How to get free followers on Instagram


Today I will be teaching you how to get free followers on Instagram, how to get followers on instagram free and how to get followers on instagram fast free. Of course, I won’t be sharing with you anything illegal, but rather just give you some tips that could help you boost your profile. Ready to know how to get a lot of followers on Instagram free?

I have a weird, yet serious question for you: what do you think about capitalism? Wait, hold on, if you think I’m going to be lecturing you about economical politics in this article, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reason why I’m asking this question is because of something I have been thinking about a lot recently. Of course, as you probably can imagine, it has to do with social media.

So, everybody says that money makes happiness. Some people may disagree with this statement, but I believe the great majority of people actually think that this is true. However, over the past decade, our lives have completely changed thanks to the technological revolution that is taking place.

And there is a comparison that can be drawn between money and “social media approval”. If 20 years ago many people would say that money makes happiness, I bet a great chunk of them would nowadays think that “social media followers make happiness”.

So let’s start to know how to get free followers on Instagram.

How to get more followers on Instagram free


Before we talk more in detail about how to get followers on instagram fast free, I would like to explain you a couple of things.

Some people might look at an article called how to get a lot of followers on instagram free and think this is something silly or unnecessary, something that shows “what is wrong with our society” (and I’m not specifically quoting anyone here, but I think many of us have heard such a sentence before, haven’t we?).

What many people actually fail to understand, however, is that there is a reason for which more and more people are interested to learn how to get free followers on instagram. All of us know Instagram and are familiar with its features, right? If I asked you, you’d be able to tell me that Instagram is a great social network that allows anyone to share photos, videos, drawings and so on, and even share bits and pieces of their life on their Instagram story.

Yet, what I believe most people fail to understand is that Instagram is actually much more than just that. Yes, I mean, of course you can spend your Instagram life by sharing pictures of your cats and of the food that you eat – and I absolutely do not judge anyone by saying this: anyone is free to run their social media accounts the way they want. However, Instagram followers can mean much more than that.

Why it is important to learn how to get more followers on Instagram free

What do I mean when I say that learning how to get free followers on instagram free can actually turn out to be very helpful and useful? I mean that Instagram followers can become much more than just people who follow your social media account and maybe give a like to your photos.

If you learn how to manage your social media well – and of course this is not what I’m going to teach you today, as that would probably require a whole book on itself – you can eventually hope to turn those followers into clients, buyers, people who advertise you and your service, people who buy what you promote on your story or who love the brand you are now thinking about creating.

Whether we like it or not, our society is quickly changing, and things are evolving.

Yes, today it is still possible to “become someone” and “make it” the typical way, but how many stories of success have you heard from people whose only “talent” and “skill” is having lots of followers on Instagram? I, for one, know countless people who are making a living and enjoying their life because they learned how to get free followers on instagram.

Some tricks to how to get a lot of followers on Instagram free

So, before you think that learning how to get a lot of followers on instagram free might mean nothing to you because followers mean nothing, try to give it some more thought.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this guide? “Social media followers make happiness”, and not in the sense that they themselves will be the source of your happiness, but rather in the sense that Instagram followers could actually help boost your carrier, your start-up, your products, your service, your talent.

They could become one of the most useful skills you have on Instagram, something that could impress any potential employer or that could give you the freedom to actually never have to work for an employer again, but rather become your own boss. If you think I’m exaggerating, trust me, I’m not. Once you learn some tricks about how to get free followers on instagram, the possibilities are really endless.

Once you know how to get followers on instagram fast free, it will be up to you to turn those recently gained followers into something more. Yet, having gained them in the first place will be a huge step forward.

So, what do you think about what I just explained to you? Do you agree with me when I say that maybe having a lot of followers on social media can turn out to be much more important that many people actually think? If so, then let’s see how to do it!

How to get followers on Instagram fast free: comments, comments, comments


The first trick that I’ll be sharing with you to learn how to get more followers on instagram free is about comments. Think about it: you probably know – and follow – a bunch of Instagram influencers. They usually post a lot, sometimes even multiple times a day. And what happens when they do? Everyone starts commenting on their post.

And do you think all these comments are actually genuine? Well, yes, but actually no. The more popular an Instagram account is, the more people will likely be seeing what they posted and, of course, even the comments on said post.

If you are able to catch any user’s attention by writing something strange, catchy, funny or fascinating, chances are these people will actually become interested in you: who is this guy/girl who just posted this very funny comment on my favorite influencer’s post?

And, if they decide that they like your comment so much to actually give it a like, it will probably show up first in the comment section. What do I mean with this?

I mean that, as soon as somebody opens up the comment section of a specific influencer’s post, your catchy comment will probably be the first thing they’ll see. I don’t know if you ever realized this, but many users comment a lot especially for this reason! After all, it’s free publicity and there is nothing wrong with that. Just remember, of course, to always be respectful and polite!

How to get free followers on Instagram: and your profile?

If you followed the step I just explained you, you most likely will receive a lot of attention and, probably, even new followers. There is a way to make sure that your comments generate as many new followers as possible – actually two: first of all, make sure that your profile is set on private. Why is that?

Well, human beings are curious by nature. If they see someone posting a funny comment, they will most likely want to see who the person who wrote it is. They will open your profile, take a look through your posts and then leave, and it’s not guaranteed that all of them will start following you.

If, however, they see that it is not possible to see who you are or what you post because your posts are private, they will most likely decide to follow you out of curiosity just to see who you are.

Why did I say that there are actually two ways to make sure that your comments bring as many new followers as possible when learning how to get a lot of followers on instagram free? Step two to this process would be, of course, to make sure you have a very catchy bio.

Think about this: somebody liked your comment so much to actually take time to go visit your profile, they see a very funny and catchy bio as well but… your profile is private, so they can’t see anything else about you!

How to get free followers on Instagram: let’s talk about your bio


What will most of them probably do in this scenario? Well, they will probably start following you so that they can see who you are! So, as you probably understood, it is very important that your bio is funny, catchy, something that makes anyone want to follow you to learn more about you!

Of course, remember to write your name (or your online alias), and possibly even your age. You could add a very short description of what you do (youtuber, designer, aspiring actor and so on), but the most important thing is that you shouldn’t forget to add something special and unique to your bio, so that people will become interested in following you.

I can’t tell you exactly what you should write: it can be a joke, a funny description of yourself, whatever. Just make sure it is something that catches any potential follower’s attention!

There are, of course, many more and interesting ways to learn how to get followers on instagram fast free. One very important thing to consider are hashtags. A hashtag is something that allows to tag your Instagram posts and stories so that, whenever anyone searches the same thing you just posted, they will probably see your photo or content.

How to get a lot of followers on Instagram free: hashtags are your new best friends!

Before I move on and explain you just how hashtags can become a great ally of yours when learning how to get a lot of followers on instagram free, let me tell you that I know what you are thinking: if I just told you that you should set your profile to private, then how can you make use of hashtags if only the people who follow you will be allowed to see your posts?

You don’t necessarily have to follow both strategies at the same time. You could, for example, decide to leave sharp comments on other influencers’ posts for a week, and then focus on gaining new followers thanks to hashtags the following week. Over time, you will learn and see what strategy works best for you.

Of course, however, I’m not saying that you need to write a thousand hashtags to every single photo you post in order to how to get free followers on instagram. I mean, that would be weird and would honestly make anyone look a little desperate. What you could – and should – do is properly choose the hashtags you use with your photos, so that people don’t think you are only using random ones to attract more followers.

Remember, of course, that you can also use hashtags to tag your stories, in order to further increase your chances of being found – and followed!

How to get followers on Instagram fast free: don’t forget the most important thing!


There is one thing I’m saving for last in this article about how to get free followers on instagram: your feed and your content. Of course, all the advice I just gave you still apply – and they are actually really useful, trust me! – but the most important thing is still you.

People follow you because they like what you post, what you think about stuff, how you express yourself.

Other than your bio, you actually have to take care of many things in order to have a beautiful Instagram profile that people really enjoy following: post regularly, remember to reply to comments and DMs and, in general, remember to be you, because you are unique!

Don’t you think this is the most important advice I could give you when learning how to get free followers on Instagram?

how to get free followers on instagram
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