How to get a blue check on Instagram


You use social networks daily, and this has led you to have a certain influence within the Web. You have now become quite a popular person and would like to expand your online business by creating an account on Instagram, one of the few platforms where you are not yet present.

Before we go, though, you’d like to know how to get a blue check on Instagram, as you believe that your profile within the photographic social network must be made official to protect you from any people who might pose as you. If things are this way, I can help you figure out how to make your Instagram account official.

I anticipate that the social network provides the opportunity to send the request for officialization of their profile, but the mere fact of sending it does not offer the mathematical certainty that this is welcomed positively since the final word is up to the Instagram team that examines each request received by deciding what to do.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry: during this post, in fact, I’m going to explain to you what to do if Instagram decides not to check your profile blue. The question is of your absolute interest? Very well! so let’s not waste any more precious time.

What I suggest you do is take a few minutes off, and read very carefully the suggestions that I will provide you in my post. Are you ready? Very well, then I just have to wish you a good read and enjoy it!

Want a blue check on Instagram? Read to me!


Before explaining in detail how to have the blue check on Instagram, it is necessary to make a small premise to allow you to better understand what is this much-acclaimed blue tick, and how do to get it.

The blue check that you can see at some profiles is nothing more than a verification badge. Initially, Instagram gave the badge verification on its own initiative giving it to public figures, profiles related to famous brands, etc. to allow users to follow the official profiles of these accounts.

Starting from 2018, however, the photographic social network allows all users to request the formalization of their profile ( although this does not offer the certainty that you will get it). Are you wondering how you can forward it too? I’ll settle now.

For starters, launch the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, and sign in to your account. Then press on the icon of the little man located at the right down, tap on the button (…) located at the top right, and press on the item Request Verification, which is located in the Account section.

In the screen that opens, fill in the text field located under the words Name and surname providing your name, and then press on the item Choose a file to upload the identity document that will allow the Instagram team to evaluate your request( for example ID card, driving license…).

A simple photo of the document in question is also sufficient: the important thing is that your photo, your first and last name, and your date of birth are clearly visible. Now all you have to do is wait: the Instagram team will assess your request and, if it deems it appropriate, it will add the verification badge to your account within a few days.

When uploaded completed, then, press on the blue send button that is located at the down-side, and the game is done.

How long to get a blue check on IG

It’s been a few weeks since you sent your profile verification request to Instagram, and you still haven’t received an answer about his official release? Well, then should consider the possibility that, at least for the time being, you will not get the verification badge you so desired.

However, you can try to make your Instagram account official alternatively. For example, you could add the link to your official website so and allow other users to understand whether the profile is really yours or not.

This operation is very simple: all you have to do is pick up your Android or iOS smartphone, start the Instagram application, and follow the instructions below.

Once you have viewed the main screen of the social network, tap on the button with the little man symbol that is located at the downright, and press on the button Edit the profile that you can find under the counter of followers and people you follow.

How to get a blue check on your Instagram


In the Edit profile screen that opens, you can customize your first and last name, your username, and what interests you right now, your website. All you have to do is insert the link to your website in the appropriate text field and you’re done.

You can also fill in the text field Biography by entering the link to other social networks, and why not, add also the phrase Official Profile. When you have finished the changes to your profile, press the Finish button located at the top right to save them.

Did you finally know how to get a blue check on your Instagram? In this specific case, I advise you to report any unofficial Instagram profiles. If on IG you run into a fake profile you can report it through a special function provided by the photographic social network.

By doing so you will help the Instagram team to implement measures for the removal of these unofficial profiles. To mark a fake account on Instagram, too can act through the social network app, in a very simple way.

To do this, open the Instagram app on your android or iOS device and go to the profile you think is violating the community guidelines. Then press the button with the symbol (…), which is located at the top right, and from the menu, you will see on the screen tap the Signal button.

At this point, tap on the words it’s not appropriate, or on the words it’s spam. By reporting an Instagram profile using the words Not appropriate instead, you can then choose the option by which you specify why you think the account in question is not appropriate.

I don’t want this account to see my photos or videos or try me or tap on the words I think this account does not respect guidelines of the Instagram community. Once made this choice follow the guidelines that will be indicated by the social network to complete the operation.

A blue check on IG: how to get a blue check on Instagram

Here’s what you need to do to get your Instagram account verified as influencers and celebrities, with the blue check. Now on Instagram you can request the blue check. The platform, after the numerous controversies, raised by the discovery of the so-called ” black market” of the blue spikes, decided to quench the thirst of its users thirsty for verified badges.

The company has just introduced features designed to make Instagram a safer and more authentic place to attend, and for the first time offers users a simple and transparent way to request the blue check to the account.

Instagram badges have always been quite rare, even between the same brands and public figures, and no one knows what is the award criterion. Although it’s too early to tell if Instagram will distribute blue spikes more easily to more users, what is certain is that it has made the procedure simpler and more transparent.

Now any user can request to be verified with few steps. Currently, the option to request the blue check is available on Instagram for iOS and has not yet been displayed in the app for Android devices.

Who can have the verified account? Before sending your badge request, you should read the requirements required by Instagram for obtaining. Instagram defines an authentic account as a profile representing a real person or a registered company.

It also specifies that it approves only one account per company or individual and that they will not receive the blue check interest accounts. An account with a blue check on Instagram must be complete, public, with a profile photo, a biography, and posted posts.

But above it must be a famous user, a prominent character. a common user and unknown to the public will not receive the blue check even if he had many followers.

What’s the Instagram blue check?


Before we see how to get the blue check on Instagram we understand what it’s for. Often you will have heard of fake profiles or “thefts” of the identity of social profiles. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of subjects who hide their true identity using a nickname is widespread.

The same can be said of those who “clone” the profiles of existing people appropriating their identity. Any one of us can be a victim. To overcome this danger, Instagram affixes a blue check to the name of the profile verified with an appropriate procedure.

So the blue check is the symbol that indicates the authenticity of a profile. Describe how to get a blue check on your Instagram is equivalent to saying how to have the blue badge or varied symbol or verification badge on Instagram. Having the blue check on Instagram gives an added value to your account: it gives it official.

Followers will trust that verifies profile. Its credibility and reliability will therefore be strengthened. It’s important, therefore, to understand how to have the blue check on Instagram. the verification request can be made both by personal profiles and by company profiles that possess, and Instagram shopping account.

It is important to ask yourself: ” why do not all profiles activate the verification request function in the account today?” here you can do at the moment only conjectures since there is an official indication of Instagram.

The ability to request blue badges directly via the App is a very recent feature. the fact that not all of us have the “request verification” item active, could be due to the normal times of the distribution of updates. or there may be a minimum number of followers to have in the profile so that the verified request function is visible.

Final tips: how to get a blue verified check on Instagram


In describing how to get a blue verified check on Instagram the social assistance center does not give more details. You have already checked on your Instagram account if you have the required voice for verification? If you haven’t already, I’ll tell you how. If you meet the requirements you can request the verification badge with only two steps.

Scan a valid identity document complete with photos, and go to your Instagram profile, then on Settings, then Account, click on Request Verification and fill in the mask with name and surname, enclosing the identity document.

At this point sent the blue check request, there will be an evaluation, profile by profile, by Instagram and there will be waiting for the outcome. In fact, in his Instagram service center he explains ” remember that if your account is also suitable for verification, sending a request does not guarantee that your account will be verified”.

The outcome of the assessment is always communicated, whether positive or negative. In case of negative results, it is necessary to wait 30 days before a new verification request can be made.

It is finally important to point out that you do not have to bear any costs: the blue tick is completely free. If you’re wondering if you can’t follow the procedure for getting the blue check on Instagram, don’t worry. However, there are other strategies to take to verify your account. Let’s see them together.

Creating a strong connection between the various social profiles and your website. You will not have an official “stamp” such as the verification badge, but you will get the same result: trust in your brand. here this could be a different strategy to get credibility on Instagram.

Now don’t waste any more time and try to get the blue check on your Instagram profile. see you next!

How to get a blue check on Instagram
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How to get a blue check on Instagram
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