How to go live on Instagram


Live on Instagram is fun. So let’s find out how to go live on Instagram. Together we will learn how to go live with someone on Instagram, how to go live on iPhone and how to go live on Instagram on Mac.

Videos, even more than photos, are highly regarded as multimedia content on Instagram. But since the platform has created Live, everything has changed. Many famous people use it to talk to their fans and transmit important messages, but also just to chat. So for your success on this social network, it is important to know very well how to go live on Instagram.

Making a live on Instagram means sharing experiences, advice or simple stories of your day with your followers. This is a new and different method of communication that allowed by recorded photos or videos. Recently, Instagram adds the possibility of talking to someone on live. For this reason, it is important to learn how to go live with someone on Instagram too, in order to attract more people: your followers and the followers of the other person you live with.

Learning how to do a live on Instagram is important because this becomes the “most direct” and famous tool for communication with your followers. Very often, when you do a live, you will find yourself improvising and it won’t be simple.

We are here for this: we will explain all the tricks to understand how to go live on Instagram.

How to go live on Instagram: the rules


To learn how to go live on Instagram you need to know the basic rules and some curiosities. First of all, you must know that from 2017 the possibility of making live on Instagram was also introduced in Italy and with the 10.3 updates, the ability to save live video has been introduced. So now let’s see the steps to know to go live on Instagram:

  1. touch the camera icon at the top left of the screen and open the Instagram stories camera and scroll to “Live” mode.
  2. you will be able to see how many of your followers are currently active in the Instagram app, which is a good indicator of how many people will receive an in-app notification if you go live immediately;
  3. tap Live at the bottom of the screen, then tap Start Live Video button;
  4. your followers will be notified when you start streaming a live video;
  5. the number of viewers will be displayed at the top right of the screen and comments will be shown at the bottom;
  6. tap comment to add a comment and tap and hold a comment to pin it at the top so viewers can see it easily;
  7. to turn off comments, tap, then select turn off comments;
  8. when done, tap done in the top right, then tap to confirm;
  9. once finished, the live video will no longer be visible on Instagram.

In addition to the actual live stream, Instagram live will remain on Instagram stories for 24 hours.

How to go live on Instagram: do a live with someone

Now let’s see how to go live with someone on Instagram. After several tests, Instagram has introduced the possibility of inviting someone to our live. Instagram introduces the ability to host someone on a live stream to make streams more social. This can be especially useful for influencers and professionals as well as for fun. Here are the rules to follow:

  1. Click “Add” to invite a person of your choice from the current viewers.
  2. the guest has to accept the invitation, you will see the screen split in two with the main user being shown at the top and the guest at the bottom;
  3. during the live video for two it is possible to remove the guest and add someone else at any time, or the same guest can decide to leave the direct himself.

To give an example, if there is a person who is live to comment on an event or say something and would like to manage a debate with their viewers, they can invite a user to participate in the live broadcast and exchange opinions.

Still, a presenter or musical artist could connect directly with their fan or two experts could share a live to comment on the launch of a new product.

At the end of live, as always, the live video can be shared or deleted by choosing “discard”. These are the technical rules to follow for your live.

How to go live on Instagram: the rules of conduct


To learn how to go live with someone, it is also necessary to review the main rules of behaviour. In the first place, you need to greet our guest and introduce him. In particular, you must explain who he is, what he does and who is the bond between you: he can be your business partner, your friend or your collaborator.

Even if the person who is with you live is famous, it is important to explain the bond between you. In fact, many of your followers may not know who your guest is. A correct presentation could be a way to not lose viewers. It is also important to know how to manage comments: the comments that arrive will be displayed on the screen by everyone.

This detail could have an impact on how you conduct your live two. Try to carefully follow what people ask you and alternate the answers with your host: this is the fundamental aspect to learn how to do a live with someone on Instagram.

Don’t be upset if you get criticism or uncomfortable questions: try to remain calm and respond with your host to what they ask you.

Another key aspect of learning how to go live with someone on Instagram is respecting the time. The live stream on Instagram can last up to an hour: if you want to do another one, you have to restart. Remember to greet him at the end.

How to go live on Instagram: the rules for making a live on Mac


After learning all this, let’s find out how to go live on Instagram with on Mac. Unlike the smartphone, a Mac has a much better performing procession and hardware management system and the live show will have a better impact on the public. While it may seem more complex, learning how to go live on your mac or pc is very simple.

Remember that from the desktop version of Instagram you can also monitor notifications by clicking on the heart icon located on the right. To learn how to go live on your Mac, you first need to know that you can watch stories uploaded by others to Instagram.

This function has been strengthened, especially during the lockdown period. Then you have to follow the steps already explained in the first paragraph. In fact, live streaming can be a help to involve an ever-increasing following of people. The only problem is that you can’t create content for Instagram Live on PC or Mac – you can only do it on Instagram’s smartphone app.

In reality, over time, several live-streaming platforms have been created that allow you to go live on Instagram via PC and Mac. Follow those steps:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account;
  2. Get the Instagram streaming key and RTMP URL;
  3. Quickly copy them to your encoder or streaming service

Once you have followed these steps, you have learned how to go live on Instagram on Mac.

How to go live on Instagram: the rules for making a live on iPhone

how-to-go-live-on instagram-on-iphone

If you have come to read so far how to go live on Instagram, you are surely interested in knowing how to go live on Instagram on iPhone. As we all know, the iPhone offers excellent graphics and digital features to its customers.

Try to attract more and more people with a lot of built-in functions that are really useful. The first thing to know to learn how to broadcast live on Instagram on the iPhone is to know the basic features of the app. Remember to download the latest Instagram version. The rules to follow are as follows:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. Click the camera icon at the top of the page above your profile photo icon to access Instagram Stories.
  3. In Instagram Stories, select the options below by scrolling and find “Live”.
  4. To go live on Instagram, click “Broadcast Live”.
  5. When followers start watching your live video, you will see their usernames appear at the bottom.
  6. To end a live video, tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

Remember that the live allows you to view how many people have viewed your video and will give you the opportunity to share the video for the next 24 hours: all followers who have not followed you’re live will be able to retrieve it. Have you seen it? It’s easy to learn how to go live on Instagram on the iPhone.

How to go live on Instagram: filters and much more

After explaining all the secrets on how to go live on Instagram, let’s now see a guide that can explain in detail how to make a live Instagram with all the integrated features. To record a video with Instagram we open the application, tap on the button at the top left Camera to open the internal camera of the app.

Now we choose among those present at the bottom (scrolling left and right) and hold down the button in the centre, so as to activate the video recording. To add a filter while shooting live video, click the icon of the face to the right, so you can choose from the filters available for shooting.

There are many types of effects related to the face: those that change the features and colour of the eyes, or choose whether to add the old film effect, those that add simple smileys or those that make them take on the appearance of a character. Surely Instagram will add new filters for live streaming with apps.

If you want to apply filters to a video that has already been shot, click on the + button in the centre of the Instagram app, then go to the Video section and hold down the centre for the seconds needed to shoot the video we want to create. At this point, Instagram will give you the possibility to add the filter that seems appropriate to your live.

How to go live on Instagram: the most famous lives


To conclude our guide on how to go live on Instagram and understand how to go live on Mac and how to go live on the iPhone, we just have to discover some curiosities about it. As we said, live shows are a very useful tool to bring more and more followers to our pages and create a connection between people on Instagram.

This potential has been especially understood by famous people. The lives of some characters have reached extraordinary numbers:

  1. 6ix9ine, a real star of these weeks, is a Mexican rapper who in 24 hours since his publication has surpassed 200 million visits on YouTube. Instagram’s live has reached 2 million viewers.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (412k)
  3. Don Miguelo (389k), Colombian artist leader;
  4. Drake (298k),
  5. Tory Lanez (282k).

To these impressive numbers, we must add a further curiosity. During the lockdown period, many famous people, including Italians, have dedicated numerous lives on Instagram to the entertainment of the public. In this period, the most popular live in Instagram history was broadcast: the one between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer who reached peaks of 48.9 million connected viewers.

These data make us understand how important it is to learn how to go live on Instagram: this will be the ultimate public entertainment and communication tool of the future. In addition, it could increase your business, raise awareness of your creativity, your story or simply it could be a tool to have a chat.

How to go live on instagram
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How to go live on instagram
So let's find out how to go live on Instagram. Together we will learn how to go live with someone on Instagram, how to go live on iPhone and how to go live on Instagram on Mac.
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