How to put music on Instagram story


Do you have just downloaded Instagram and you don’t know how to put music on your Instagram story? Don’t worry, because in this article I’m going to explain how to put music on a Instagram story.

Instagram is actually one of the most popular social networks, used in particular by teenagers: it allows users to take photos and videos, apply filters and share them.

Instagram has been developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and it was launched in 2010, available only on iOS.

Over the years Instagram has gained popularity, with 1 billion users in 2019. Two years later, Facebook acquired the service for $1 billion.

How to put music on Instagram story: direct


Instagram Direct is a feature where users who follow each other can send private messages with texting, photos and videos. 

Moreover, now you can reply to private messages with text, emoji or by clicking on the heart-shaped icon.

Some years ago an update allowed users to delete their private messages after being viewed by the recipient, and the sender receives a notification if the recipient takes a screenshot, but for privacy motivations Instagram has eliminated this function.

How to put music on your Instagram story: IGTV and hashtags

IGTV is a vertical video that automatically starts playing as soon as it is launched.

Instagram encourages users to create specific and tags, rather than tagging generic words, to make photographs stand out and attract Instagram-like users.

Instagram users create “trends” through hashtags. The most popular trends on the platform often highlight a specific day of the week on which to publish the material.

In 2017, Instagram began allowing users to follow hashtags, which show the relevant highlights of the topic in their feeds

How to put music on an Instagram story: videos

how to put music on your instagram story 2

Instagram in 2013 incorporated 15-second video sharing. Two years later, Instagram added support for widescreen videos. In 2016, Instagram increased the video limit by 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The albums were introduced the following year, allowing you to share up to 10 minutes of video in a post.

Since you want to know how to put music on your Instagram story, I want to tell you something about Instagram stories. In 2016 Instagram launched Stories, a feature that allows you to take photos, add effects and levels and add them to their Instagram story. These images are deleted after 24 hours.

Instagram in these years has added new functions like announcements and direct stories. Instagram has expanded the Augmented Reality Sticker feature to support face filters: this feature allows users to add specific visual features to their faces.

Instagram has introduced Featured Stories (Permanent Stories), which are similar to Instagram Stories but do not eliminate them. You have to put title and each permanent story can contain one hundred photos.

How to put music on a Instagram story

Now I will explain easily how to put music on a Instagram story, through the use of the official Instagram application for Android or iOS. This, in fact, allows you to easily and quickly record videos with background music, through the use of a specific instrument integrated into the stories.

In addition to that, I’ll also talk about third-party apps to use to put music on your Instagram stories, including streaming music apps. Unfortunately, all the solutions that I will provide you in this tutorial refer only to Android and iOS devices and can not be exploited on PC.

If you follow carefully what I’m about to tell you, you will have no problem putting music into your Instagram stories.

To insert music in Instagram stories you can use the sticker Music integrated directly in the stories or the instrument Super Zoom, which allows you to create a story with a sound effect: now I’ll explain how to use both functions.

Instagram music (ANDROID/iOS)

The main and easiest solution to put music on Instagram stories is the use of the Music tool that is available within the Instagram app for Android and iOS and allows you to add background music for a photo or video.

To use it, launch the Instagram app that you have downloaded on your device, press on its icon, then log into your account and press on the camera icon located on the top left, on the main screen.

Once you have clicked on the camera icon, if you want to start recording a video at the time, press the Music entry located at the bottom. After that, select the piece of music that interests you and, if you want to change the playback sequence, press on the icon of the circle in motion located at the bottom right, in order to move the cursor on the part of the song that interests you. At this point, record the video by pressing the music note icon.

If, instead, you want to put the music inside a previously recorded video, after having imported it inside the stories, press on the sticker icon in the upper right, to recall the Music tool in the sticker menu and use it as I have just explained.

At the end of the customization, to publish the story, press the button Your story, located at the bottom.

Instagram superzoom

how to put music on an instagram story 3

To put music on your Instagram stories, there is an alternative to the music sticker: you can use the Superzoom tool of the social network, which applies a short musical effect to videos made on the spot. To do this, start the story creation tool, as I explained earlier, and then press the word Superzoom.

After that, press the icons at the top to choose one of the various effects available (for example (Beat, Suspence, TV Program or Spring), start recording your movie, pressing on the round button in the center, and then publish the video in the stories, pressing on Your story.

How to record music on your Instagram stories

If your intent is to record music in Instagram stories, you can use an application to listen to streaming music, such as Spotify, which is available for free for Android and iOS.

To do so, start Spotify, log in or register, and press the Search button (a magnifying glass symbol). Type the title of a song or the name of an artist, and then tap on the search result.

I’ll give you some information about Spotify: the complete service (from 9,99 €/month), but new users can try it for free for 30 days. In addition, you can take advantage of a free plan that allows you to listen to music at random, (this applies only to smartphones, on tablets and Pcs this limitation is not there)

Now locate the song you’re interested in playing with Spotify and tap on it, (if you’re using Spotify’s Premium piano). Otherwise, press the Random Play button and wait for the song of your interest to be played.

Now that you’ve chosen the song, you’ll definitely want to put it in your Instagram story: don’t worry, there’s a very simple way to do this. Pause the song’s playback, launch the Instagram app and start the story creation tool, pressing on the camera icon located at the top left.

To be able to put music in Instagram stories, you now have to choose which tool to use to record your video: tap on one of the available voices on the screen, for example, Normal or Without holding down, and activate the playback of the song you have chosen.

To do so, on Android it uses the control notification for the transmission of multimedia content; you can access it with a swipe from top to bottom. Then start playing the song, pressing on the triangle symbol you see on the screen.

On iOS, on the other hand, swipe from bottom to top to see the iOS Control Center and press the triangle button. Now you can start recording a video in Instagram stories.

At the end of recording, pause the song via the control notification (on Android) or the Control Center (on iOS).

In this way you will get an Instagram story with the song started on your smartphone as background music. At this point, press the Your story button to share the video.

The contents published on Instagram in the stories last 24 hours: within this time, you can see at any time the shared history, but expired 24 hours, the Instagram stories remain visible in the Archive section, which is in your profile, by pressing on the icon at the top right.

Remember that Spotify is just one of the apps that allow you to listen to music streamed for free. If you want you can also use Deezer Music, available for free download on Android and iOS or if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon Music (Android/iOS) gives you free access to a catalog of 2 million songs.

How to put musical videos on Instagram stories

how to put music on a instagram story 4

If you want to put music videos on Instagram stories, you can record the screen of your smartphone while you’re playing a music video and edit the resulting movie using video editing apps.

To edit recorded movies and add interesting effects you can use the apps listed below.

  • Inshot (Android/iOS) – is one of the most popular free video editing apps, and can be downloaded to Android or iOS. It can be used to edit a previously recorded video and also has a tool for inserting a song as background music. . You can also purchase the Pro version of the app (starting at €2.99 per month) which provides unlimited access to all movie editing tools, as well as effects, stickers and other tools for customizing videos.
  • Vigo Video (Android/iOS) – is a free application for Android and iOS that you can use to record short movies to which you can add a song in the background. It also allows editing of previously recorded movies, but only offers some basic features, such as adding effects or filters.
  • Sounds (Android/iOS) – is a slightly different application from the previous ones, as it integrates many songs that you can share on Instagram in the form of editable videos. This application is downloadable for free but, in order to access all the integrated tools for creating a story with background music and be able to remove advertisements, it is necessary to make a subscription to the Pro or VIP service, respectively at the price of 9,99€/month or 19,99€/month. However, a free trial period is available.

Videos recorded with these applications can then be stored locally on the memory of the smartphone or exported directly to Instagram.

I want to give you more information. The lyrics of the song that you have to put on the Instagram story, can appear in six modes: there are somewhere there is the written text, which can be a pop-up, uppercase or lowercase, others where instead of the text there is the image of the song.

Moreover, when you have to choose the song, you can select from those in the for you section or in the browse section: in the section for you there are the songs that Instagram inserts based on the songs and the genre you listen to the most, however in the section Browse there are categories such as happiness, love, hip-hop, etc.

How to put music on Instagram story
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