How to find your contacts on Instagram


In this article I will be explaining to you how to find your contacts on Instagram and how to find my contacts on instagram, so you will finally be able to follow all those people you have always wanted to follow!

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you are probably aware of the fact that the most important part of this amazing social network are its users. Without followers, even the most amazing Instagram account isn’t really that important.

The beauty of Instagram resides in the fact that it allows people to get in touch and get to know men and women from all over the world, given how simple it is to find new people to follow and, possibly, new friends for life.

People use Instagram for different reasons: many use it to try to promote their products or services (thus using Instagram as a business account) or to – hopefully – begin a career as an influencer, trying to attract as many followers as possible. The overwhelming majority of Instagram users, however, mainly use this social network to stay in touch with their friends and with the people in their life.

As a matter of fact, many decide to only follow people who they know in real life and who they know they can trust.

Have you ever wondered whether your colleague from work or that friend you haven’t talked to in a while has decided to join Instagram?

How to find phone contacts on Instagram


What do I mean exactly when I say that I will be explaining how to find my contacts on Instagram? As you probably know, Instagram really believes in allowing people from all over the world to share photos and ideas. On Instagram, users are not only able to discover new, faraway places on the other side of the world (by using the “Location” filter) or to learn new, interesting things by using the “Explore” feature.

On Instagram, users are also able to come into contact with many people from all parts of the world. If you think about it, that is probably why Instagram accounts are, by default, made public: they are public so that anyone in the world can potentially start following you and sharing their photos with you.

As I said before, some users really try to take advantage of the possibility to be followed by people from all parts of the world, and a career as “influencer” is becoming more and more appealing to teenagers and adults.

In spite of this, however, I believe that the true power of Instagram is the fact that it allows us to get closer to the people we know in real life but with whom we may think we don’t have that much in common.

How to find my contacts on instagram? A very useful guide to learn how to find your contacts on Instagram


Imagine this: it’s another, boring day, just like any other one. You are scrolling through Instagram trying to catch up in case you missed anything important that happened during the last few hours. All of a sudden, you see a picture that your colleague shared.

You are in shock and you cannot believe it: did he really just share a picture of his – and your – favorite band? How on Earth could he possibly have the same music taste as you? I mean, when you are at the office you barely even talk to each other.

You think he doesn’t like you that much, but you don’t know how. You, on the other hand, think that he is a good guy, but believe you couldn’t ever develop a strong friendship with him because you think you don’t have that much in common.

Yet, now this post has changed anything: if you both love the same band, this means you may actually have a lot more in common than you might have imagined! And you would have never realized it if you hadn’t found his Instagram account and decided to follow him to try to learn more about his life.

Does this story I just told you to sound familiar? Maybe it wasn’t a colleague, and maybe it wasn’t a picture of your favorite band, but chances are that at least once you have found yourself pleasantly surprised by a post that somebody – who you didn’t like that much – shared on Instagram.

This is why it matters

I think that all social media was created for this reason: not only to allow us to get in touch with people from our past who we have lost contact with and about whom we are now curious. Social media are also – and especially – a great way to get to know more those people that you may come across every day without realizing how similar you might be.

So, what is the point of this story? Why am I talking about how awesome social media are and lecturing you about never judging a book by its cover? It’s not just because I’m obsessed with social media – although that is very true – but also because this is related to the topic of this guide, which will teach you how to find your contacts on instagram.

After my short example, do you think you can now see the importance of following on social media those people you have on your contact list on your phone – maybe because you work together, or go to school with – but don’t really know that much about?

If you learn how to find phone contacts on instagram, you will be able to give a second chance to a lot of people, and you will probably be pleasantly surprised by the many new things you might learn about the people you see every day.

Okay, you are right. But how to find my contacts on Instagram?


If you have been googling how to find my contacts on instagram, you most likely would like to see if all the people whose number you have on your phone also use Instagram like you do, so that you can start following them (or just minding their business and see what they post).

Like you, I myself was also curious about how to find contacts on instagram. I mean, I didn’t even think it was possible: because of privacy, I thought, Instagram probably doesn’t have access to my phone number and to other people’s phone number.

Well, that is only partly true. While it is absolutely true that Instagram itself will never be able to see your phone number unless you specifically type it in while registering on Instagram or while later filling your account information, you do have the possibility of giving access to Instagram to your phone number.

This means that, if you want to do so, you can indeed let people look you up on Instagram using your phone number. What does this mean? It means that, if someone types in your phone number on Instagram’s search bar, they will be redirected to your profile and will, thus, be able to find you by using your phone number.

This is, as a matter of fact, one possible answer to the question how to find my contacts on instagram.

One not-so-easy way to learn how to find your contacts on Instagram

If you are only curious about a few people – and also have a lot of free time – one way to learn how to find contacts on instagram is by manually looking up every phone number on the Instagram search bar.

If the person you are looking up does have an account on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media and has given permission to Instagram to be found using their phone number, you will magically find their Instagram account by only searching their number.

However, as you probably can tell, this is not the easiest thing in the world and is most definitely not the answer to the question of how to find phone contacts on instagram. Such a feature is, as a matter of fact, actually integrated into Instagram itself.

This means that you won’t have to download any third-party app or software, nor go to any fishy website. Instagram itself allows its users to check whether their contact also uses Instagram, so that you can immediately start following them.

Keep in mind, however, that privacy is extremely important for Instagram. For this reason, before you learn how to find your contacts on instagram, I want you to be aware of the fact that, if you want to follow this guide and learn how to find phone contacts on instagram, you will also need to give Instagram permission to see and access your phone number.

How to find my contacts on instagram: we must talk about privacy!


What does this mean in practice? It means that, just as you will be able to find the Instagram accounts of your phone contacts, they also will be able to find yours. So, let me be clear: if you do not want the people in your contacts to be able to find you on Instagram or to see what you post, you won’t be able to find your contacts on Instagram.

It is, unfortunately, impossible to find your contacts on Instagram without giving them permission to also find you. Most of the times, this won’t be a problem for the average user.

If you, however, feel like your colleague shouldn’t really be seeing what you post on Instagram or what your username is, then maybe learning how to find contacts on instagram might not be a very good idea. Before you decide what to do, please keep in mind what I just told you.

If you are okay with people being able to see your profile and to start following you, then you are ready to learn just how to find phone contacts on instagram. It is a very easy process which, as I already mention, won’t require you to give your password to anyone or share your contacts with any website.

So, are you ready to learn how to find your contacts on instagram?

Remember, of course, that you will need to use the Instagram app for this process. Needless to say, you can’t really do this on your computer, as Instagram will need to have access to your phone number and to your contacts in order to associate them to their Instagram account. So, whether a smartphone or a tablet, just make sure that you have a mobile device on which you can follow this guide.

Open the Instagram app and log in. After you are logged in, you will need to open the Instagram settings. To do so, go on your profile and click on the three little horizontal lines which you can find above.

Can you see the last section of this menu? It’s called “Discover people”. Click on it and, after a short description of the feature that will appear on the page, you will be able to finally… well, discover people!

Not only will you see a bunch of accounts that Instagram thinks you might like (because they probably have many things in common with you and the accounts you already follow), you will also have the chance to connect to Facebook, and of course, to see how to find your contacts is on instagram!

This is how to find your contacts on Instagram!

So, click on the blue “Connect” tab where it says “Connect to your phone contacts” and… that’s it! This is exactly how to find my contacts on instagram. By scrolling down, you will finally be able to see the Instagram accounts of everyone you have in your contacts.

Don’t you think that new, beautiful friendships will now be able to develop?

Finally, if you are worried about your privacy, I have a piece of advice for you: you could try to find your contacts all at the same time and, once done, go to the “Privacy” settings of your phone and disable Instagram’s access to your phone contacts.

This way, people will not be able to associate your Instagram account to your phone number, but you will still have learned how to find phone contacts on instagram!

How to find your contacts on instagram
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How to find your contacts on instagram
In this article, I will be explaining to you how to find your contacts on instagram, so you will finally be able to know how to find my contacts on instagram
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