How to get dark mode on Instagram


Over the past few years, Instagram has introduced many features that have allowed users to enjoy a better experience on the app, finally answering the prayers of the over a billion people who use Mark Zuckerberg’s social network every single day.

After all, it is no secret that Instagram is probably the most beloved app among people in any age group: children, teenagers and adults all love to use Instagram to catch up with their friends and look at beautiful pictures and videos.

Among the features that have contributed to Instagram popularity there are certainly Instagram Stories, which finally allowed users to share photos and videos for a shorter period of time (24 hours) without taking up important space on their feed, and also Instagram Music, thanks to which users can now post stories, photos, and videos and include special background music, song or sound effect to make their stories even more appealing.

There is, however, one very important feature that has recently been introduced and that may have gone unnoticed: I’m talking about Instagram’s dark mode. Today we will talk in great detail about this new cool feature and see how to get dark mode on instagram iphone and how to get dark mode on instagram android. Are you ready to learn how to get dark mode on instagram? Let’s get started!

The official guide on how to get dark mode on Instagram on Android and how to get dark mode on Instagram iphone

As soon as this new, special feature was introduced, many users immediately expressed their happiness for Instagram’s decision to finally implement this very beloved function that other social media had already announced months before.

This is just another way in which Instagram is trying to appeal to new and old users, by listening to people’s requests and trying to give them what they look for.

As I already mentioned, Instagram Story and Instagram Music were two very important features that were launched in recent years.

These, however, were probably only introduced because users had been vocal for a while about wanting them. Users wanted to be able to share a quick story on Instagram just like they did on Snapchat, and also wanted to be able to put a background music on their story – which eventually became possible thanks to Instagram Music.

With dark mode, however, things are a little different: this feature wasn’t first implemented in another social media, but was rather a feature that iOS and Android had introduced in order for users to be able to enjoy their favorite apps during the night without damages to their eyes.

Before we learn exactly just how to get dark mode on instagram iphone and how to get dark mode on instagram android, I would like to tell you more about this very useful feature.

Why is this such a big deal?


So, as I was saying, dark mode was actually a big deal when it was first launched on iphone. However, it wasn’t all exactly super easy right from the beginning, and there is a very specific reason for which people might be looking up how to get dark mode on instagram or how to get dark mode on instagram iphone.

Before we learn more about why it could be difficult for users to get the dark mode for Instagram, it is of course very important that we are familiar with the topic of this article: so, what is this dark mode exactly? When was it introduced and why is it so important?

When we talk about Dark Mode we are essentially referring to the optional choice that users have to “turn their phone dark”. What do I mean with this? When Dark Mode is activated, your phone background will become dark and the colors will be inverted.

Nowadays, you might probably think that such a feature has been around for a while, and you probably tend to take it for granted. However, you will be surprised to know that Dark Mode is actually really recent, as it is only been introduced on iOS and Android over the last couple of years.

How to get dark mode on Instagram iphone: the official step-by-step guide

Before we see exactly who launched the dark mode feature and when, I would like to briefly talk about the benefits of dark mode, so that you will probably have a better grip of how it can be beneficial to you and, of course, how to get dark mode on instagram.

Nowadays, we all spend an awful lot of time on our mobile devices. Mobile phone, smartphone, tablet… you name it. Even though we keep telling ourselves that we should start reducing the amount of time we spend in front of our screen, year by year the number of hours that we spend on our devices only go up.

This has a lot of different consequences, probably too many to talk about here, yet there is one problem that is often overlooked: our eyes get really tired by looking at bright blue screens several hours a day, each and every day.

If we reduce the amount of blue light we get (by, for example, using Dark Mode), we are able to sleep better at night – as our screens’ blue lights suppress the secretion of melatonin – and, in general, we reduce our chances of having to deal with insomnia, neck pain and even headaches. Are you starting to see why exactly learning how to get dark mode on instagram iphone and how to get dark mode on instagram on android might end up being really beneficial to you?

A very important explanation…

Of course, Dark Mode isn’t only a feature that can help our health and that of our eyes. It is also really good for our battery. I mean, just think about it: if our phones have to project less light – thus showing us and “producing” less light – this will of course have a very good influence on our battery life.

Studies have shown that Dark Mode can end up saving us 50% of energy, thus giving us a lot more hours before our phones are out of power.

One other aspect to consider – even though this one is probably not so important – is just how good Dark Mode looks! Seriously though, I don’t know if it’s just me or if you agree, but I really find Dark Mode to be super elegant. I like all its colors, the backgrounds, the designs. If I wasn’t aware of all the advantages for my battery and for my eyes, I’d probably still decide to learn how to get dark mode on instagram just because of how awesome it looks!

So, what is the main problem with dark mode? If it is a feature that our phones have and that we can all use, why do we need to learn how to get dark mode on instagram iphone or how to get dark mode on instagram on android?

Who came up with the idea first?

As you might probably expect, Apple was the first major company to launch this feature in 2019. Android soon followed suit, so today both Apple and Android users have access to this potentially life-saving (and battery-saving!) feature. Yet, one issue remains.

When Apple first launched this feature, it only allowed users to use Dark Mode within their phone. What do I mean? Essentially, by activating Dark Mode on your iPhone you would only see Apple’s apps with a dark background, instead of every single third-party app. This is because, of course,

Apple doesn’t have the power to change the design of third-party apps, and it actually took a while before other apps could catch up and also implement a Dark Mode feature.

Nowadays, users can access every major social network in Dark Mode: Facebook, Whatsapp, Tumblr and, of course Instagram. Although, as I said, this wasn’t always the case: during the first few months in which this feature was introduced, pretty much every third-party app (or social media) could not make use of this feature.

Thankfully, the situation changed and improved over time, and many websites and social media began to release updates to their apps so that they could also include the incredibly amazing Dark Mode feature.

Are you ready to learn how to get dark mode on instagram iphone and how to get dark mode on instagram on android?

So, this is why some users might have had some issues when learning how to get dark mode on instagram: at first, even if you did activate Dark Mode on your Apple or Android device, you most likely couldn’t access Instagram with a dark background.

Thankfully, as you probably understood from my long (yet hopefully clear!) explanation, things nowadays are different, and activating Dark Mode on Instagram is really easy and intuitive. Nonetheless, some users still struggle with learning just how to get dark mode on instagram, especially because the process is a little different based on whether you have an iPhone or an Android device.

So, if you found yourself desperately googling how to get dark mode on instagram on android and how to get dark mode on instagram iphone, I am finally here to clear all your doubts and answer all the questions you might have! Are you ready to learn how to do it?

First, let’s see how to get dark mode on instagram ihhone. Before I go into detail about how exactly to do this, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. First of all, your phone needs to run at least iOS 13 or higher, as previous generations of iOS will not support Dark Mode.

Generally speaking, if you have any phone from iPhone 6S onwards, you should be just fine (meaning that you should be able to update your device to iOS 13, if you still haven’t done so).

Here’s how to get dark mode on Instagram iphone

One other important thing that you need to remember is that your version of Instagram must be updated. To check whether you have the most updated version of Instagram, you can easily go to the App Store, look up the Instagram App and then click on “Update” in case you have this option. If you don’t, then you are fine, and your Instagram app is updated to its newest version.

Here’s how to get dark mode on instagram iphone: click on Settings, then go to “Screen & Brightness” and select “Dark Mode”. That’s it, basically. You do also have the choice of setting specific times for Dark Mode, but in general, as soon as you click on “Dark Mode”, your phone should turn dark (and with it your Instagram app, as long as it is updated to the latest version!). Wasn’t that super easy? And what about how to get dark mode on instagram on android?

Here’s how to get dark mode on Instagram Android

Getting dark mode on Android is actually really easy as well! Of course, before you follow this guide, you’ll have to make sure that your operating system is updated to at least Android 10 and that your Instagram version is at least v114.

If you’re all set, then what do you have to do to learn how to get dark mode on instagram on android?

All you have to do to get dark mode on Instagram is open up your phone Settings, click on “Screen” and then “Dark Mode”. Just like the process to learn how to get dark mode on instagram on iphone, once you select Dark Mode on your phone’s settings you will automatically also see Instagram in brand new, dark-themed colors!

Are you excited? I am sure that you will love exploring Instagram with Dark Mode, and I can’t wait for you to try it out!

How to get dark mode on instagram
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