How to delete a comment on instagram


How to delete a comment on Instagram. Instagram is a very simple social network and followed by 1000000 users. Instagram has a very simple methodology but as every social network never stops to discover new utilities. Instagram changes quickly and after every upgrade, it is always something new. Instagram has made to share moments of your life with the entire world or just with your friends.

A single post could be made magic thanks to filters and music. For this reason with Instagram, a user may leave an own opinion, feeling just written comment under a single post.

There is a lot of kind of comments. With every else social network, Instagram could have good and bad aspects too. There a positive comments, a thorough full of feeling just for one photo or a video. But be careful! On Instagram you can find many negative comments. This is an aspect of all social networks. It’s important that every comment should be a respect for every single person but we know that not always it’s like this.

But don’t be afraid of this! Remember always that every person could have their own opinion and if it is not like your opinion just go away and don’t thinking about it. If you don’t like a comment just don’t answer or delete it. If you don’t know how to delete a comment on Instagram or you’re searching for how to delete a comment I made on Instagram, you’re in the right place. 

Don’t fixate on every single comment you might read. Remember always that Instagram is just a social network as some else social network. Instagram has created to share pictures, and from this, you can know new places from all over the world.

How to delete a comment on instagram

Instagram could be like a virtual tour just from your smartphone. It is born in 2011 and from 2013. Instagram is boomed all over the world. Today Instagram is not only a social network but is a new place to have or create a job. Just thinking about the famous Influencer, people that have created a business just posting pieces of their own life. If you want we can talk about this maybe in the next few articles.

Today I want to leave you some suggestions on how to maintain control of your personal account, especially if you should find comments about your account. With this simple daily tutorial, you can be able to manage everything that could happen in your own account.

Remember always that a social network should be used to be with your brain and conscience. Don’t allow never anyone to violate your privacy and your account. Remember always that Instagram is like an own diary, where you can share your passion, hobbies, travel food, and love. But come back at the main point of this article.

How to delete a comment I made on instagram


The comment is made like a share and opinions, feelings and through between users. It’s fantastic because you can ever have a change of opinions with the entire world. Sometimes writes a comment could be a problem. How many times, after sending a comment, did you have noticed that it was a grammatical mistake? It’s a shame! And now?? How you can resolve this! OMG! Panic!

Relax! I’m here for you with this problem! You can delete a comment and the problem is resolved. How? I tell you right now.

Delete! This is the point of this article. The verb Delete does not always have a negative connotation. In this article, you will see perfect suggestions to avoid bad figures.

Not all users are familiar with Instagram. It’s normal this because Instagram changes quickly so it’s not impossible that you are not always informed of the news. I’m here for you.

For this reason, I would like to leave today a suggestion about the use to delete a comment. You can delete a comment from your own profile, maybe because it didn’t like you or you can delete a comment that you have made under a user’s post, maybe because have written under the wrong profile or maybe you have regretted a comment, maybe because the user could be a boy or a girl likes you.

Be quiet, the comment isn’t read yet.

How to delete a comment on instagram


Hello Instagram people. If you come back to me it is because you need my advice. I really think that this time you left a comment to some Instagram users and you are looking for a way to delete the comment but you don’t know how to do. Don’t worry! You are in the perfect place. I’ll help you.

Are many reasons because you want to delete a comment from Instagram. Maybe after leaving a comment under a post, you have realized some grammatical or spelling error or you have written so fast that you didn’t have the time to read again the comment before to post it or someone left a comment under your unwanted post and you would like to delete it as soon as possible.

I imagine you right now run fast go and back in your home afraid of this comment left under a post of some user on Instagram. It’s so funny! Ops sorry. I’m just kidding you. Well, I’d say this little guide will do your job! Today I will indicate some very simple and clear steps on how to delete a comment from Instagram.

In the following lines, therefore, you are going to find indicated, in a simple but in detail way too, how to delete a comment on Instagram. The procedure is very simple even for the less practical social people. After this time taken for yourself, the Instagram World will no longer be a secret.

Have you got paper and pen I’m going to start my tutorial? Now listen to me!

Instagram: how to delete a comment?


Would you like to figure out how to delete a comment on Instagram that another user has left under your photo or your video? So follow the instructions on what to do that you find below. It’s very simple, don’t worry! Let’s start from the beginning.

If you are using a Smartphone, open the Instagram app and from your profile, go back to the photo or video by selecting the post in the new screen displayed.

If you no longer find the post in question do not alarm you, you can reach photos and videos from which you want to remove comments by going to the activity section of the Instagram app, the one you can access by tapping on the “heart” symbol at the button.

Select the YOU tap located at the top and then the notification concerning the reference activity. Later if you can’t see the comment below the photo or video, press on the View comment entry or view all, then if you are using Android tap on the comment of your interest for two consecutive times and on the symbol of the bin that appears at the top, so as to erase it.

If instead, you are using Instagram on iPhone, swipe from right to left on the comment you want to remove and press on the red button that depicts the bin that appears. In this case, too, you can delete more comments by pressing the button at the top right corner tap on the item “Manage” the comments that appear, selecting the comments to be deleted and pressing on DELETE and DELETE ALL.

Instagram comments

If you are interested, please note that you can disable comments for certain reasons. If you want to do this, go on the photo or video of reference, press on the button with the three dots placed on the top right and select Disable comments from the Menu that appears.

If you change your mind don’t worry do the same process and reactivate comments. After this explanation, I hope to have been of help to you how to delete a comment.

Now, I’d like to explain to you how to delete a comment made on instagram. I’m going to steal you a few minutes. So don’t hate me, I’m doing this just for you.

I know Instagram offers a lot of kind of comments so don’t worry if you could find an advertising comment, this is the new commercial policy of Instagram. How I told you before, Instagram is the new Infojobs. Ok now stop to talk.

Go practice and enjoy it. We are not a school, so it is not a final exam, this article is just a suggestion to not have a problem and to no go, in panic, if you don’t know how to use the Instagram social network.

Remember always to use a social network for fun and chilling. Instagram as all social has a downside. it’s normal you are on the Internet. But doesn’t mean that you can have fun on Instagram.


How to delete a comment i made on instagram

You don’t know how to delete a comment on instagram from you made under your photo or video or in a post of others? Then follow these instructions on what to do that you find below. Don’t worry about the device you use, the process is always the same.

Open the Instagram app and go to the photo or video on which you left the comment you intend to remove. In the case of the content you post, you can do this by going to your profile and then selecting the photo or video on which you want to go to act.

In the case of other people’s content, just scrolls through the Home screen by tapping the button with the magnifying glass that down below.

Once you find the photo or video of your interest if you can’t see the comments below tap on it. If it is is another user’s post, locate it on the screen, by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol and write the name or the keyword of the user.

After viewing the content of interest, if the comments are not visible, click on the view comment or on the option View all.

At this point, find your comment that you want to delete and select everything until it is in the bin.

If you change your mind, you can cancel the removal of the comment by pressing on the appropriate banner that you see appear at the top of the screen of the application.

How to delete a comment on Instagram
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