your Facebook profile, and you will be able to reach a larger audience.

How to become Instagram famous and make money selling on Instagram

Would you like to know how to become Instagram famous and make money? You should know that a good way to earn money is by selling on Instagram. This is a direct way of earning money and can bring you great results.

The same applies here: if you have an account with a large following, you can reach a larger audience and therefore have a much better chance of success than if you have an account with just a few hundred followers.

As the name suggests, it allows those who have a company profile to publish photos of certain products and tag them with the list prices, as well as adding a direct link to online shops where you can complete your purchase.

How to become Instagram famous and make money through filters

One last monetization option I want to bring to your attention is earning money with Instagram filters. When you have quite a large following, you can try to sell the pre-sets that you apply to your content to your followers, who may be interested in buying them.

As for the filters you apply to your stories, these can be created using the Spark AR Studio program, developed by Facebook (the company behind Instagram) for Windows and macOS. This 3D and AR digital and animated graphics programme are a bit complex to use, but it is free.

Once the pre-set created is purchased by a user, they will receive a download link by email. By opening the file in question and copying it into Lightroom, you can apply it to your shots.

You have reached the end of this article. I am sure you have now learned a lot about how to become Instagram famous, how to become a famous Instagram dancer and how to become Instagram famous and make money.

How to become Instagram famous
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