How to post on Instagram from Mac


How to post on Instagram from Mac? If posting on Instagram gives your life a purpose, if you love taking pictures of what you do and writing about what you feel, if you thrive with sharing your experiences with as many people as possible, then you will have realized by now that that little phone in your hand is, well, handy but also very limited! Photos are smaller and writing your pics descriptions is hard on that little touch keypad!

Isn’t it better to use a laptop instead? That is why you landed here on this site, right? To learn how to post on Instagram from Mac, or from any notebook you own! Now, sadly, Instagram does offer a whole lot of features for users, it still fails to provide a proper way to post pictures and videos right from your desktop. You can use your browser to browse (ha ha) images, or like people’s posts, or even comment them.

But posting? Posting seems to be off limits. But is it really? Worry not! It is possible indeed! My job today is to show you how to do this, how to post on Instagram from Mac or PC, and especially how to post photos and videos on Instagram from Mac or Pc.

So, how does it work? How to post on Instragram from Mac or PC? I am going to give you five ways to do so, five methods to achieve your goal to post content on Instragram from Mac or PC. Read here and you will see!

How to post on Instagram from Mac


Apple has really taken over our lives, hasn’t it? Everywhere you go you can see someone holding an I-phone or typing on a Mac Book or using Bluetooth Air Pods, the ones I can never keep in my ears. A long way since its first appearance to the public, right? And did you know that we started calling it the shortened version, which is “Mac”, only after 1998? I am guessing that Macintosh does not ring any bell anymore.

The original Macintosh is the first successful mass-market personal computer to have featured a graphical user interface, built-in screen, and mouse. Apple sold the Macintosh alongside its popular Apple II family of computers for almost ten years until the latter was discontinued in 1993. But what am I, Wikipedia? Surely I am not! You surely do not need to know the history of that shiny device you’re holding in your palm right now.

Or you can go google it on your own, and maybe even post a story about you talking about this to your followers! Either way, you do not need me to go all Wikipedia when all you want to know is how to post on Instagram from Mac, or how to post on Instagram from PC. This guide will, hopefully, provide you with every answer to any doubt! I promise you, you’ll close this article knowing all the ways you can upload photos, videos and generally use your Instagram right from your PC. After all, it is more comfortable.

How to post on Instagram from Mac Chrome



Let’s start. Follow these simple steps and you’ll see that’s easy! The first thing I want you to do is log on Instagram from your Mac. Once you’re logged in you should be able to see your feed. Now, right-click anywhere on the screen and select “Inspect” from the menu that opens.

This step opens the coding on the right side. Totally ignore it, you won’t need it. You won’t need to become a programmer or a hacker to post on Instagram from Mac! Look at the bar. The second symbol, “toggle device toolbar”, should be highlighted. If it’s highlighted in blue know that now you’re seeing your feed the same way you would on your phone. A small grey circle mimics the finger that moves on your screen.

Click on the top right of the screen and then down you should be able to see a “plus” symbol. Clicking on this plus symbol you can upload the content that you like! Now you know a first way to post on Instagram from Mac! Of course, you’ll see that this method is kind of limited. You won’t be able to put filters or crop your pictures.

If you need your pictures to be edited you’ll have to do so before you post them! Sadly, this won’t answer your question on how to post videos on Instagram from Mac. You can only post photos. Otherwise, everything is pretty much the same! You can still put a caption, tag people and locations.

How to post on Instagram from Mac Chrome, but also from PC

Keep following me in this guide on how to post on Instagram from Mac or PC. While the previous method only worked for Safari users, this one will work for whoever uses the Google Chrome browser. What I want you to do is going searching for “Direct Message” on Chrome.

You’ll see that the first thing to pop will be a link called “Direct Message for Instagram”. This is an extension that you’re going to add. Click on add to Chrome. After it’s done, you’ll see on the right end of the toolbar a purple arrow. Congrats! Direct Message for Instagram has been added to your browser!

If you click on the small arrow all your messages from Instagram will open and you’ll be able to access them directly from your PC or Mac, which is so comfortable! Now, with this you’ll be able to type and chat with your friends, send them pictures, see their stories.

And (because I know that’s what you wanna know) if you click on “go back”, your Instagram feed will show up just like it would happen on your phone! From this, the procedure is identical to the previous method: click on the “plus” button, upload your photos and share them!

The limitations of the previous methods persist here as well, but now you have a second answer on how to post on Instagram from PC! Oh, wanna know another thing? You can post stories like this! Only pictures and no filters, but still!

How to post on Instagram from Mac or PC, but with more features



If you’ve come all this way in this guide you’ll have learned by now how to post on Instagram from Mac, and I’ve also told you how to post on Instagram from Chrome. I understand that this is not enough. The previous methods are, well, simple but very limited. This one I’m going to show it’s not that different, but keep your attention for you might miss some important advice! Now, let’s go back to our guide.

As I said already, this method is simple. What you need to do is open your preferred browser and search “”. Press download and choose whether you’ll need it for Windows or Mac OS. Once you’ve opened it, log on Instagram and you will see your Instagram feed just like your phone.

You can message people, like their photos, comment on their posts… And if you click on the small “plus” button on the bottom of the screen you’ll be able to upload photos and put filters on them. I know, shocking! So, this method is by far the easiest and coolest. Still limited, but at least it gives you extra features without extra effort!

How to post videos on Instagram from Mac

I’m sure you’re wondering why keeping the guide going. These three methods are pretty much comprehensive for every demand, right? No! I still haven’t told you how to post videos on Instagram from Mac. Yes, you’ve learned how to post on Instagram from Mac, but social media platform rely so much on short videos, why denying us the pleasure of sharing them?

Follow every step carefully and you’ll learn how to fully use Instagram from your laptop. To do so, go to Create an account and then add a payment method. No, it’s not a scam. You can choose the free plan for 0$. Once you’ve done everything, on the left menu you’ll see Instagram.

Click on it and then click on post. You can now upload, deciding whether to upload directly from DropBox, Google Drive or your computer. Choose any image you want, write your caption and post. Do you want to know another great thing about this? You can schedule posts! So if you don’t want to remind yourself of posting every day, just schedule a dozen of pictures or videos so you’ll be covered for a couple of weeks!

Click on “Schedule”, choose the times and dates for your posts and everything will post automatically. You can also post stories! Now, remember when I told you it wasn’t a scam? If you choose the free plan, you can only upload 2mb of content! The same goes for videos and photos! But it still works pretty well, right?

How to post multiple photos on Instagram from Mac



I bet you still have a few doubts. Yes, the methods I’ve shown you tell you just how to post on Instagram from Mac, or how to post on Instagram from PC, but there is little fun. No personalization, many limitations. And, well, can you post more than just one photo with the steps I have told you about?

Well, no. Or at least not easily. And we know that social media are all about the right here and right now, who needs complicated solutions? You are so right, no one does. And if you want to post multiple photos on Instagram from your Mac or your laptop you should be able to do so with little to no effort! So, my advice is to keep reading, because I have one last advice that might potentially change the way you think about Instagram posting!

In the next paragraph, I am going to show you a premium way to post on Instagram from Mac, a method that will only require a one-time payment of 20 dollars. I know that everyone wants everything for free, but I do think this is an honest price, at least given the features they are offering.

This method will let you organize your posting easily from your Mac, even if you have different accounts! But let’s not anticipate too much. Jump to the next paragraph to see what I’m talking about!

How to post on Instagram from Mac: Flume

I don’t think you still have any doubt on how to post on Instagram from Mac, and in the previous paragraph, I even told you how to post videos from Mac or PC. The method I’m going to show you now is not free. You will have to spend money on it and I recommend doing so if you are someone who is currently working with Instagram. Unfortunately, this is only available for Apple users. There’s still no Windows version of this app.

Go to your preferred browser and search “Flume app”. Download it and log on Instagram. Once you’ve done so, you will see your Instagram feed by scrolling down image per image or choosing to view all the content together. You can comment, and like and view stories.

You can also search for other accounts, check your notifications, your favorites and see the direct messages and chat with your friends! On the bottom left there is a camera button, click on that and upload photos. You can insert any hashtag you want, you can tag people and locations…

And this is also the only one of the five methods I’ve shown you today that lets you post multiple pictures. You can do so by selecting the photos you want to share and then posting them, and now you know how to post multiple photos on Instagram from Mac. Flume App also lets you crop and personalize your photos as you want them! A bit pricey but so comfy!

How to post on Instagram from Mac
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