How to dm a girl on Instagram


How to dm a girl on Instagram? In this article you’ll be able to know how to talk a girl on Instagram dm. Read on Socially Fan blog and let’s go!

Would you like to stay in touch with a girl she met on Instagram, but you don’t know how? Would you like to send a DM to a registered user of the famous photographic social network, but you have no idea how to do that? No problem: even if you’re new to this famous platform, you can do it in a very simple way.

How? Well, you just need to read this little tutorial that I’m going to give you in this post today. With today’s tutorial, in fact, I’m going to explain to you how to send a dm on Instagram illustrating all the possibilities available to you to succeed in this intent.

I will guide you in using the function of sending dm, and that dedicated to sending dm in response to stories or posts posted by the girl you like, using the IG app for Android and iOS smartphones and also the one for Windows 10 computers.

I will also talk about the tools made available by Instagram for sending dm from the Web, via the official Instagram website. Now that you know what topics I’m going to talk about in the next posts, are you curious to start? All right, then sit tight, take a few minutes off and follow the tips I will give you, succeed. You’ll see, it’ll be a piece of cake!. As always enjoy yourself!

Dm a girl on Instagram: how to do that


Reading Instagram dm from your smartphone is really easy, as you can do it through the official social network application, downloadable for free on Android and iOS, or via direct from the Instagram application, available on both Android and iOS.

The latter only gives access to the functionality of sending dm and sending dm in response to stories, while the Instagram application allows you to send dm also in the form of comments in posts.

In the following post, I will explain how to do both. Download and launch the official IG app, the first thing you need to do, if you want to send dm, is pressing on the icon with the symbol of an airplane that you can find in the upper right of the screen with the symbol of the little house.

If, in addition to the IG app, you also downloaded direct form Instagram, pressing on the airplane icon will open the latter. I always remind you that to download an app on your smartphone, you always have to enter your Play Store, and type the app you’re looking for.

The procedures with which you can send dm are the same in both cases because, without the dm form IG application, the message sending feature is made available within the Instagram app. That said, use the Search text field at the top to type the name of the girl you want to get in touch with, or if you have previously started a chat, tap the name of the girl you see in the list to send her a dm.

Writer a dm a girl on Instagram

Using the camera symbol, you can take a photo to be sent on the spot, using the button with the media gallery symbol you can send a photo previously taken or you can like me to a message you received, tap twice on the same. Alternatively, use the button with the heart symbol to send a “like” quickly or, using the dm from the Instagram app, tap on the Gif button to send an animated image inside the Instagram chat.

Also using the dm from IG app, you can send a message as a response to stories. To do so, press the stories button located in the down bar, locate the story of your interest, and tap on it. Then use the text field send message located downside, to send a text message or to send a rapid reaction.

Clearly, you can also answer a story through the Instagram app. To do this, locate the user’s story via the Home, or a girl profile and use the text field Send a message to reply through a text message or a rapid reaction, as just explained.

Using the IG app you can also send a message in the form of comments for photos or videos published by the girl you are interested in within her personal profile. in the latter case, locate the multimedia content in the home section of Instagram or in the one called Explore, then tap on the image you want to interact with, and press the button with the comic book symbol to see the comments section.

How can you send a dm on Instagram from your pc? Let’s check!

If you’re interested in using Instagram from a computer, you will be pleased to know that you can make use of the official social network application for Windows 10, which can also be used to send dm by responding to user stories. You can also use the IG app for Windows 10 to send dm in the form of comments. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to do it.

To send a dm on Instagram from a Computer, start the social network app you previously downloaded via the Microsoft Store. After logging in to the same with your account details, press first on the airplane symbol that you can see in the top right corner, in order to display the section dedicated to private messages.

Use, then, the text field Search, which you find at the top, to locate the name of the girl to which you wish to send a dm or, if you already have a conversation with her, press on its name to see the messages previously sent.

After that, use the text field Write a message, if you want to send a text message, by pressing the Send button to send it. you can also take advantage of the instant photo and video sending feature or, or use the icon with the media gallery symbol to send multimedia content in the Windows 10 Photos app.

How to dm a girl on Instagram examples


If you want to send a message to a user in response to a published story, you have to locate the same via the home of Instagram, or the one called Explore (you can find it by tapping on the magnifying glass symbol). Locate the story of the girl you tap on it to view it and refer to the text field Send a message you see below, to send a text message, or click on one of the quick reactions that are shown to you, to send a quick response.

If you do not see any text fields, means that the girl in question has deactivated the ability to send a reply to the stories published by her. If you prefer to use the IG app for Windows 10 to send a comment, know that you can do it without any problem.

To achieve this, locate the user you want to interact with through the Home or Explore section, then press on the multimedia content and click on a comic book symbol to open the comments section.

Now use the Add a comment text field and press the Publish button to send it. As for using it from the Web, and then via its official Internet site, you need to know that, unfortunately, there is no possibility to interact with users via private messages or with reply messages to stories, as you can do on Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

Send a dm like a comment to a girl on Instagram

What you can do, however, in this specific case, is to send a message as a comment to a photo or video posted in the girl’s profile. To do so, visit the official IG website via the link provided, to log in to your account.

Once the home screen of the social network is displayed, locate the profile of the girl to whom you want to send a dm in the form of a comment, and tap her name to see her profile section.

At this point identify the content you want to interact with, click on it and use the text field Add a comment to write a text message; then press the Send button on the keyboard to send it.

What do you need to do it

You are a true lover of social networks for the moment you know and use them every day: especially you press Instagram application: the most famous and used photographic social network in the world. You are always ready to share your life in the vast virtual world. If so, probably because you use them for work or you use them often, because you aspire to the popularity and want to become a real Web Influencer.

In both cases, social networks are tools that you know perfectly and through which you want to convey your messages. In both cases, social networks are tools that you know perfectly and through which you want to convey your messages. If you reflect yourself in this description, the world of social networks hardly hides something from you. Get to know the full potential of each tool and you can expòain how it works to your friends and family.

Are you sure you didn’t miss anything? for example, did you know that you can send a dm on Instagram? See, I knew you missed something. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me and in the meantime, you can fix it by reading this post of mine. Once you know how to do it, you can always pretend you’ve always known; don’t worry, no one will know that you read it in my post.

Ready to know how to do dm on Instagram? Let’s get started! Instagram is a social network very used for lovers of photography. Through its platform, you can publish photos and videos, broadcast live to reach more users, and edit content published through filters and stickers.

In addition to publishing multimedia content, you can interact with users in different ways. you have the opportunity to comment, like, and share everything you like. the Instagram tools just mentioned, are however public.

This means that if you comment if you like or share a photo, your followers will see it, as well as the owner of the photo you interacted with.

Direct message on the Instagram application


Choose whether to interact more confidentially on Instagram, chatting with one or more users by sending dm. This feature is called IG direct and is accessible through the main screen of the application.

The first thing you need to do to start chatting on Instagram is of course have the app installed on your device. the IG app is available for all Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The IG dm feature is only available on Android smartphones and iOS iPhone. or Windows iPhone devices, however, from the moment the application is still beta functionality is not supported.

You downloaded the IG app on your Android smartphone and now want to know to use the IG dm feature? no problem, I’m here to help you, let’s see in detail how it’s done. Using IG dm is very simple.  Now to start chatting on IG via dm Instagram direct, press the paper airplane symbol. Now press the button down +(plus symbol) new message to choose the recipient.

Select one or more people from the suggested user list or type its name in the text field at the top. When you’re done, press Forward. In the text field below you can write a dm or you can directly send a photo or video from the gallery of your device. Pressing and holding the microphone icon, instead, you can record a voice message and send it to your interlocutor. To send the recorded message, leave the pressure. To delete it, instead, make a swipe to the left.

If you have sent multimedia content or text message to multiple people, IG will automatically create a group. As you noticed, the Instagram application on Windows devices is quite limited; you will not then be able to send dm in another way than what I have just explained.

How to dm a girl on instagram
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How to dm a girl on instagram
How to dm a girl on Instagram? In this article you'll be able to know how to talk a girl on Instagram dm. Read on Socially Fan blog and let's go!
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