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Today we’ll learn how to dm on Instagram step by step. I didn’t even think this was possible, yet my crazy social media adventure has actually become even crazier over the last few days. What do you think might have happened?

I mean, if you have been following my articles for quite a while, you probably already know that my parents also are active social media users – as a matter of fact, many of these articles are written here because of them, meaning that I wrote them to answer some questions that my parents had.

So, I already know what it’s like to deal with boomers (no offense meant, of course!) using social media for the first time. I know how painful it can be to explain everything and to convince them that there is nothing weird or sketchy about sharing your location on social media. What might possibly be worse than this? Well, you probably might guess it if you think about it. Did you guess it? Okay, fine, I’ll just tell you: my grandma also decided to join Instagram!

Yes, you read that right: my 85-year-old grandma finally decided to ‘catch up’ with everyone else and create her own Instagram account. Of course, this has led me to receive countless questions on pretty much everything. Today I’ll be teaching her (and so, of course, you all) how to dm on Instagram. We’ll see how to dm on Instagram pc, how to dm on Instagram on computer and how to dm on Instagram on mac!

How to dm on Instagram pc: the official guide for every Instagram user

So, before we begin this guide on how to dm on Instagram, let me clarify a few things. I know, I know, I always start my guides by saying “let me clarify a few things” and then proceed to talk about stuff which most of you might probably deem ridiculous (given how well-known they are), but think about this: what feels really easy for us might actually feel insanely hard for somebody else.

Who do I mean with “somebody else”? Well, I mean my grandma, of course! It is because of her that I want to be as clear and specific as possible in this article on how to dm on Instagram on computer and how to dm on Instagram on mac.

The first thing that might indeed need a clarification – even though I’m quite sure many of you will laugh about it – is one of the words which appear in the title. This guide is called how to dm on Instagram, and I think we can all agree on this. Hopefully we all know what Instagram is after all, right? Yet, what about DM? I mean, what does DM even mean? Is it a verb, a noun, and what does it stand for?

If you are an active social media user, you probably already know the answer to this question. If you are like my grandma, however, you might be looking at those two letters and thinking “what on earth is that?”

What does “DM” even mean?

Grandma, if you are reading this article, don’t panic. I know you like Instagram quite a lot and you can’t wait to learn new things and post new interesting stories and photos, but I also know you might probably be reading “how to dm on Instagram” and struggle to understand the meaning of this sentence.

So, for all of you grandmas out there (no matter how old – or young – you are!), I would like to briefly talk about DMs in Instagram. So, what is a DM? And, most importantly, what does DM even stand for?

DM means “direct messaging” (I know, crazy, right?) and is a very popular Instagram feature which allows users to get in touch with everyone else using this beautiful social media. Are you familiar with Facebook Messenger? It’s pretty much like that: a place where people can exchange messages with other Instagram users in a private and safe way.

So, if you have an important news to share, important tea to spill or simply want to get to know someone on a deeper, more personal level, Instagram gives you the chance to DM (i.e. to send a direct message) to any user. So, before we learn how to dm on Instagram pc, how to dm on Instagram on computer and how to dm on Instagram on mac, what else can you do with DMs?

The official guide to finally learn how to dm on Instagram on computer!

As I was saying, DMs allow you to get in contact with other users. So, can you only send (and receive) text message, as in a basic chat? Of course not! First of all, you can also send images: this means that you can take a photo – or a video – with your phone using Instagram and send it privately to another user by DMing them (i.e. by sending them a direct message – I know, I know, this was probably clear already, but remember I’m writing this guide for my grandma!).

Moreover, if you already have a picture or a video in your gallery (which you took previously), you also have the chance to send these to any users.

Another minor feature that has received a lot of praise from Instagram users is the possibility to “like” somebody else’s message: so, if they send you something weird and you don’t want to reply anymore but at the same time don’t want to appear rude, you have the very useful option of leaving a “heart” on the message you received, as to mean “hey there, I got your message, I don’t want to reply right now but this is to let you know I appreciated it!”.

Or, I mean, you could simply decide to use it to show your friend that you really liked their message. Maybe I just like to read too much into things, I know.

Before we learn how to dm on Instagram: what can you do with DMs and who can you DM?

Is that everything you can do in DMs? No, of course, I’m not done yet! There are still a few features which I would like to explain to you.

First of all, before we move on with this guide on how to dm on Instagram, how to dm on Instagram pc, how to dm on Instagram on computer and how to dm on Instagram on mac, I would like to tell you that, with DMs, you also have the possibility of sending an Instagram post to your friends.

This is actually a very useful feature, as it allows you to essentially “share” somebody else’s post without needing to screenshot it, tag your friends into a comment or – even worse – manually copy and paste the link to it on a chat.

But wait, there is even more! Did you know that, with DMs, you also have the possibility of creating groups? This means that you don’t have to exclusively send your messages to one person at the time, but rather you can decide to create a group (with as many people as you like in it) to keep in touch, share funny posts or memes or just spill a lot of tea all together!

These are, pretty much, the most important features of Instagram DMs. There are, of course, other minor things that you will be able to do when sending (or receiving) a direct message on Instagram, but I’ll let you discover those on your own!

How to dm on Instagram on computer: can I just DM anyone I want?

One last thing that I would like to talk about before finally explaining you just how to dm on Instagram, whether on your phone or how to dm on Instagram pc, concerns the “who”. I mean, we know that Instagram has billions of users, including celebrities and politicians, and we now also know that we have the possibility of DMing other users. So, does this mean we can DM anyone we like?

Technically speaking, you are indeed allowed to DM any Instagram user you want, but there are some things you should consider.

First of all, if you DM a celebrity, you most likely won’t get a reply as they won’t receive notifications for each and every DM sent to them. Second, I would also like to point out that, if you decide to DM somebody you don’t follow (or who doesn’t follow you), they will not immediately get a notification for your DM, but they’ll be only able to find, read and answer your message from the “message requests” section, right above their other DMs.

This is just a heads up so that you know pretty much everything you need to know about messaging on Instagram before we get to learn just how to dm on Instagram!

You asked for it, now here it is! The answer to the question how to dm on Instagram on computer and how to dm on Instagram on mac!

You know that Instagram is a very popular platform which is used on smartphone, tablets and computers. For this reason, in this guide I will be explaining you both how to dm on Instagram on computer (which of course also includes how to dm on Instagram on mac) and how to dm on Instagram. Let’s start by learning how to dm on Instagram pc, shall we?

Over the years, many users have complained about the fact that it appeared impossible to actually DM someone on Instagram by using a computer. Well, although this is technically impossible, it doesn’t mean it can be done! I am about to teach you a very useful trick which will finally answer the question how to dm on Instagram on computer!

Essentially, what we’ll have to do is accessing Instagram’s mobile version from our computer. How can we do it? I’m about to explain you just that, so bear with me: I know it will look (and feel) quite confusing at first, but just follow everything I’m explaining and I can guarantee you, too, will learn how to dm on Instagram on computer!

First of all, let me recommend you use Google Chrome, as this is the best browser to do such a thing. Log in into Instagram and just right click on the screen. Then, select “Inspect”. A new, weird bar will open up. Don’t panic, it’s all fine!

So, here is how to dm on Instagram on computer and how to dm on Instagram on mac!

You’ll now have to select the toggle bar, which is essentially an icon right above the grey bar which looks like a smartphone and a tablet together. Can you see it? Awesome! Just click on it and refresh the page! From now on, you will be able to use Instagram’s mobile version even from your laptop. Isn’t that amazing?

So, how to dm on Instagram? I have wanted to first explain to you how to set your computer as to access Instagram’s mobile version because, in this way, I will be able to answer both the questions how to dm on Instagram from a smartphone and how to dm on Instagram pc at the same time, given that the interface will be the same!

To DM someone on Instagram, either from your smartphone or from your computer (as long as you did what I just explained to you), you’ll just need to click on that icon which looks like an arrow and which is right above the Instagram page. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to access the DM feature and thus read and respond to old messages. If you want to start a new conversation, just click on the icon with a pencil and a “piece of paper” and either select or look up the user you want to DM. And that’s all!

Is this clear? I hope this answer your question how to dm on Instagram!

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