How to do a Giveaway on Instagram on 3 ways

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How to do a giveaway on Instagram? It’s very simple. Let’s see how to do a giveaway on Instagram and Facebook, how to do a giveaway on Instagram stories and how to do a successful giveaway on Instagram.

To retain your followers and try to win new ones, you thought of doing a giveaway on Instagram, that is to organize a contest to which, usually, you can participate with a comment or posting photos and videos with certain characteristics.

You know what? You got a good idea! If you are reading this guide, however, I understand that you are not yet clear how you can organize a contest under the law, and that is why you would like some clarification on the subject.

In the post of today, I’m going to explain to you how to do a successful giveaway on Instagram. What is the legislation to which you must refer before engaging in the organization of a giveaway, what are the types of contests to organize on Instagram and how to make this type of initiatives interesting in the eyes of users.

If you are interested, then, in the last part of the tutorial, I will give you some advice that might be useful to win a giveaway organized by others.

Before going into the heart of this guide and seeing in detail how to make a giveaway on Instagram, it is good that you know the legislation to which you must refer before calling a prize contest on the famous photographic social network.

Today, The Italian legislation provides that to organize a competition, ministerial authorization is almost always required. To get more into the merits of the matter, according to the Royal Decree-Law July 25, 1940, n. 1077 (MISE update of July 9, 2018).

To organize a prize competition, it is necessary to make an explicit request to the Ministry of Economic Development in all cases where the value of the winnings exceeds the sum of 1 euro (including taxes).

How to do a successful giveaway on Instagram

How to do a Giveaway on Instagram 2

To get more into the merits of the matter, according to the Royal Decree-Law July 25, 1940, n. 1077 (MISE update of July 9, 2018).

To organize a prize competition, it is necessary to make an explicit request to the Ministry of Economic Development in all cases where the value of the winnings exceeds the sum of 1 euro (including taxes).

This means that, in the event that the value of the individual prize is higher than that indicated in the Decree, it is necessary to refer to the following regulatory steps to organize the competition: make an explicit declaration of the competition to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Fill in the form PREMA CO/1 not less than 15 days before the start of the competition: draw up the official rules of the competition: award the prize to the winner by drawing in the presence of an authorized notary or Chamber of Commerce official.

Once you have respected the various bureaucratic requirements regarding the organization of a prize contest, you can finally organize a giveaway on Instagram. Below I offer some ideas on the types of the contest to propose and how to organize them.

How to create a Giveaway on Instagram: A lot of content

There are various types of contests that you can organize with users who follow you on Instagram: let me tell you about some of them and then choose to organize what seems best for your case.

Photo contest – it is a type of contest very popular on Instagram since on this social network are mostly uploaded photos. Usually, the organizers of this type of contest decide that the most beautiful photos will be rewarded.

To allow users to participate in the contest it is possible to invite them to take a certain type of photo, maybe marking it with a hashtag in particular (it would be advisable to create an ad hoc one for the contest).

Video contest – is a type of contest that presents practically the same characteristics of the one mentioned in the previous point, with the only difference that in this case, it is the videos (and not the photos) to act as protagonists.

In organizing this type of content you can choose to reward the most beautiful movies, maybe by participating users through the creation of a specific type of video (also in this case it is advisable to create a specific hashtag).

Comment and win – to participate in such a contest, users must simply comment on a post or a story, perhaps accompanying the comment with the hashtag that was specially created for the contest.

After choosing the type of contest to organize on Instagram, you actually have to realize it. How can you do it? Try to follow the “tips” below because they will surely be useful to you.

Realize the contest

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Give a topic to the contest – this is important to help potential participants understand what the main topic of the contest is. If you want to get a good rate of participation, try to find a topic that is interesting and that can involve a large slice of users to participate in the contest, so do not choose a topic “niche”.

Explains how to participate – clearly and synthetically specifies what you need to do to participate in the competition (eg. leave a comment, take a picture, use a certain hashtag, put “Like” to a post, etc.), define the date by which you can participate and the dates on which the winners will be proclaimed.

Specify the prize – indicate what the prize is, possibly by posting a photo of the prize and also indicating its nominal value. Use popular and relevant hashtags – to promote the contest, use popular and relevant hashtags and, above all, create a specific one for the contest.

Instead of making a giveaway on Instagram, do you want to participate in a contest organized by an influencer you follow on the social network?

In that case, you’ll likely want to know how to win a giveaway on Instagram. All I can do is advise you to read the competition instructions carefully, to avoid making mistakes that may penalize you.

If you have organized a photo contest, for example, try to make quality photos that are in line with the theme of the contest and, if the rules provide it, publish the photo including the official hashtag of the contest.

Above all, try to be careful about the date by which to participate in the competition: otherwise, you risk being cut off.

How to create a successful Instagram contest

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How do you create a successful Instagram contest? Share on Instagram the photo of your summer holidays, enter the hashtag #vincicuba and you can win a dream trip to a 5-star resort in Cuba.

How many times have you seen competitions of this kind on social networks and you asked yourself how to organize one? The idea is very simple: Users come into play by uploading a photo to Instagram and using the dedicated hashtag, trying their luck.

A minimum effort is required against the potential winner of a prize of high economic or perceived value. But a photon test is not the only way.

Another very fashionable mechanic is the Giveaway on Instagram, in which users are asked to comment on a post and the winner will be drawn by those who commented. Do you want to organize a giveaway instead? Then we advise you to follow this path.

Create by yourself a cool giveaway on Instagram

As we have said many times, organizing a contest can be an excellent way to achieve different digital marketing goals, including launching new products or services, doing brand awareness, or creating a cohesive and target community.

The photo contests on Instagram take advantage of the full potential of the social network, beautiful photos may be modified with some filters and you can also use the hashtags to become popular.

Instagram seems to be the right social network to create online contests, both because it is a growing platform, and because it gathers users of all ages thanks to the continuous implementation of features.

From the point of view of the rules of Instagram there is no limitation but as you can read of the numerous forums on competitions to prizes what we must comply with is the Italian law.

In fact, according to the Instagram guidelines, everything is allowed as long as you do not advertise alcohol, gambling, incitement to hatred and other elements harmful to minors or that can lead to addiction.

The laws of the Italian territory, on the other hand, require a certain bureaucratic procedure to safeguard everyone: companies and participants. Instagram just seems to be social of the future.

With around 1 billion active users (June 2018) the platform brings together a very diverse audience and, thanks to the introduction of the Stories function, Zuckerberg was able to win over even the very young who preferred Snapchat just for the ability to create ephemeral content.

If your target is right on Instagram and you want to launch the Instagram photo competitions, here’s how to create one in 9 simple steps.

Define your goals

To analyze the success or failure of your Instagram contest, you need to define measurable goals with relevant metrics. Depending on the type of content you want to launch and the objectives set, a different analysis of the results obtained may be necessary.

For example, if you are launching a contest with the aim of improving brand awareness, you will have to analyze the results in terms of increased followers, engagement obtained and traffic brought to your website.

Otherwise, if you are running a promotion of discount products by associating it with the prize draw, you will have to measure new purchases of products, through a comparison with previous years and quantifying the traffic to the landing page for the promotion.

Choose the type of content you want to launch. Photo contest, video contest, quiz, poll, or giveaway… There are many competitions that can be organized and the choice of one or the other depends on the mechanics that you want to activate, the type of target you want to achieve, and the objectives set.

Anyway, on Instagram, they work very well in photo content and video contest. All you have to do is ask users to post a photo related to the specific topic of the contest in exchange for the promise of winning a certain prize that must have a very high perceived value. For a prize contest to be welcomed by the users and spread like wildfire, you will have to rely on emotionality.

Last Tips

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The photographs are linked to moments of happiness and memory: a photo contest, to be emotional, will have to leverage these two aspects. The fundamental rule is to choose an award inherent in the sector belonging to the company that launches the contest.

In most of the awards on social networks, all gifts are related to the brand, whether it is an event, a particular product, or a trip. Think of something you can offer your customers and that will encourage them to participate in the contest you launched on Instagram.

If you can’t find the winning idea, think of something emotional like we said above. To emphasize that, to be inviting, a prize must have a high economic or emotional value, so as to motivate the effort required to the user for participation in the contest.

Hashtags are an excellent tool to make a contest on social networks traceable and recognizable. Don’t underestimate the power of a good hashtag: it must be clear, effective, and appealing to users. It must be easily recognizable and remain impressed, to allow greater disclosure by the participants.

Once you have generated the correct hashtag for your Instagram contest, you will need to verify that it has not already been used for other campaigns by other brands, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

The success of an online prize contest depends also and above all on the promotion strategy used. To reach as many users as possible, the best method is to create a multichannel strategy involving different online (but also offline) tools.

To check the correct course of your contest, you will need to understand the results in real-time, so as to correct any defects in the promotion strategy or in the mechanics itself.

Regardless of the initial goal, there are results to be verified in all types of content: number of participants and comments; engagement level obtained; follower count; traffic to website or landing page; sentiment; comments and questions from users (to verify the clarity of your contest).

Now you have learned how to do a Giveaway on Instagram

How to do a Giveaway on Instagram
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