How to delete Instagram page


In this article, today, I will be explaining you how to delete your instagram page. I figured that, if I’m here to teach you everything I know about social media and social networks, it is only fair that I also teach you how to take a break from social media when you feel you have to. That is why I will be telling you everything about how to delete instagram page and how to delete page in instagram.

If you have been reading these articles for a while, you know I am madly in love with Instagram and with social networks in general. I think they are an amazing tool to discover new things, meet new people and learn something interesting every day.

I have always had difficulties with technology though, as I find it hard to understand how everything works. That is why I have decided to start writing on this blog so that anyone who would like to use Instagram but is still struggling – just like I am… I mean… was – can come here to find answers to their questions.

Over these past few months, I have explained to you a lot of things about Instagram, given you a lot of advice and told you a few secrets that – hopefully – have made you an Instagram pro.

There is one thing, however, that I still haven’t addressed, because I thought it wasn’t that important. 

How to delete Instagram page


First of all, before we start seeing how to delete a page in instagram, I would like to briefly explain to you how the whole process works and what options you have if you decide to know how to delete Instagram page.

“I think I spend too much time on social media, I want to be more productive and I need to take a break!”. Does this sentence sound familiar? Maybe it’s what you have been thinking as of late, and maybe it is for this reason that you are thinking about quitting Instagram.

If you are like me, you usually find yourself thinking you are spending way too much time on Instagram and other social media, so you think that learning how to delete your instagram page might be a good idea to increase your productivity.

However, have you stopped thinking about what this means for your account?

Let’s suppose you wake up one day and you tell yourself: “Okay, I’m done, from now on no more social media!”. You look up on Google how to delete instagram page, follow to process and after a few minutes, your Instagram account is gone forever.

Yet, what happens if a few weeks later you start missing Instagram and decide you would like to give this social network another try? What happens is that you will not be able to get your old account back, because you deleted it permanently.

How to delete Instagram page: is there a way to only deactivate my account momentarily?


Does this idea scare you? I mean, I know it scares me: I’d be lying if I said I never worry about how much time I spend looking at other people photos and stories, and I do also tend to think that I’d probably be more productive if I deleted my account.

Yet, I never ended up doing it because I always feared I would regret it after a few days. I mean, once my account is gone, it is gone!

Every DM, picture, story, archive, video, filter… I will never be able to retrieve any of it. And, let’s face it: even if I decide that I want to take some time off social media, I will probably decide to join Instagram again after a few weeks, so my decision won’t have been “final” yet, in the end, I will still have deleted my account.

So, is this the only way? If you decide that you want to take a break from social media, can you only decide to delete your Instagram account once and for all? If only there was a way to learn how to delete your Instagram page only for a short time…

How to delete a page in Instagram temporarily

I am about to give you the best news ever: there is! Instagram knows that sometimes social media might become ‘too much’ for some of us, so Mark Zuckerberg has decided to indeed give his users the possibility to temporarily disable their account. This is a very easy process that will not require you to do anything special really.

And, if you decide that you changed your mind and now want to get your account back, you may always decide to reactivate it by simply logging in once again!

Of course, I know that not all of us decide that they only want to take a short time off social media. Many might indeed want to permanently delete their account. I know people who like to take 48-hour breaks from social media, but I also have a couple of friends who have decided that Instagram wasn’t their thing, and have therefore decided to permanently delete their account.

In this guide, I will teach you both things: you will learn how to temporarily disable your account first, and then I will also explain how to permanently delete it, in case you are sure you will never want to go back again.

Scenario number 1: how to delete Instagram page for a short period of time

As I said, I will first be explaining to you how to delete a page in instagram for a short period of time. This means that, after you have deactivated your account, all your content and your account itself are not gone forever, but they are only one “log in” away. What do I mean?

I mean that, if you decide to cut your break short and want to get your account back, you will simply need to access Instagram with your username and password, and your account will be reactivated.

This process is very easy: as a matter of fact, you will be surprised to see just how quick and pain-free learning how to delete your instagram page is. In these articles, I usually tell you that, in order to do many things on Instagram, you may only use a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Well, this time it’s different!

You cannot delete your instagram page (whether temporarily or permanently) on your smartphone – that is, by using the Instagram app. Instead, you necessarily need to use a computer to do this, as you will need to access the desktop version of Instagram.

How to delete a page in Instagram (if I want to be able to retrieve access to my account in case I change my mind)?

So, here is how to delete instagram page for a short period of time. First of all, go to the Instagram website. As I said, you need to do this on a computer. You may of course try to use your mobile browser and then requesting a desktop version of Instagram website, but this usually doesn’t work. As I said, the best option here is to use your computer.

Once you accessed Instagram’s website, you will need to log in with your username and password.

You will now need to click on the circle which is on the right of your screen. This is the circle with your Instagram picture, as you will need to go to open up your profile.

Are you on your profile? Good! Now, click on “Edit Profile”, the big button that appears on your profile right underneath your Instagram name. Scroll all the way down (you will read here some information such as your name, email and phone number) until you see “Temporarily disable my account”.

Before you can properly disable your account, Instagram will ask you why you are doing that. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable on this social network or just don’t find it useful, Instagram would always like to know what they can do better to improve their users’ experience. So, feel free to be honest here, and let Instagram know exactly why you are deactivating your account.

The guide about how to delete a page in Instagram

Once you have selected a reason, you will now need to re-enter your password. Instagram asks you to do this in order to verify that it is indeed you who are trying to deactivate your account, instead of someone else who gained access to your account in some fishy way.

Did you type in your password? Awesome, that’s all you need to do! You have finally learned how to delete your instagram page (temporarily). Other Instagram users will not be able to find your account, reach out to you or tag you in their stories or posts. However, as I already stressed a couple of times, if you deactivated your account using this method, you can always decide to come back whenever you are ready!

One other, important thing to point out: you can only decide to deactivate your account once every week. If you deactivate your account on Monday, come back to Instagram on Wednesday and then decide to deactivate it again on Friday, you won’t be allowed to do it. So, remember not to overdo it!

Yet, what if you are absolutely sure you won’t ever want to come back to Instagram? What if you want to learn how to delete a page in instagram forever so that it can never be retrieved again? I’m about to explain to you just that!

Scenario number 2: how to delete your Instagram page forever


The first thing you need to do is, again, go to the Instagram website and then log in with your account. So far so good, the first step is the same for both scenarios.

However, this time you won’t have to go to your profile, but you will have to specifically access the Instagram Delete your account page. This process is very intuitive and you will probably be done in less than five seconds.

You just need to select a reason for your choice: as I said before, it is important that you are honest and transparent about the reasons behind your choice so that Instagram can learn from their mistakes and hopefully improve in the future.

Once you have selected a reason, click on “Permanently delete my account”. Et voilà… your Instagram account is now gone forever, and with it, everything you ever shared, posted or wrote.

Wait, though. This isn’t over yet. Before you decide to delete your account once and for all, I would also like to give you the chance to learn how to download your Instagram data.

If you are sure you want to delete your account but think you don’t want to lose your content forever, you do have the possibility of downloading every photo, video and story you ever posted online before you decide to pull the plug on your account. How can you do that? It’s super easy!

Let’s take one step back: before you learn how to delete your Instagram page, would you like to download your content?

This time, however, the tables turn: you can only decide to download your Instagram data on your mobile device, whether a smartphone or a tablet.

So, open your Instagram app and log in. Of course, if you still don’t have the app, you will have to download it. Go then to your profile, and click the three horizontal lines which will allow you to open the Settings menu. You will then need to click on the fifth submenu you see, namely “Security”.

Once you opened up this page, select “Download Data”. You will need to write your email address, because your data will be elaborated and then sent to you via email within 48 hours. Of course, Instagram chooses your account email by default, but you do have the option of having your data sent to a different email address.

And this is it! In this guide, we learned how to delete instagram page, whether temporarily or permanently, and even how to download your data before you do it!

How to delete instagram page
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