How to grow Instagram followers

How to grow Instagram followers 1

Well, they can’t work miracles, but if you work hard and follow the advice I’m about to give you, you’ll probably be able to increase Instagram followers. In this post we will see how to grow your Instagram following, how to grow a following on Instagram and how to grow Instagram followers organically.

Before giving you all the tips of the case, however, it seems only right to specify one thing that unfortunately we often forget: the photos (but now as well as the videos) are still the heart of everything!

Before putting into practice any type of advice on how to increase Instagram followers, think about taking beautiful photos, possibly original, and retouch them expertly with the filters made available to you by the app. Also, try to be as active as possible: if you do not notice, no one will come looking for you to become your follower!

If you also post your Instagram photos on other social networks, primarily Facebook, your content will reach a wider audience and therefore you will be more likely to win new followers. To connect your Instagram account with Facebook, press the little man icon at the bottom right of the app’s main menu.

Then select the gear icon located at the top right, locate the Settings section and then tap on the Linked Accounts item then select Facebook from the list of available social services. After providing permission for posting photos on Facebook, Instagram will automatically post your content also on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

All you have to do is take your photos normally and select the Facebook button when publishing: the rest will be taken by the app.

Expand your “social” audience: get high your followers

How to grow Instagram followers 2

By following the same procedure, you can also link your Instagram account to Twitter and other social media. One of the most effective techniques to give more visibility to your photos and increase Instagram followers is using popular hashtags.

Popular but, attention, related to the actual content of the photo. If you use hashtags randomly just because they are popular, you risk annoying the public (who now easily notices these “games”) and in addition, you may end up being penalized by the same algorithms of Instagram.

To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment you can turn to All-hashtag which, totally free and without requiring registration, allows you to generate the best hashtags related to the main keyword.

It’s not the only service of its kind. You can also contact Top Hashtag, which offers an updated ranking of the most popular hashtags of the moment. In addition, by doing a Google search you can also find others but, I repeat, use them with caution and not “fill” your photos with tags that have nothing to do with the content of the image.

Almost needless to say that most hashtags are in English. But I’ll tell you more: if you want to “depopulate” on Instagram you have to look at an international audience and try to include descriptions of images in this language (which is the most popular on the Web).

Create your own style: grow your Instagram followers organically

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Another great way to try to boost Instagram followers is without a doubt to create your own well-defined style of photography. In a nutshell, don’t always use the same effects but try to put your own particular “signature” to the images, so that other users can get attached to the way you take photos and immediately recognize your shots among all the others.

If you want some example of “striking” photographs that attract the attention of the public, launch the Instagram app, press the button with the magnifying glass at the downside, and take a look at the most visited images of the moment.

You will notice that many have elements in common: trying to “pick them up” and make them yours to transfer them into your images. Another thing: better to publish a photo, beautiful, every week than two or more, ugly, every day.

If you find it more comfortable, you can also view the list of the most popular content on the famous app via the Iconsquare website that allows you to access Instagram from your computer. Instagram is basically a social network.

How to grow a following on Instagram

Instagram is basically a social network. Commentators – people who show interest in your photos should always be thanked and “rewarded”. How? Maybe involving them in your activities as “Iger”, asking them for advice or ideas on the next shots to be made, and so on.

Some people, those who seem to be better at using your smartphone camera, might even invite them to make “guest posts”, that is, to post exclusive photos on your account (of course returning the favor if necessary). Followers of Instagram stars – you will hardly be able to interact seriously with Instagram stars, who are often starring in the “real world”.

However you can get noticed by their followers and interact with them, through comments, trying to promote your account. Igers with interests similar to yours – look for Instagram users who seem to have the same interests as you (e.g. the same favorite subjects, love for a particular country, passion for technology, etc.) and interact with them.

With the passing of time, it could build a real friendship able to lead to spontaneous mutual publicity (maybe with the guest posts I mentioned before) and you could find new interesting ideas for your Instagrammer business.

More and more companies are using Instagram to launch contests, that is, contests in which users of the social network can participate to win prizes of various kinds.

How to grow your Instagram following: growing followers time after time on Instagram

If you manage a small company’s account and want to quickly increase its popularity on Instagram, try to call a contest and invite users to participate. The best contests are those that actively involve the public, so don’t just ask for a like or a share of your post.

Instead, ask your followers to take photos related to a common theme, post them on Instagram and use a hashtag you choose. By doing so you will promote your content and allow your followers to express themselves creatively. If you are a simple user, you could participate in the contests that you think most interesting and someone will definitely notice your shots.

Many brands, but also many common users, buy followers on Instagram using the many services that now offer this type of service. As tempting as it may seem, it is actually an incorrect practice to increase Instagram followers, of course, and personally, I do not recommend it.

But in the workplace – for example, to make a new project look more trustworthy – it can be considered (more than anything to compete on equal terms with the competition). The important thing, also, in this case, is to turn to reliable services (just do a search on Google to find comments and opinions on it) and keep a certain caution.

(Not) buy followers and likes, but get them with patience and interest

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As tempting as it may seem, it is actually an incorrect practice to increase Instagram followers, of course, and personally, I do not recommend it. But in the workplace – for example, to make a new project look more trustworthy – it can be considered (more than anything to compete on equal terms with the competition).

The important thing, also, in this case, is to turn to reliable services (just do a search on Google to find comments and opinions on it) and keep a certain caution. On the other hand, to end up in the Instagram section dedicated to the most popular shots and movies you need to have a good number of followers and post photos that can reach a number equal to or greater than that of their followers.

And if mathematics is not an opinion, buying too many followers means you can no longer end up in the aforementioned section of the social network (unless you buy mountains of likes, even those strictly fake).

How to grow Instagram followers: why get grow followers on Instagram?

The motivations can be different, some simply like to be popular on this social media, others use it for marketing purposes and promote their brand, others to earn money.

The most efficient methods ever to increase followers on Instagram. We will start from the most obvious and trivial to the least known but extremely effective. If your intentions are to become really popular on this social media I advise you not to neglect any one aspect.

This technique may seem obvious to you but it is crucial to be successful on Instagram. Always remember that the goal is not only to get followers but also to make them continue to interact with you over time.

For this reason, it always tries to post quality content that might really interest the user. My advice is to use more or less the same filter in order to create an identity as if that effect were identification of you or your brand.

Obviously, this always if your goal is to become really popular, otherwise you are free to post what you want and use this tool for pure leisure. Link Instagram to Facebook. This is the first thing we’ll do once we’re registered.

About 30% of Facebook users have an Instagram account and many of your friends will have no trouble following you here. This is a key point for the Instagram algorithm. Like, comments and follow: putting several likes or better still commenting on the photos of other users, most likely part of these will reciprocate with a follow or a like.

It may sound absurd, but trust me, it is. Even better if you decide directly to follow that person. Simply put, try to be active within the platform. Follow and comment mainly known characters and in line with your profile or recently registered users, usually are much more likely to follow you accordingly.

Last Tips: growing followers on Instagram

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Not everyone knows, but posting at certain times increases engagement and not by little. Choose the right times, which are usually after 5 pm (especially on Monday) and Sunday. In addition, it statistically shows that posting every 3/4 hours greatly increases the organic reach of each post.

For example, you could schedule your profile to post something in the morning, after lunch, after 5:00, and finally in the evening, but you could very well post only once or twice, don’t feel obligated to post all the time, try to keep the quality of your profile always high.

Personally to further increase the quality and success of your profile I recommend that you never post more than 3 photos per day and always add a description under each photo. Try to add the hashtag #firststop, in the search bar and follow as many people as possible.

It is statistically proven that newly enrolled people are more likely to reciprocate the following. Plus, if you use this hashtag, you might get follow-ups from people who use the same technique. 8. Give your profile and identity. This point is crucial. If you are going to be serious and think long-term, treat your profile as if it were a real company.

Unless you’re already a famous character, no one will care what you’re doing in real-time, which is why you can’t afford the luxury of posting random photos while minding your own business.

For example, if you want to try to fit into the travel industry, mainly post interesting photos around the world, if instead, you want to position yourself as a model/ or clothing, post photos of yourself with different clothes that fit you and so on.

To give a further identity to the profile, as mentioned above, I advise you to always use the same filter, so that it becomes almost an identifier of your style.

Now you learned how to grow Instagram followers organically and how to grow a following on Instagram. Let’s see our tips on blog.

How to grow Instagram followers
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How to grow Instagram followers
How to grow Instagram followers: how to grow your Instagram following, how to grow a following on Instagram and how to grow Instagram followers organically.
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