How to make a Reel on Instagram

How to make a Reel on Instagram 1

You’ve heard of Reels: an Instagram feature, introduced in Italy in August 2020, which offers very interesting possibilities to the way you can create, edit and publish videos on the well-known photographic social network, through the addition of music, real-time filters, and effects. Let’s see how to make a Reel on Instagram, how to make a reels on Instagram and how to make a highlight reel on Instagram.

Before I explain how Instagram Reels works, I need to give you some preliminary information about this Instagram feature, which you obviously don’t know very well. Accessible through a special section of the Story Editor, the Reels are short vertical videos lasting up to 30 seconds, which can be composed of multiple sequences.

The peculiarity of these films is certainly the ability to apply filters, writings, and music in real-time, thanks to a more professional video editing tool, which reminds that of the Tiktok app (from which Reels of Instagram takes strong inspiration).

In addition, unlike Stories, Instagram Reels can be published in the appropriate section of the social network visible on their profile, but also shared in the Feed ( the section that before the introduction of these content was dedicated exclusively to posts) and in the Stories.

That said, if you’re interested in exploring the topic and find out in detail how to do Instagram Reels via the official Instagram app for Android (downloadable for free from the Play Store or alternative stores) and iOS (downloadable for free from the App Store), continue reading this post of today: you will find explained everything below.

The function should not be activated in any way, as it is provided automatically by Instagram on the server-side.

How to make a Reel on Instagram and how Instagram Reels works

How to make a Reel on Instagram 2

Then starts the Instagram app on your smartphone, pressing on its icon located on the home screen and/or in the drawer of the device. Then, if necessary, log in to your account. Now, tap on the camera icon located in the upper left corner of the Instagram Home screen (the house icon) and tap on the Reel entry located at the downside.

At this point, press on the musical note icon, so you can choose the piece of music to use as background music and select the part you want to use for the movie. To confirm your choice, press the Finish button located at the top.

Once this is done, press the media playback symbol to change the clip’s recording speed to slow it down or speed it up.

Also, if you want to apply effects to the movie, press the emoticon and choose the filter you prefer the most from the available ones.

Finally, press the stopwatch icon to set the duration of the clip (minimum 1 second and maximum 30 seconds). After customizing all the settings, press on the “ciak” symbol located in the center to start recording the video. To stop recording, tap the recording button again.

The other tools you can use to create videos are the camera icon, which allows you to switch from the front to the rear camera, and the icon of the two squares (called Align), which allows seeing in transparency the last second of the video just recorded so that you can resume the recording exactly from the point where it was interrupted.

Reel on Instagram: a new feature of Instagram. How to create it

how to make a highlight reel on instagram 5

If instead of recording a video at the moment you want to merge several existing movies, press the media gallery icon located in the downside left corner of the screen and choose the content to post.

In case you made any mistakes, you can go back and delete the last recorded clip: to do so, press the arrow icon to the left, so you can view the most recently recorded video and delete it by tapping on the trash can icon.

On this screen, you can also see the other previously recorded clips by pressing the red bar at the top.

At the time of writing, however, you can only delete the last recorded video. In case of errors at the beginning of the video, then, you will have to redo everything from scratch (by pressing on the X icon located in the upper left corner of the Reels editor and then confirming the deletion of the movie, via the Delete button).

If you are satisfied with the video, press the arrow icon to the right, so you can preview the final result. From this same section, you can add stickers and lettering to the video ((using, respectively, the icon of the square face and the symbol Aa).

How to make a reels on Instagram: how to post videos on Instagram Reels

After creating a video on Instagram Reels, do you wonder how to publish it in posts and stories? In that case, you’ll be happy to know that performing this operation is very simple. After previewing your movie, all you have to do is press the arrow icon to the right, so you can access the tab named Share, through which you can customize the options related to movie sharing.

For example, you can use the text field Write a caption to customize the description of the video; you can move the stick in correspondence to the wording Share also in the Feed on ON, to make sure that the movie is shared in the Reels section and/or in the Feed of the social network.

Also you can customize the cover of the video, choosing a custom frame or adding an image from the film.

If you want to post your movie later, press the Save as Draft button. The movie will be saved in draft and will be visible only to you on your profile, in correspondence of the section Reels (the symbol of the “ciak”): section in which you can also see all the Reels already published.

The movie located in the drafts can be modified at any time: to do so, press on the same and then on the Edit button, so you can use again all the tools of Instagram Reels I mentioned in the previous chapter (accessible by pressing on the camera icon located in the upper left corner).

Have you finished all the changes of the case and are you finally willing to publish your Reels on Instagram? To do this, all you have to do is press the Share button.

How to Remix Reel: enjoy on Instagram app

To publish the content in question also in the Stories, tap on the caption of the same name located at the top and click on the button Share placed at the caption Your Story. After posting a video in Instagram Reels you can enable the Remix feature, through which you can allow other users of the social network to create a new Reel based on the one you created.

Therefore, to achieve this, all you have to do is locate the movie you published and first press on the icon (…) and then on the item Enable editing, so it allows the creation of a remix of the video.

This possibility, however, can be disabled at any time by pressing the Disable editing button. After that, those who see your video can create a Remix by pressing on the icon (…) and then button Create a Remix.

In case you find, in the Explore section of Instagram, a Reel of your interest, you can also make a Remix, in case, this feature has been previously enabled by the owner of the movie in question.

In this specific case, to make a Remix, press on the icon (…) in correspondence with the movie you have identified and then tap on the button Create a Remix.

How to make a highlight reel on Instagram

how to make a highlight reel on instagram 4

Open the Stories feature by tapping the camera icon at the top left of the home screen. Launched the camera in the bottom menu in the center you will see several choices: Stories (default startup), Live (swiping left), and Reel (swiping right).

Already here Instagram gives us two interesting notions: our original audio could be used by other Creators, the content could end up in the Explore section, so not only on the feed of those who follow us. Tapping on Start here are all the features of Reel that appear.

Like on Tiktok, the app gives us the opportunity to edit videos already in memory. To do this, tap on the bottom left where the preview of your gallery and the icon “+ “. You can upload or record multiple videos to create the next edit.

After uploading the first video, a new function will appear between the icons on the left: align that allows you to make more homogeneous the videos made. How to proceed: record the first video of a few seconds, pausing change pose, record again and so on for up to 15 seconds.

After recording and saving the video you can add stickers (such as Gifs), an inscription, or a draw over the video. The functions are still embryonic compared to Tik Tok but the developments are promising.

At the moment many upload the same video edited by Tik Tok on Reel to verify its scope but if this feature will become popular will be thanks to the moves of Instagram in bringing the Creators to the platform.

The future of the Reels on Instagram

Reels, the video platform inside the app that Mima the style of Tiktok. Compared to other Instagram features such as Stories, Igtv, and posts, Reels have their own style and rules. Editing, compared to stories, for example, is more sophisticated: realism, on the one hand, special effects on the other.

And very much count the filters, cross, and delight of all Instagrammers. The good news is that making Reel is not difficult at all once she’s got her hands full.

From the homepage of our profile, just click on the symbol at the top left. The menu that opens will ask us what we want to do between posts, history, history highlights Igtv or Reels. By clicking on Reels, the smartphone camera is automatically activated.

Watch out for the 5 icons left on the screen: they are all we need to make a reel. By clicking on duration, we decide if our video will be 15 or 30 seconds. On audio, we can select from the Instagram library the song that will be the soundtrack.

The third icon, speed, allows us to speed up or slow down the speed of the video. We can edit it for the whole video or just for some clips. The icon with the smiley face of effects is instead the gateway to special effects to add to our movie.

Last Tips

how to make a reels on instagram 3

There are lots of effects to use and we can browse them one away from the other, next to the icon of the record button (at the bottom of the center). Then there’s the timer: activating it will give us time to get into position for the video, hands-free.

Finally, align: once you shoot a clip, clicking on this icon, we will see the last frame on the screen so that it can coincide with the first frame of the new clip and create a kind of continuum between two shots taken at different times.

We choose whether to record one clip or more, using different effects for each clip. We can also dig up an old video from the smartphone gallery and put it in the reel. But be careful: the time available is always that (15 or 30 seconds), does not increase depending on the number of clips. Once we shoot a clip, if the result satisfies us, we move on to the next one.

Otherwise, Instagram allows us to make cuts or delete them. When the video is ready there is then the option to add stickers, hashtags, and texts, just like in stories. Our reel is now ready for sharing in Explore, the great Instagram wall where even those who do not know us will see it. The reels are offered to social users based on their interests.

The trick here is to use the right hashtag. Instagram favors the most “funny, creative, and funny” videos. We can also choose to share it in the feed, to show it to our followers. But if we want our video to be seen, we have to share it everywhere.

“Even in the feed and in the stories,” it could be a good trick to have more visualization. If you have no idea what reel to reel in, the Instagram staff some time ago released some technical tips, such as: “Make sure the light source is behind the camera and record the video with natural light if possible”.

Or “Use colors to define the atmosphere of your videos, making them unique and unmistakable. Lighting effects can also be useful to highlight different moods in each clip”.