How to post on instagram


How to post on instagram. Instagram is a social network service that allows users to take photos, apply filters and share them via Internet. Instagram at the beginning presented the peculiarity of the square photo format to which was often added on the upper and lower edges of the imager or on the side, a thick white margin and visual characteristic vaguely reminiscent of the historic paper format Polaroid development instant.

Today Instagram has evolved greatly and allowed its users to make as much personalized as possible.

Ability to take photos with high definition filters to get better photos, ability to support larger photos, possibility to geolocate and tag photos.

You can upload videos up to 60 seconds and GIF Boomerang, direct, that is to send a photo to a user without publishing it or send a message. There are some of Instagram features that make your account personal.

Instagram users create “trends” through hashtags.

The hashtags help users find the most popular and trendy posts in the social world. In addition to the feeds are the stories that create a daily diary of a user on instagram.

Each story can be customized with gif filters, music and geolocated place that make each user unique.

In this article i will try to give small tips and i will make a simple guide on how to use this new social network. Are three points where I will focus.

Let’s start with the basics of using this Instagram application: how to post on instagram from pc? Yes from PC, because instagram is not an exclusive app to phone. How to post a GIF on instagram? How to post a video on instagram? These are three simple daily actions of the instagram World.


How to post on instagram from pc?



Nothing could be simpler. Today Instagram is one of the most used and loved social networks by the web people. Is used by broad age ranges but obviously like all new things it needs practice to be used well.

Finally you signed up on Instagram and want to share your moments of life with other users, but you’re impractical in its use.

This tutorial will help you to have no doubt about how to use the fantastic world of Instagram. Don’t worry I’ll be your guide so you can keep up with your friends. I’ll be ready to clear up any of your doubts and answer any need you want to make you the most sought after of the people of Instagram.

Now take your PC with you and follow me. Let’s start!

If you want to know how to upload photos to Instagram from pc, know that I’m here to explain in detail how to do it. Even if they can be simple passages pays the utmost attention and amused.

Instagram application can be used from pc or smartphone. I will explain the use for both devices.

How to use Instagram from mobile



We start from your smartphone. Download the Instagram application and follow these simple instructions.

You can post on instagram a photo or a video directly from your gallery, or capture live a moment you want to share with the people of the Web.

Let’s go step by step. Let’s start from the first point. How to post on Instagram from your pic’s gallery.

After opening the Instagram application you will find in front of you at the bottom a bar with several icons.

Choose the central icon with the plus sign and click on it, your photo gallery will be automatically opened.

Choose one and have fun posting with all different filters that Instagram proposes before the finale sharing.

Posting a photo or video from your PC is as temple as it is from your smartphone.

Opening the Instagram application, click on the Instagram icon, in order to connect the account related to the social network enter your credentials and click OK.

Click te CREATE POST bottom that you can see located in the upper left corner. Then in the menu that is shown to you press on Instagram feed item. Choosing among the photos in your PC gallery, choose the one you like best.

After that, you just have to have fun adding a caption, or also indicating the place by adding a simple geographical tag: by selecting add place. Remember you need to have your phone tracker on.

How to post a gif on Instagram



Another nice adventure you can do with Instagram is add a gif on your profile or your story. The use of gifs is too much fun because a simple animation can represent your current mood. How? Pay attention for a few minutes i explain it immediately.

Always update instagram to make sure you have no limits in gif sharing on your account.  After opening the application, press on the icon of the home present in the menu below to access the main screen of instagram and tap on your photo in the upper left, under the heading Stories.

Press and hold on the white circle to take a photo or shoot a video, or press on the bottom left square to select a file from your gallery.

If you want to unleash your creativity, swipe left at the bottom of the Story creation screen and select the Text option, then choose the style and color you prefer pressing on the options available at the top or press on the icon of the colored circle at the bottom left.

Now, how to post a gif on instagram click on the smiley icon at the top in the center and select GIF: a World will open. Depending on what you want to post you can choose between the gifs present in the screen or by writing next to the small magnifying glass you can find the gif that you are most interested in.

Now, tap on the inserted Gif, drag it to the part of the Story where you want it to be displayed, zoom in and zoom out with your fingers to zoom in or out and press the Fix button to save changes made. Obviously if the selected gif does not like you can always delete it.

How? Tap on the GIF and drag it to the basket icon at the bottom. After you have finished your creation, press on the option Your Story at the bottom, wait a few moments and the Story with the GIF will be published and visible to your friends.

How to post a video on Instagram

Now I want to explain how to post a video on Instagram. On your Instagram board, press the icon with the plus sign. Now if you want to record a live video, press on the written video that you find in the bottom right, if instead, you want to post a video presentation in your gallery, just look for it among the gallery that will be automatically released after pressing the button with a plus sign.

During a live recording, you can also stop and resume recording later (as many times as you want) by releasing the button and pressing again later. Remember, however, the video cannot have a duration of more than one minute.

Now, regardless of what type of video you want to post, you can play with the Instagram editor. You can then choose a type of filter according to those proposed by the application, you can choose whether to keep the original audio or disable it, just press the symbol of the speaker at the top and finally you can also zoom in or out of the video pressing on the appropriate symbol at the top left.

For a good impression from your contacts you can choose a nice cover for your video. To modify the frame to be used as cover, press on the cover in the bottom right and choose the part you like most, after press on forward that is at the top right.

Now you can safely write your caption, add hashtags indicating the place, always with the geographical indicator and if you prefer you can tag someone just press tag button under the tag place. Finally, press on the words shared on the top right. Done!

Your video will appear in the Instagram feed and can be watched by other users. Remember be creative with the use of hashtags; choose hashtags consistent with your feed and that are always in the top ranking, will help you to have more views and live obviously.

All your videos will also be visible on your profile and can be searched by other users through the appropriate section of the app dedicated to search for posts, the one you can access by pressing on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen of Instagram.

The sharing of videos on instagram can also be done from computers. The available commands are good or bad deployed by your smartphone. Blackmark: the application of Instagram works only with a Windows 10.

All you have to do is put in advance what I have explained to how to post on instagram. 

How to post on Instagram: the direct message



It’s not over here. Instagram also offers the famous direct.

What is it? If you do not want to leave a public comment, Direct use allows you to have a private chat with the users to whom you will forward the post by direct. I’ll explain it to you right now. It’s very simple.

Looking at a feed you like most click n the little airplane that you find at the bottom left of the photo next to the cloud of comments and the heart of like, now, press the plus button that is always at the top right or stop on the words “Send a message” that you find at the bottom of centre and select the users or the users to whom to want to send your direct and private message with video to follow, then press on next.

This way you will send someone the feed you saw and want to share with a friend. If you want to send a video or your photo via direct, on your board Instagram always press the little airplane that you find at the right top.

Choose your file from your gallery and send it to your friends. If you want to share a video or photo at the moment, just hold on the middle white circle record your video or take a picture and send it in the opened chat.

How to post on Instagram with filters

In this case too, you will have the possibility to use filters and have fun as much as possible. Instagram will always give you the chance to make your feed as personal as possible. The use of direct allows you to always use the small airplane at the bottom right to send stories of a users to your follower to which you want to show a story of another user.

Never be afraid that your privacy may be violated. Among the social settings, you will find the option to make your profile private. You will decide your followers with whom to share your life. How? On your Instagram profile you will find three lines on the top right.

Click on it and down you will find the settings, in the privacy section you can choose to transform your profile in private one.

New users don’t be afraid to fell lost in the early days with your Instagram account, try to follow these suggestions that i gave you and with a good and many practice you will be able to be real influencers. I hope I have given you a good help and some more suggestions.

Now, however, after this theory it is time to move on the practice. So stop reading me and go share your world in the magical world of Instagram. I wait for you in the next articles for other suggestions in the social world.

Stay tuned. To be continued!

How to post on Instagram
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How to post on Instagram
How to post on instagram from pc? Yes from PC, because instagram is not an exclusive app to phone. How to post a GIF on instagram? How to post a video on instagram?
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