How to download Instagram videos


How to download Instagram videos. Surely you know what Instagram is: we use it every day and it has become a part of our life, especially that of young people. You’ve definitely had some problems with this app, in this article I’ll explain how to download Instagram videos.

Instagram is a social network service that allows users to take photos, apply filters and share them via the Internet. The web application, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, was launched in 2010, initially available only on iOS.

After its launch in 2010, Instagram quickly gained popularity, with 1 billion users in 2019. Two years later, Facebook acquired the service for $1 billion. By October 2015, over 40 billion photos had been uploaded.

How to download instagram videos: IGTV

IGTV is a vertical video application featured on Instagram, that automatically starts playing as soon as it is launched. Basic features are also available in the app and on the Instagram website. IGTV allows uploads of up to 10 minutes in length, but verified and popular users are allowed to upload videos of up to 60 minutes.

How to download instagram videos: Instagram direct


Instagram Direct is a feature that allows you to interact through private messaging. Users who follow each other can send private messages with texting, photos and videos. When you receive a private message from someone you do not follow, the message is marked as pending and then you must agree to see it.

You can send a photo to up to 15 people. Moreover, you can now reply to private messages with text, emoji or by clicking on the heart-shaped icon and you can also take a photo and send it to the recipient.

Some years ago an update allowed users to delete their private messages after being viewed by the recipient, and the sender receives a notification if the recipient takes a screenshot, but for privacy motivations, Instagram has eliminated this function.

How to download instagram videos: Instagram stories

In 2016 Instagram launched Stories, a feature that allows you to take photos, add effects and levels and add them to their Instagram story. These images are deleted after 24 hours. Instagram in these years has added new functions like direct stories and announcements.

Instagram has expanded the Augmented Reality Sticker feature to support face filters, allowing users to add specific visual features to their faces. Instagram has introduced Featured Stories, also known as Permanent Stories, which are similar to Instagram Stories but do not eliminate them. 

How to download Instagram videos

Surely you have noticed that in addition to many, indeed many photos, on Instagram you can also post and view videos. In fact, you can share everything on Instagram: an exciting moment, a party, travel, a landscape, but there is a question that continues to bring today and to which you have not yet been able to find an answer: how to download videos from Instagram?

If this is the case, you don’t have to worry… because I’m going to explain, step by step, what you have to do.

Unfortunately, actually, there are no official functions that you can use to download videos from Instagram, so you have to use some online software and services to download videos from Instagram and store them on your device.

How to download Instagram videos: 4k Stogram


To download videos from Instagram I suggest you first to turn to 4K Stogram, that is a free program for Windows, Linux and OS X. In its free basic version, it limits the number of users to follow at the same time, namely those from which you can automatically download videos when they are posted.

To download video from Instagram with 4K Stogram you have to connect to the website of the program and press the Get 4K Stogram button to download the software on your computer.

When the download is complete, click on it to open the file you just downloaded so that you can install it. After you have to launch the program by clicking on its icon, then type the name of the Instagram user whose videos you want to download and then click on the button Follow.

After this, the videos and photos published on Instagram by the user in question will be automatically downloaded to the computer and saved in the folder Images.

To stop and resume downloading, click on the appropriate buttons that appear next to the username of the person whose videos you are downloading. If you want to delete a user from the application and no longer download its contents, simply click on the red x that appears in the upper right corner.

How to download Instagram videos: Jdownloader

Another great program that I suggest you take seriously if it is your intention to download videos from Instagram is Jdownloader. This is a famous download that allows you to download every type of file from the Internet, videos included, in a simple and fast way. The program is free and can be used on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

To download videos from Instagram using Jdownloader, you have to connect to the download page of the software. Then press the link below the image of the operating system you are using and wait for the installer file to be downloaded to your computer. After the download, press on the installation file obtained then follow the procedure that is shown to perform the setup of the program.

Next, launch Jdownloader by clicking on its icon. Now open the web browser you usually use, type in the address bar and press the Enter button. On the web page that will open at this point, log in to your Instagram account by entering your username and password or by connecting via Facebook then search for the account of a specific user, locate the movie of your interest, click on it and copy the link to the browser’s address bar.

Once this is done, Jdownloader will automatically add the Instagram video you want to download to your computer to the list of files to save. To download you have to click on the Play button in the upper left of the Jdownloader window. You can also add more videos to the list of files to download via Jdownloader by simply repeating the steps I have shown you.

Wait until the download is finished then go to the Downloads folder of your computer to view all the videos that were downloaded from Instagram.

How to download Instagram videos: Dredown


If you can not or do not want to download and install new programs on your computer know that to download videos from Instagram you can also take advantage of online services such as Dredown. This service allows you to download various multimedia content shared on the net through other services, including videos from Instagram. The service can be used directly from a web browser.

To download videos from Instagram with Dredown, you must first connect to the service’s website. Then press on the Instagram button placed on the left side.

Now fill in the field Video by pasting the link of the Instagram video you want to download. To find the link to the Instagram video you’re interested in, view it directly from your web browser. To do this, you can access Instagram from browsers as I have already explained before, locate the video you want to download, press on it and copy the link to the address bar of the browser.

After pasting the link into the Dredown form, press the Dredown button. Then you should see the writing Yaay! We found the video you are looking for! that indicates that the procedure that allows you to download videos from Instagram has been carried out.

At this point, to download the Instagram video you have to click on the MP4 Video link next to the Download as visible on the screen.

How to download Instagram videos on iphone

Have you watched some Instagram videos on your Iphone and you don’t know how to download them? In this article, I’m going to explain how to do that in a very simple way.

The first useful tool and perhaps even the simplest, to download videos from Instagram is the iOS Screen Recording feature, available from iOS 11, which allows you to record a video, capturing everything that is played on the screen. Now you have to launch the Instagram app on your iPhone and locate the video you’re interested in.

Then, open the Control Center, scrolling from the top right corner to the bottom of the screen (on iPhone X or later models) or scrolling from the bottom of the screen to the top (on previous models to iPhone X), then press the recording button, that is the circle.

Screen recording will start automatically: to stop it, press the red bar at the top and tap the Stop button. The recorded video will be automatically saved in the iOS Photos app.

How to download Instagram videos on iphone: Shortcut


If you want to use a schortcut to download videos from Instagram, I recommend you download the Commands app, a great iOS tool. You can download this app for free from the Store and after finding the latest version, press the Get Quick Commands, Open and Get Quick Command buttons to implement it in the Controls app.

If your iPhone is upgraded to iOS 13, go to the Settings menu, Quick Commands, and move the Allow unreliable quick commands to ON. Then confirm the operation by pressing on Allow.

After that, at the end of the download, you have to perform the initial short configuration. Then locate the Instagram video you want to download, press on the icon (…), and tap on the Share with entry. After that, press the Quick Commands button, press the SMD button in the Commands app and wait for the download to complete.

Finally, to save the video in the iOS Photos app, press the share icon in the bottom menu and tap the Save Video item.

Do you want to download the live Instagram videos of others or yours and do not know how to do it? Do not worry, I have a tutorial for you about how to download live Instagram videos. 

Now let’s see how to download direct Instagram of others: regarding Android, I’ll show you a solution that allows you to download direct shared in the form of IGTV videos. On the iPhone, instead, I’ll show you how you can record a live one, so you can save it locally and watch it later.

How to download live Instagram videos: Android, iOS and pc

One app I recommend to download live Instagram videos is Story Saver for Instagram; after downloading it, sign in to Instagram, write your username and password, and click on the Sign-in button.

Once the app is connected to your Instagram account, press on the magnifying glass icon, type the username of the person you want to save the live broadcast published on IGTV and select the occurrence corresponding to the account of your interest.

After that, tap on the IGTV tab, locate the content of your interest and tap on its preview. Finally, download the video by pressing the down arrow icon: the video will be saved directly in the Gallery.

If you are the owner of an iPhone, so with the iOS system, the method I recommend to download live Instagram videos is to make the recording of the screen, a step that I have explained a few paragraphs before.

The only disadvantage is that in this case, you have to see the whole live.

One of the best solutions to download direct Instagram from your PC is IG Stories for Instagram. To use IG Stories for Instagram, open Google Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store page and click the Add and Add extension buttons.  After installing it, sign in to your Instagram account, click on the IG Stories for Instagram icon and click Go to IG Stories.

Now locate the direct you want to download and click on Download. If you want to download a live Instagram video made by yourself there is the same solution for Android and iOS: you have only to stop it and press the download key. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything if you have a PC.

How to download private Instagram videos

I am sure that at least once you have asked yourself how to download private videos from Instagram: don’t worry, because I’m going to explain how you can do that.

You need to know that every Instagram user can turn his account to private, so that only approved followers can see his photos and videos. But if you want to download private Instagram videos there is an application, called 4K Stogram, that allows you to do this on your computer.

First of all, go to the 4K official website and get 4K Stogram to your computer; it’s available for Linux macOS and Windows. Launch 4K Stogram application, go to Tools, then Preferences. Now you have to enter your username and your password, then click Login. As soon as you’re done, enter a private Instagram username, and click Subscribe.

Now all the private photos and videos of this account are downloaded.

How to download instagram videos
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