How to link Instagram to Facebook


You have decided to open your profile on the famous photographic social network and share your shots with other users of Facebook. Now, you’d like to be able to automatically post photos, stories, and videos shared on your Instagram account also on Facebook. But how to link Instagram to Facebook?

Unfortunately, however, all your attempts to connect the two accounts have not given the outcome hoped, and you no longer know where to hit your head. Isn’t it? Then relax, and let me explain to you how to succeed. I can show you how to connect Instagram to Facebook, and share posts on your personal profile.

Besides, I will show you the procedure to connect the Instagram account of your activity to the related Facebook page moving to a corporate Instagram account, and I’ll show you the procedure to set automatic sharing of stories and posts from Instagram to Facebook.

Then don’t waste any more time and learn more about it now! Carefully read the following paragraphs, and find the most suitable connection solution for your needs. I have no choice but to wish you good reading and have fun!

Connecting Instagram to Facebook is a procedure that takes a few minutes, and which allows, subsequently, to set the automatic sharing of Instagram posts on your Facebook profile. To connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook account, launch the application of the photographic social network by pressing on its icon present on the home screen of your device and, tap the little man in the downside menu.

How to link Facebook to Instagram

Now, if you have an Android device, press on the three vertical dots icon located at the top right to access your account Options, while if you have an iPhone tap on the gear wheel icon. Then scroll down to the screen, locate the Privacy and Security section, and select the Linked Accounts item, then tap on the Facebook option.

On the new open page, press the Continue button and choose whether to connect to Facebook by logging in via the social network application or, by manually entering your Facebook account details. On the new open page, press the Continue button and choose whether to connect to Facebook by logging in via the social network application or, by manually entering your Facebook account details.

In the first case, tap on the Sign-in button with the Facebook app, tap on the Open voice and press the Continue button to confirm access and complete the link. If, however, you prefer to enter your account access data manually or, if the account you want to link is different from the one used with the Facebook application, press the Login button with the phone or e-mail number, enter your login details in the Facebook e-mail address or phone and password fields, and tap on the Login and Continue buttons.

Once the link is completed, you can set the automatic sharing of your Instagram posts on Facebook. Access, then, to your profile pressing on the icon of the little man in the button right, to access your Account Options, select the Linked Accounts, and move the stick next to the item Share your Facebook posts from Off to On.

Link automatically Instagram Stories with Facebook accounts

If you want to automatically share Instagram Stories, move the stick next to the Share your story on Facebook option from Off to On.

You should know that by not activating automatic post sharing, you can decide whether or not to publish your photos, your posts, and your stories on Facebook during publication: after choosing the photo or video to share, applying the effects and inserting the caption, move the stick next to the Facebook entry from Off to On, and tap on the Share option to post the post both on Instagram and on your Facebook profile.

If you’re reading this post for information and don’t have an Instagram account yet, you need to know that you can connect the two social networks even when creating a new Instagram profile.

In fact, upon registration, after entering your data in the fields Phone number or e-mail address, name and surname and Password and confirming your age of majority, you can press the Connect to Facebook button to connect the two social networks and find your Facebook friends to follow on Instagram.

If your intent is to link Instagram to a Facebook page you manage, you should know that you can only do this if you are an administrator of the Facebook page in question.

First, then, launch the Facebook app and sign in to your account to make sure you’re an admin of the page. press on the icon of the three horizontal dots in the menu below, and tap on the name of your page, then tap on the three dots icon at the top.

How to link Facebook to Instagram on computer

Select Edit Settings and tap on Page Roles option: if under your name appears the role Administrator, it means that you can proceed with linking the page to your Instagram profile. Now, launch the Instagram application, and if you have not yet done so, log in with your login credentials.

Press, then, on the icon of the man in the menu below to view your profile, access the Options by pressing the three horizontal dots icon on Android, and the gear wheel icon on iOS, and tap on the Linked Accounts entry. Then tap on your Facebook voice and tap on the Continue button to connect Instagram to your personal Facebook profile, as described in the preceding paragraphs.

As soon as your name appears next to Facebook, press on it and tap on the Facebook Profile item next to the Share on option, then place the checkmark next to the page you want to link to Instagram and you’re done. You should know that if you have an account of your activity and you want to associate it or its Facebook page, you can also proceed differently.

In fact, by setting a company profile on Instagram you can immediately associate your Facebook page with your Instagram profile. To set your company profile on Instagram, log in to your profile by pressing on the little man icon in the menu below, tap on the three vertical dots icon, and tap on the Switch to a company profile in the Account section.

How to unlinked Instagram from Facebook

Now tap on the Continue button for four consecutive times and press on the Choose Page, then tick next to the page to link to Instagram, tap on the Next button, enter your contact details in the e-mail, phone, and address fields, and press on the End item.

To disconnect Instagram from Facebook, whether you have linked your personal profile or a Facebook page you manage, all you have to do is repeat “backwards” the directions given in the previous paragraphs to connect the two accounts. After signing into your Instagram account, tap on the little man icon at the button right to access your profile, press on the three dots icon if you have Android or on the gear wheel icon if you have iPhone, and select the Linked Accounts item.

Tap, then, on the Facebook entry, tap on the Disconnect account option, and press on the Yes button, I confirm to confirm your intention and disconnect Instagram from Facebook. This article shows how to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts using the Instagram app for iPhone and Android.

Once you connect the two profiles, you can follow your friends on Facebook on Instagram, and post directly to both apps using the Instagram app. Although you can dual-post pictures and videos from Instagram on your Facebook account, you can’t post directly from Facebook on Instagram.

How to link Instagram to Facebook accounts

Launch the Instagram app. If you have not yet signed in to your Instagram profile from your mobile device, you must now, so you can access their configuration settings. Tap the icon to access your profile. It features a stylized human silhouette positioned in the lower right corner of the screen.

You will be directed to the configuration page of your Instagram account. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the page. This will display the menu “Options”. Tap “Linked accounts”. This option is located within the “Settings” section. Select the “Facebook” option. Enter the e-mail address linked to your Facebook profile together with the password.

In this way, you will log in to your Facebook account via Instagram. You may first be asked if you want to sign in with the Facebook app or if you want to do it using your phone number and e-mail. If you choose to do so via the app, tap “Open” when you’re prompted to launch the Facebook app.If you choose to do so via the app, tap “Open” when you’re prompted to launch the Facebook app. Choose who can see your Instagram posts on Facebook.

Tap the drop-down menu and select one of the following privacy options: public, friends, just me etc. Tap on OK. If you’re prompted to open Instagram, tap on Open to launch the application. Check the publication options. By pressing the Ok button on the displayed page, you can enable the automatic and simultaneous publication of Instagram posts on the linked Facebook page.

If you do not want to activate this feature, press the Not now button; this will redirect you to the Options menu on Instagram. You can change this option every time you want by accessing the Facebook tap in the Linked accounts menu. If you want, you can disconnect your Instagram account from your Facebook account at any time by logging in to the Linked Accounts menu, and pressing its Disconnect button.

Tap the Profile button. On Instagram is the icon depicting a human silhouette in the lower right corner of the screen; tapping it will direct you to your Instagram account. Access the Options menu again. You must press the icon characterized by a gear or three gear aligned vertically positioned in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap See Facebook Friends.It should be placed immediately under the section Follow people.

Press the Ok button placed on the permission pop- up window. This is a simple notification that reminds you that you have already authorized Facebook to access your Instagram account. Check the results obtained. At the top of the new page, you should see a phrase similar to “numbers” friends on Instagram.

Press the + Follow button next to all your Facebook friends that you also want to follow on Instagram.

Facebook friends connected with Instagram account

In this way, all nonprivate accounts will be followed automatically, while for private ones a friend request will be submitted. Alternatively, you can press the + Follow all button placed at the top of the screen next to the number of identified Facebook friends. That way you’ll follow them all.

To be able to publish content simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have to upload it to the platform or take a photo or record a video. Tap the + icon on the downside of the screen. This will display the loading screen from which you can upload to Instagram content already present on the device, or choose to create a new one. Choose or create something to publish, then tap on the Next button.

Tap on a photo or video to post it to the Library/Gallery tab or take a photo or video by tapping on the relative cards. You can browse your entire roll or gallery within Instagram. Apply any filter or effect, then tap on Next. It’s at the top of the screen on the right.

Tap the switch next to Facebook to put it on On or click the Facebook button so it turns blue. On the iPhone it is located under the Add location section; on Android, it is under the Share option.

Be sure to add the title or location before proceeding. Press the Share button in the upper right corner of the screen. In this way, the newly created post will be published automatically and simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook. Then why are you still here to reading me? I’ll wait for you next time.

How to link Instagram to Facebook
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