How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story


In this article, we will see how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story.

Instagram is social that is evolving the most in recent years, it is no coincidence that it is also the most growing and is used by famous people and influencers. It’s an app with a large photo load, everything that passes through that social network is expressed in images. Success has become more important for all levels, from influencers to fewer common users.

The visibility that the interactive photo collection brings is enormous and even more so if you use stories. But you know how to put multiple pictures on an Instagram story?

On Instagram, you can do this by taking advantage of some features that have been specially designed to insert multiple pictures in the same story. If are you looking for a way to post multiple pictures on an Instagram story but don’t know how to do it, there is no problem, this article will help you.

Instagram stories, an introduction


Instagram has this wonderful and useful feature that lets you post personal content for a very limited period of time. Every photo, every video, every thought you wrote will vanish after twenty-four hours. This amazing feature, which was later copied by most social media platforms, was launched in August 2016.

Stories are a very low-effort way to catch your followers’ attention. If you post stories daily on your profile, they will be more motivated to visit and interact with your account, helping your stats hit the highest levels. A great boost for your ego, am I right? Even if you’re not the ambitious type of user, keeping an eye on your most loyal followers is quite fun.

Instagram stories are also a very fun way to get creative. You can add music, or relatable GIFs, or cute stickers. You can also slightly modify and edit the pictures you post (even though Instagram filters are far from satisfying). Creating the perfect story every time you post one is essential to your profile.

This great feature has an issue. Apparently, you can only put one picture for every story! This is less than ideal. But what if I tell you that you can put more than one photo in the same Instagram story? Getting curious? Of course, you are. Keep reading to find out how to do it! I am going to explain how to put multiple pictures on an Instagram story.

How to put multiple pictures on an Instagram story

And telling you the various methods to answer your every need is my duty today. Do you want to learn how to add more than one picture on an Instagram story?

Here is what you have to do, step by step. Make sure to read carefully!

  1. First things first, there is a first method: creating a collage with a tool called “Layout”.
  2. The second method is using a feature called “upload multiple”.
  3. Lastly, there is a simple way, you can just use the “copy and paste” feature.

Follow me through this guide.

First method: layout tool

Open Instagram and go to your stories. There is a list. Slide though it until you find the “Layout” feature. Once you’ve found it, select the “Layout” camera mode.

Down to the left corner, there is a small square with a plus sign. Click on the square with the plus sign in order to add the pictures. You can now choose multiple photos. Once you have completed this step, you can post multiple pictures on one Instagram story.

Second method: multiple upload

Again, open Instagram and go to your stories. On the bottom corner to the left, there is that little square with the plus sign I already told you about. Select it and then click on the “select multiple” button on the right corner, on top.

After you’ve done this, you can select your photos and contents you want to share. Now, you can edit your chosen images by adding quotes or graphic effects and stickers.

You’re ready, which means that you’re ready to post. When you’re finished, click on “Your story”. This action will publish it. With this method, you will be able to post more than a single picture to your Instagram stories. Sad note – the images will appear consequentially.

Third method: copy and past feature


We will do something different now to post multiple pictures on one Instagram story. Open the photo app on your phone. Choose and select the image you want to share and add to Instagram.

Tap on the image, open options and choose “copy photo”. Once you’ve done it, go to your Instagram app and launch it. Go to create a new story. There will be a sticker popping up, saying “add to story”. Tap on it in order to add the image you copied to your story.

If you’re not convinced about this method, as an alternative you can click on the text feature and paste it manually. Do everything I’ve written above in order to add more than one photo to your Instagram story. Now you can post your story with multiple photos.

Would you like to post multiple photos in multiple stories for your followers to view sequentially? In this case, after opening the Instagram app on your smartphone, locate the story you have already made and which is in the Stories section (top), make a long tap on your profile photo and press the Add something button to your story to upload new content to the story itself.

How to put multiple pictures on one Instagram story Android

One of these is Layout from Instagram: it is a completely free solution, thanks to which it is possible to create photo collages to be published also in your own stories.

After installing and starting “Layout from Instagram” on your device, by visiting the relevant section of the Play Store and pressing the “Install” button, scroll through the information sheets that illustrate the operation of the app and then presses the Start button, located in the center of the screen.

Then grant Layout all the permissions necessary to work properly, tap the Gallery tab, located at the bottom left, and select the pictures you intend to publish in the same Instagram story.

At this point, choose the composition you prefer: change size by dragging one of the blue bars to the desired point, which are used to enlarge or reduce the area available for the selected photo.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, however, you can replace the selected image with another (Replace), mirror it (Mirror effect), flip it (Flip) and also decide whether or not to apply a white border to the collage (Border).

Once you have finished, tap the Save item, press the Instagram button at the bottom left, tap the Story button and, once the app opens of Instagram on your device, publish the photos you have pasted.

How to put multiple pictures on an Instagram story on pc


Do you use the application on a computer and want to put multiple pictures on one Instagram story on a PC? No problem, you can do it quickly and easily by following simple steps.

Unlike the previous steps, here you will have to use an image editing program. If you use Windows you can use Paint, the free program that allows you to insert images and shape them to your liking and if you use Mac or want a more orderly and precise application, use one of the free photo editing programs that we have collected in our article.

Once you have created your collage, open the Instagram app from your PC and log into your account. Click on + (located at the top left next to your profile picture) and insert the collage created for the occasion. Now click on Submit and then on Your Story.

It is obviously very important that the photos posted are beautiful and, above all, taken care of, they must not be posted without committing to improving them.

How to take beautiful photos to post on Instagram


Posting great photos isn’t easy, but by following a few steps you can do it.

  1. Take simple photos: Too many subjects in a single photo tend to divert the attention of those who are looking at it and do not allow you to appreciate it. Sometimes to take a nice photo it is enough to have only one subject that will stand out in this way.
  2. Wait for the right moment: To take photos to put on Instagram, you always have to wait for the right moment: the right light makes the difference on Instagram!
  3. Do not use the Instagram camera: The resolution is not as good as that of a photo taken by a smartphone camera.
  4. Choose a glam background: When photographing a dish or an outfit, you must always choose a suitable background. The presets can be used for various types of photographs, including travel, beauty, food, lifestyle, fashion.

Multiple pictures on one Instagram stories: post photos ad different angles

It may be interesting to post a photo of the same thing but with different angles:

  1. Photographer from a low angle: You can try to change the point from which you take the photo or place your smartphone at a low angle with respect to the subject to be immortalized. In this way, you will be able to show details that in a normal position you would not see.
  2. Photograph the details: A technique that always works is that of detail. The Instagram audience will surely appreciate it.
  3. The light must come from above: When photographing objects, remember that the light must always come from above because in this way the photo will be bright, and the objects will be well defined. To avoid shadows, you can use a white sheet of paper or a whiteboard to place near your photo set. This way the light will bounce, and the shadows will lighten.

Why is it useful to post multiple pictures on an Instagram story?

The most effective content to have an impact on social networks are visual ones, because they have more possibilities, compared to other types of formats, to be seen and shared easily: for this reason both influencers and companies now rely heavily on images and videos to communicate your message.

Having a strategy that can visually improve your content gives you an important advantage. This is because images and videos now represent a sort of universal language, and Social Media are literally inundated by this visual revolution, succeeding in captivating the user more than in the past, without the limit of different languages.

So, the more photos you post, the more chance you will have noticed. It often happens to be intrigued by a photo in a story, and if there are more of them we can satisfy the curiosity of all those who look at it and who will then go to our profile and follow us more easily.

How to put multiple pictures on instagram story
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