How to disable Instagram


Instagram is a social network platform more popular that allows subscribers to put photos and videos, made with the smartphone or camera. You can apply filters or not, match more than 2 photos one to another, share them online on your own profile. If you are users of Instagram, probably you are not so sociable as for other social networks: you only want to show off your life, publicizing it even to unknown people.

In fact, you can decide, to make it as a private or public profile. In your private profile can see your material only your followers instead of the public profile your photo and another thing can watch everybody. Sometimes it happens that some users decide to cancel their account for various reasons: Instagram account doesn’t work, you’ve had your profile checked out, you don’t use it much, you’ve got tired of putting pictures on it. It’s important that you are sure to do it.

On Instagram, like every other social, you can delete your subscription forever or put on stand by for a period of time as long as you want to restore it again.

How to disable Instagram

If you want to delete your Instagram account for any reason, you should know that you have two possibilities: it can be disabled and then reactivated a second time, or you can delete it permanently, but that it can never be reactivated again with the same username.

For reactivating the profile again, you must enter the profile name and password and select the voice that will enable the account. Before deleting your profile you should be able, to save the photos and data that have been entered in. For doing it, you have to make a full backup with the best program called 4K Stogram. With this program, you can download all the photographs only once.

If you decide to delete your account permanently because of tiredness, or only want to have a new one, you’ll open a new profile with the same modality as the first.

How to disable your Instagram account

It’s simple to disable the Instagram account: let’s do it with the right action for disability the account! Instagram is the most used, but sometimes it can happen that you will no longer want to share your moments with your own contacts or to all people subscribed to Instagram. So you can feel free to decide to delete your account.

First of all, you must have a pc because if you use the app, it won’t delete anything. Below is a tutorial that will help you to decide, how to delete your account. You need to think carefully, about it, if the will is to delete it permanently or temporarily. How to choose the right option it all depends on you!

If you are, not sure whether to deactivate Instagram, you can always choose to delete the account not permanently. You can activate it again at another time. Or instead in a second time, you can delete the account forever. Let’s take the pc and continue to read.

If you want to know the instructions in detail follow each step carefully. I’m sure that it’s no difficult to do it, concentrate, and apply where do you want, possibly in a silent room alone.

What do you need to do before disable your Instagram account?



When you disable your account, your uploaded photos and videos will be permanently deleted. If you want to save them, you have to follow a procedure that will be explained below. First of all, you must make a backup of every image in your account in two ways.

In the first method, you need to download free software called 4K Stogram. You can find this software for both Windows and Mac computers. For downloading it, you have to go on the website of the application provider, then you have to accept the contract term of the license. After install and open it, in the search bar at the top of the program type the username used to access on Instagram.

Click to sign up and you’ll find immediately all the Instagram materials on your pc. In the second method, you must access your Instagram page in the web version, click the bottom go on. Then log in with password and username in the appropriate text field and click it. For saving all your photo, comments and personal information ask the download and wait until the end of the procedure.

How long does it take? It can depend on the information that has to be processed: days, minutes and hours. If you prefer you can ask for your personal archive through your Instagram app for Android and IOS. Access to your account and click on the icon with your image in the bottom right, choose security, setting and download your information.

For finish write your e-mail address in the appropriate text field and press the request download button. When you receive the email to download your material from the Instagram account, open it and push the bottom for downloading it. When you complete this operation you can disable your account.

How to disable your Instagram account without password

If you don’t remember your Instagram account password, you cannot delete your profile. You have to recover it. How do you do that? You can use your email address to recover your password. You can do it by pc and smartphone.

Request the password by inserting your mail address in the appropriate area. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password, click it and choose a new one.

How to disable your Instagram in temporarily

Do you decide to disable your Instagram account temporarily? Use the browser on your pc and follow the instruction. Enter into the specific page to disable your Instagram account. log in with your account details, select change the profile.

Browse down, then touch or click the voice temporarily disable your account, at the bottom right. Choose the reason you want to disable your account, placed next to “Why are you disable your account? Enter your password again and click on disable account temporarily. If a day you want to reactivate your Instagram account, you must simply access in the profile and rehabilitate it.

How to disable your Instagram permanently



Once you are sure that you have done the backup about your photos in your account, you can delete your Instagram profile permanently. To do so, you haven’t to delete your Instagram account from the app, but you have to make the log-in from the Instagram website.

To disable your Instagram account you have to connect to the Instagram page to remove your account. Enter in your account Instagram with your password and username. Answer the question: “Why are you deleting your account”. Write the real reason you want to unsubscribe Instagram account.

To do this you have to select the options drop-down menu. Enter again in your account with the password in the field at the bottom of the page. Click on delete my account permanently. Now you can delete the Instagram application from your smartphone. If you have a smartphone Android you have to open settings and touch disable Instagram.

If you have an iPhone smartphone you have to found again the Instagram application. Press and hold the application icon, touch the button that appears in the top left corner of the App icon. Click to the voice disable.

How reactivated an Instagram account after disable it

If you want to reactivate the Instagram profile that you deleted temporarily, you have to wait for the deactivation process, which usually takes a day. Log in to Instagram by tapping on the multicoloured app icon and log in with your username and email address and telephone. If the password is correct your profile will be activated immediately.

Check that your account has been suspended by the administrators. Start the app and log in with your username and

password. If the message that appears says: your account has been disabled it means that you have violated the terms and conditions of use.

If you see the message with the wrong password or username, your account has not been disabled. In this case, go to the troubleshooting section. Access this schedule and ask to reactivate the account to administrators. Enter the text of the reactivation request in the last text field at the bottom of the page.

Try to follow the guidelines: explain that they disable your account by mistake, don’t apologize use appropriate language and finally. Push the bottom send and if the administrator decides to reactivate your account you could access it again to Instagram. Sometimes you could send more requests.

How to disable your Instagram: resolve access problems



If you are unable to log in to your Instagram account by entering your username and password, try with the connected email and phone. If you do the opposite, use the username, in any case, you must enter with the right password.

If you can’t remember it, reset it by deactivating the Wi-fi connection because it may happen that the problem comes from the application and not from the access data. It can also happen that the problem is the platform, in this case, you should uninstall and install the application again. In this case, you should be able to log in.

Update the app often so you don’t have to log into your account. Also, consider that you have violated the terms and conditions of the use of Instagram. If you receive a message that tells you non-existent account it may be that you have violated these conditions.

The rules of Instagram are: no nude photos, write offensive comments and sell your products that may harm people and fraud. In these cases, the account is closed without informing you.

How to recover a permanently disable the Instagram account

If you have disabled your account Instagram permanently and you want to get back it, there are some steps to do. You must go to the Instagram page, login and ask for assistance access with the login bottom. You’ll find a new page with access problems but it can’t help you.

You have to click the bottom “I need more help”. Here you can enter the references you have registered with. After you have to tell whether you had a business or private account if you don’t remember it is not important as long as there is a photograph of you.

After that ask for support, so you will receive an email to your email address. In this email, you will be asked to take a picture of yourself, and a piece of paper with the name of your account and the verification code provided by them. This photo must meet the requirements otherwise it will not be accepted.

Please fill in the verification document according to the instructions because this way you will have your profile faster. Remember that it is easier to recover a temporarily disabled account than permanently.

Why you disable your Instagram account



Instagram is a society that can be addictive, more you share more you want to keep doing it. Many people like to get noticed and create stories to fly with the imagination and capture the emotions of a moment experienced or a breathtaking view.

When you open your account and you share the first known photos you’ve had followers and this encourages you to continue. One day, however, it may happen that you feel to need to disconnect, You have no more time or you need privacy. The time has come to turn everything off.

That’s why those who invented the Instagram account, have introduced the possibility to close it temporarily. You will always have a way to reactivate it with easy and resume sharing the best sunsets and sunrises, the glimpses of life that remain in time.

Hoping to have been clear in explaining the procedure, enjoy your time with or without an Instagram profile.

How to disable instagram
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