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How to contact Instagram. I have also, over these past years, had the chance to notice the incredibly fast growth of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. I mean, not that Instagram was small when I first joined, yet in these last few months, it has become just huge! So, with all these people using Instagram each day, I wondered: how to contact instagram? I mean, how to contact instagram support if I have something to tell them? I’m here to explain to you just that!

What do you love the most about social media? For me, it’s that feeling of everything being so fast, so in real-time. I know that, if I post a picture at 10.00 AM, by 10.02 AM my best friends will already have seen it and will already have left a funny comment on my post.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel happy. After all, isn’t that what social networks are for? So that we can all always feel connected. So that we know that, if we want to say something special to our friends or family, we can simply send them a quick message that they will most likely read straight away.

I started using Instagram a couple of years ago, and I was immediately astonished by just how “fast” this social media is. You can refresh your feed every two minutes and you will still, always find a new photo that was posted, a news story that was shared, a new follower to meet.

How to contact Instagram support

Instagram is not only a huge social media with over a billion users but also an incredibly big company which employs thousands of people all across the world.

And, when I say employ, I’m not only referring to those influencers who claim to “work for Instagram” because they earn living thanks to this social media. When I say that Instagram employs people, I’m talking about the company that Instagram is. If we start looking at this social network this way, it becomes easy to understand that they will most likely have a lot of people whose job is to communicate with the “outside world”.

So not only with users, but especially with business partners, stockholders, and anyone who might possibly be interested in investing in their company.

It should come as no surprise, then, that it is possible to learn how to contact instagram. Such a huge social network, such a huge company, is of course always ready to talk, especially when users feel the need to report a post.

I am sure that there must be a way to get a hold of somebody to speak to on behalf of Instagram. What I doubt, however, is that normal users will ever have access to this. What I mean is that, even though it is indeed possible to reach Instagram and talk to someone, this usually will not happen for ordinary users.

So yes, it is possible to learn how to contact Instagram support. You just need to know some things first.

If you googled how to contact Instagram because you want to personally call somebody who works on Instagram, I would like to explain a few things to you. First of all, as I said above, this isn’t really doable. I mean, a company so huge does indeed have many ways to be contacted. If you are looking for a phone number, I will give you that in a second.

However, I don’t want you to be disappointed: you may try calling them, but they will most likely not pick up. “Why is that?”, you might ask. “I have a serious problem and am in need to talk to someone, otherwise who will help me?”.

I totally understand what you are saying. In a time when we are all used to instantly contacting every customer service or call centre we might think of to ask even the most basic question, we might indeed be in search of a phone number when trying to figure out how to contact instagram support.

You probably think that there is an Instagram call centre you can reach because you want to ask them a question or are simply in need of assistance. Well, as I told you a while ago and as I promised you, it is indeed possible to directly call Instagram. They do really have a phone number that accepts calls. Yet, they most likely will not answer your call.

How to contact Instagram support: am I able to call them?

Since I like to keep my promises, I will now share with you Instagram’s official phone number. It is (650) 543-4800. Yes, it is, of course, a US number, as the company is US-based. If you are trying to call them from outside the United States, then, remember that you might end up paying a lot of money!

And, more than anything, you will most likely not get an answer. Think about this: can you imagine how many people would have to be put in charge of Instagram’s hotline if such a thing ever existed?

I know that not every single user of the social network might decide to call them because they have a problem or want to have an explanation, but can you fathom how many one billion people are? If only one per cent of them decided to call them every day, they would have to take care of 10 million different phone calls from around the world every single day!

So, the point of what I am saying is: even though Instagram does have an official phone number, this is mostly used for business reasons. You most likely just want to get an answer to a common question, so calling Instagram isn’t the way to go. However, don’t lose faith yet!

The fact that you are not able to get a reply from Instagram via phone doesn’t, of course, mean that there is no way to how to contact instagram support!

What we learned so far: Instagram doesn’t have a phone number to answer its users’ questions. So, how to contact Instagram?

If you are disappointed by the fact that you can’t really contact Instagram by phone, you now might be wondering: do they have a support email then? How to contact Instagram support? Is it possible for me to email them about my problem so that I get a proper reply within a couple of business days? Well, even in this case, the answer is not really straightforward.

I mean: yes, Instagram does have an email if you want to contact them. If you decide you really want to ask your question to somebody, you do indeed have the option of sending an email to Yet, think about everything I have said so far: one billion users, ten million people emailing every day. Would that really work? Do you really think such a system would be feasible?

As far as I know, the email I just gave you does still exist. This means that, should you decide to email them, you will actually be allowed to do so. However, I don’t think you’d ever receive a reply directly from Instagram support. I know, I am sorry and I don’t really like giving all this bad news, but I want to be honest and helpful!

We only talked about the bad ways so far, but this guide is not over yet! Are you ready to really learn how to contact Instagram? So, before we move forward, let’s recap everything we have learned so far: Instagram is not only a huge social network but also a company – a very big and rich company.

For this reason, they can, of course, “officially” be reached via phone or email. Their official phone number (650) 543-4800. They also have an email, which is However, as I hope you by now understand, these ways are not really effective and will most likely not help you with your problem or your question, as Instagram does not currently provide a “helpline” via phone or email.

If you are feeling sad by now, because all this bad news makes you think that there is not really a way to get in touch with Mark Zuckerberg’s famous social media, I have some really good news for you!

Did you really think that Instagram would not provide its users with countless ways to get in touch with their support, given the insane amount of posts (and controversial things) people share every day and, especially, given how many business accounts use Instagram to promote their products and thus really need someone to talk to in case they have a problem?

So get ready, you are finally about to learn how to contact Instagram and, of course, how to contact instagram support!

How to contact Instagram support on your computer


I know that many of you reading this article use Instagram on their computer. Many of this social network’s features are actually not made to be used on a non-mobile device (just think of Instagram Stories, for example!), but when it comes to supporting, it is, of course, possible to get in touch with Instagram right from your computer!

The first thing you need to do is go to This is a generic link which works for every Instagram user, no matter where you are in the world and what language you speak. As soon as you log in, Instagram will automatically show this page in your default Instagram language.

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive page with a lot of information about the main issues Instagram users might want to get assistance for. You can read through the pages, select a specific link on the left to go to another page or even type the problem you are experiencing in the search tab above.

If you want to get in touch with Instagram to ask them to remove content, click on “Privacy and Safety Center”. After you have opened up the tab, select “Report Something”. You will now have access to a wide range of reasons for which an Instagram post can be reported.

The official guide on how to contact Instagram

Once you have done this, carefully read the different links and, when you have found what best suits your situation, click on it and then follow the guide. In many cases, this should lead you to a “report it” link, where you will be allowed to specifically report the post you would like Instagram to remove.

Yet, what if you are using a mobile phone, a smartphone, a tablet? How to contact Instagram support on a mobile device? There is nothing easier than that!

First of all, open the Instagram app. If you do not have it, you’ll have to download it first. Log in with your username and password and, once you have done this, open up your profile. You will now need to click on the three horizontal lines above the screen and then select “Settings”, which is the first option that you will see appearing.

Scroll a little bit until you see the “Help” section. This is where you now want to click. As you can see, even here you have the possibility to choose between different sub-menus and topics based on what you want to contact Instagram about. If you want to write a message to them, click on “Report a Problem”.

The best way to learn how to contact Instagram support!

If you select “Spam or Abuse”, you will be redirected to the Instagram Help Center. Yet, if you click on “Something Isn’t Working” or on “General Feedback”, you will have the possibility to type a message that will be directly sent to Instagram from your account.

If you wish to do so, you may also share a picture from your gallery (by clicking on the “Upload” button) or a caption of your screen. You might have to wait a little bit, but Instagram will most likely read your message and get back to you in a few days (or weeks).

This is the fastest (and official) way to contact Instagram. Another option about how to contact Instagram might be to send them a tweet or a direct message on Facebook, but they will most likely not reply.

How to contact instagram
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