How to post a story on Instagram

How to post a story on Instagram

In this article, you will learn many functions such as how to post a photo on Instagram, how to post a story on Instagram from gallery, how to post a story on Instagram with a link, how to post a story video on Instagram, how to add clickable links to Instagram stories and many other interesting features.

Instagram is on everyone’s lips. The famous social network has literally conquered many web users of all ages. It is a photographic social network owned by Facebook, thanks to which it is possible to take photos and short videos.

One of the features that users love about this social network is the possibility of applying extraordinary and varied vintage effects to photos and videos. These modified shots can be shared on Instagram, but also on the user’s other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, so that they can be seen and commented on by a multitude of friends and followers.

If you are new on Instagram, you may have some doubts about its many functions, which are periodically updated and expanded. If you are wondering how to post a story on Instagram, you are in the right place at the right time.

In this article, I will explain in detail how to use the main features of this social network. If you are eager to learn more, keep your smartphone handy or sit comfortably in front of your computer.

How to post a photo on Instagram

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Before to learn how to post a story on Instagram from gallery, let us start this guide on how to post on Instagram by looking at how to share photos and videos in the Feed, which is the section dedicated to the permanent publication of multimedia content on the famous photographic social network (the one you see when you access the main page and any profile).

This is one of the most popular Instagram functions. Anyone who has Instagram knows that, to post a photo or video, they must tap the ‘plus’ symbol in the bottom centre and then choose whether to take a photo, post a photo from the gallery or library or take a video.

Choosing to take a photo activates the camera and you can take your shot by clicking on the circle at the bottom.

You can choose between the back camera and the front camera and you can use all the other functions provided by your smartphone’s camera such as flash or filters.

To post a photo on Instagram, you can use the social network’s official app for Android and iPhone.

So, after logging into your Instagram account, click on the (+) button in the bottom menu and take a photo or record a video, using the Photos and Videos sections of the social network.

How to post a story on Instagram from gallery

If you want to know how to post a story on Instagram from gallery, click on the Library tab to select it.

Then tap on the Next button and press it even after editing the photo (Edit). Finally, write a caption and press the Share button to publish the post to your Instagram Feed.

Instagram also allows multiple photos to be published simultaneously in the feed by creating an album containing up to ten items.

Many Instagram stories are particularly complex, with many photos and videos uploaded in sequence. To upload multiple photos to stories, simply open the stories section of Instagram, go into the Gallery on your phone, tap the Select More option in the top right-hand corner and choose the photos to use.

The order is the one in which the photos are chosen, so care must be taken at this stage, for a maximum limit of 10 photos in the same operation.

How to post a story video on Instagram

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The steps on how to post a story video on Instagram are the same as for posting photos. In fact, the tool for creating posts in the Instagram feed, available in the social network’s app for Android and iOS, allows you to select videos from your device’s memory (Library) or record them on the spot (Video).

In this section, we will focus on how to post a story video on Instagram on the spot and from your device’s memory.

To start a live video, you need to tap on your profile picture, in the stories section of the app’s main screen, or the camera in the top left corner.

On the camera screen then, at the bottom, choose Live. You will simply tap Start a live video to start streaming on Instagram.

Your followers will be notified that a live video of you has started. The maximum length of a live video is one hour. If you want to upload a video to your Instagram story using footage that is already on your smartphone (or tablet) memory, the procedure you need to follow only takes a few moments.

First, launch Instagram for Android or iOS and sign in with your account. Then, on the main screen of the app, click on the icon with the camera, located in the upper left, to access the section for the creation of Stories.

Now click on the thumbnail in the bottom left corner to access the media gallery on your smartphone or tablet. Then select a video from the list to automatically add it to the Stories editing section. Then use the icons in the top section to decorate the video with captions or stickers and press the Your Story icon to publish the Story.

It was easy, wasn’t it? If you followed the steps above, you will have learn to how to post a story video on Instagram correctly.

How to post a story on Instagram with a link

Are you wondering how to post a story on Instagram with a link? In this section, you will discover how to post a story on Instagram with a link and find ways to include Instagram stories with clickable links in your marketing strategy.

Let us start by clarifying who can use clickable links in Instagram stories.

Like many marketing features on Instagram, clickable links in stories were first implemented in verified accounts. In May 2017, however, Instagram began expanding this feature for other marketers on the platform.

Clickable links in stories are now also available for business profiles (not personal profiles) that have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

There does not appear to be any geographical limitations to clickable story links, and as the feature gains popularity and usage, we can hope that Instagram will decide to expand this feature to even more users.

Adding a link to your Instagram story is easy to do, just a few quick steps! Let us see what they are.

How to add clickable links to Instagram stories

If you want to add clickable links to your Instagram stories, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start your own story on Instagram: you can take a photo or video directly in the Instagram Stories app or swipe up in the Story screen to import any image taken in the last 24 hours.
  2. Add link URL: to add your link, click the chain link icon at the top of your story. The chain link icon will appear at the top of your Story page to add a clickable URL. A new window will appear on your screen, allowing you to enter your preferred link destination. Type in the full URL address and tap the green checkmark (on Android) or “Done” (on iOS) to save the link.

The URL page will allow you to type in the link for any web page you wish to send your audience to.

Instagram Story analytics does not track URL clicks, so to measure traffic and conversions, we recommend using a link that you can track separately. We recommend using a link shortener such as or to create a shortened URL with which to track metrics.

Once you have successfully linked a URL to your story, the chain link icon will appear highlighted to indicate that your story has a link. Continue editing your story…

Add more content, including text, stickers and filters to your story, then upload it to your profile as you would any other story.

How your followers can see your stories with a link

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Since adding links to stories is currently the only way to add a specific link to any single post on Instagram, marketers may become overzealous and add too many links too often.

Depending on the number of posts in your full story, you may want to include one or two posts with clickable links to the entire collection of stories. If your story has six to eight posts, you could include the link in two of those posts.

Here are some creative ways to add links to your stories and benefit your viewers

  1. Drive traffic to your blog posts: if you incorporate a blog into your marketing strategy, you know the value of sharing that new blog post in as many places as possible. With links on Instagram Stories, not only can you alert people to the fact that you have a new blog post, but you can include a link directly to that post.
  2. Complete your tutorial or DIY Stories: if you are using Instagram Stories to share tutorials or DIY tips with your audience, you may want to include a link to your website, with full instructions, at the end of the story. For example, if you are sharing a recipe with your audience, the first post might be the finished dish, the next couple of posts might show scenes from the preparation process, and the final post of the story might show the plated dish with a call to action to scroll up to get the full recipe from your website.
  3. Unveil exclusive content: A creative way to use story URLs is to tease your audience. This tactic also works well for revealing exclusive information, giving a sneak peek at new products or projects.
  4. Promote your products: Obviously, if you have a product or service to promote, you will want to share it with your Instagram stories. Like most social media tactics, this is perfectly acceptable if used in moderation. Not all stories should be used to promote a product or service.

If you choose to use clickable links in stories to promote your products, you should also use links for some of the other tactics listed here. This ensures that your audience does not assume that you are selling to them every time they see a link in your story.

How to add music to your Instagram story

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One of the customizations most appreciated by users which make the story more exciting is to add music to the Instagram story, enriching the photos or videos uploaded.

For example, you can use the Music Label feature, which allows you to take snippets of music, made available directly from the photo-sharing social network, a service only available in some countries, including Italy, and on some smartphones and iPhones.

To add music to stories, simply tap on the sticker icon in the top right-hand corner, select the Music option and choose the song to be added, using between 5 and 15 seconds of the song.

An alternative method is to record a video, leaving a Spotify song playing for example, which will then be inserted into the Instagram story, loaded as if it were the normal audio of a simple video.

How to save an Instagram story

Since recently, Instagram allows you to save stories by uploading them to the archive section, which will remain in the phone’s memory.

To activate this automatic mode, you need to open the story, tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner, save a photo or video, choose a single item or the whole story, and save it in the archive. This section can be consulted at any time, or it is possible to enter and permanently remove a story, by means of the Delete option and confirm.

How to post a story on Instagram
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