How to recover deleted Instagram posts


Today you’ll learn how to recover deleted Instagram posts. You’ll know how to recover a deleted Instagram post and how to recover posts you deleted on Instagram.

Hey, what happened to you? Let me guess: you accidentally deleted posts from your Instagram account and you are desperate because you don’t know how to recover deleted Instagram posts, am I wrong? How to recover deleted posts on Instagram is a question that arises for owners of profiles and corporate pages on a social network.

After the accidental or intentional deletion of posts in the photo network, automatically raises the question of how to return images. It’s a classic, but don’t worry, with a bit of luck you might be able to recover your posts on Instagram without turning to an expert, expect me.

Just kidding, obviously! With this article, I won’t do miracles on how to recover posts from your Instagram profile Tup. But, it is quite difficult to perform such a process. It is true, trying how to recover posts you deleted on Instagram or videos via the App which is very unlikely since there is no basket there.

How to recover deleted Instagram posts


However, if posts are deleted by Instagram owners using their Android devices, fortunately, there might have been some Instagram recovery solutions that could help you how to recover posts you deleted on Instagram. Instagram has shown that images really speak a thousand words.

It is one of the most used social media sites, with users running to get as many followers as possible. With the pressure to create an appealing profile, users sometimes delete old posts to make room for more recent and better posts. what if you deleted your posts without meaning?

Can you still get them back? The answer is YES! Accidental deletion of Instagram posts is not a cause of panic. this is because you can easily recover them.

It may happen that sometimes after uploading a post on Instagram this is reported to you by another user and rightly or wrongly Mark Zuckerberg’s social network removes it from you. Recently implemented a new feature on Instagram that will allow you the contest this decision and in case the practice goes well to recover your posts that had been disabled.

This function is not yet active but it has been assured that it will be implemented as soon as possible. Your well-composed posts on Instagram may be accidentally deleted or lost by any means.

Most of the time, you take them out on your own, sometimes without even realizing it. Maybe you find the uninteresting posts for the people of Instagram or just trash that fill your account and decide to delete it. Your posts can also be deleted when you delete a post related to them or if you happen to disable your account.

Is rare but not impossible that your posts can be deleted by third –parties who gain unauthorized access to your account and decide to delete your posts on Instagram without your knowledge.

How to recover a deleted Instagram posts


To the function return the content to be opened, the user must save photos or videos correctly in the profile. A storage option is provided for this purpose. In this system, users store content that is a sin to eliminate them, and at the same time, there is no desire to show them to strangers. To perform storage with permission for subsequent return, you need to follow these few and simple steps.

Login to account, search for the required image to move. Go to the menu via a three-point icon, an option with the archive is selected from the list of possible actions. After doing this, the users unknown to you will no longer see any of your posts.

As soon as you want to restore publications, you need to carry out manipulations such as you have to go to the own profile, the clock icon is located at the top of the display is enabled, the archive selects the required content, access to the three-point menu, from the list of the available actions select View on-page.

So, the answer to the question of how to recover deleted Instagram posts is YES. The ability to perform the presented tasks will allow a person to move publications efficiently. For owners of company profiles, this is a useful function through which it is allowed to promote a product or a service.

One of the main reasons why you would like your Instagram posts to come back is to remember the beautiful moments immortalized in that post. In fact, Instagram is a gem of precious memories and these memories are often captured in our posts. You may also want to review your posts if you have previously disabled your account but instead, you forgot to save the posts.

These posts would easily direct traffic to your Instagram profile since most of your followers would easily identify with you. There may be cases where you just want to prove a point and the only way to do that is through Instagram posts. The only solution, then, is how to recover deleted Instagram posts. 

A positive note on Instagram is that, for some reason, like the need to comply with certain legal obligations, Instagram will keep those deleted Instagram posts and photos on the company’s server for an indefinite time. So if you want to recover your deleted Instagram posts, you’ll need to consult the Instagram system support.

How to recover posts you deleted on Instagram

In 2017, Instagram added a new feature known as ARCHIVE POSTS, that allows you to hide photos and posts that you would like you to keep secret from your public profile. And you can retrieve the archived posts and put them back on your Instagram gird where they were before, with all the comments or likes.

Although the Instagram archive looks more or less like a basket, Instagram posts can only be “recovered” by tapping Archive instead of tapping Delete from the three vertical points of each post, that you find on the right at the top of each post. So technically, you can’t rely on the Instagram Archive if your Instagram posts have been deleted.

Therefore, if you are not able to “recover” your posts with the above-mentioned methods, you can use one of the following methods may be used. Without using the software, you will need to operate exclusively through the storage for the above storage.

After archiving, the selected and deleted posts can be returned. You can do it anytime. It is important to know that without prior archiving, publications cannot be returned. Among advanced Instagram users, there are such profile owners who have the skills to use different third-party software.

If they have to return deleted posts, an operation is performed to restore and then return to your profile.

How to recover deleted Instagram posts


I’m going to show you 5 simple methods from both Android and IOS that could be useful to recover a post from your Instagram account.

Take some time for yourself and take note I’m about to start. METHOD 1: check your photo albums ( including recently deleted folder); luckily, Instagram will automatically save photos and videos on the camera roll of your smartphone. 

The following suggestion might help how to recover deleted Instagram posts. If you are an ANDROID user, then go on “my” files, select images, and then the Instagram folder, check if you can locate the lost posts, the restore them.

If you are an IOS user, select the Photos app directly from your Home screen, tap on Album then, Recently Deleted. Search for lost photos, tap them, and select Restore. It is important to remember that this method only applies to photos that have been deleted in the last 30 days.

Unlike Instagram on the iPhone, which can save only unmodified or original photos and videos, Instagram for Android offers you two more options, SAVE PUBLISHED PHOTOS AND SAVE PUBLISHED VIDEOS. Save your time if you’re looking for the modified version.

If you are not sure that the autosave function is enabled, go to your profile by tapping the profile icon on the right down bar. For Android users: in the upper right corner, tap the three horizontal lines, and select Settings at the downside of the menu.

They go to PROFILE-ORIGINAL MESSAGES CHECK. For iPhone users: tap the gear icon. They go to PROFILE- ORIGINAL PHOTOS.

How to recover a deleted posts on Instagram: methods to follow


Photo RECOVERY SOFTWARE is perhaps the most effective method to recover deleted Instagram posts. There is so many photo recovery software out there, and what you go for practically depends on your preferences. The steps for using posts recovery software are more or less the same. Download and install the software on your computer. Launch the software. Click on waìhat to recover.

Usually, there are options for photos, videos, or audio. Select the photo or videos you want to recover and click Restore. The Software will prompt you to select the location where the recovered photo will be stored.

METHOD 3: recover from your IG account

If you have ever downloaded your Instagram data before, it will be pretty easy to how to recover deleted Instagram posts. To recover your deleted Instagram posts, you can access the photo folder and choose the ones you want. All your published Instagram photos will be organized by date.

Although you can’t restore this deleted post on your Instagram profile with all the comments and likes, you can check the COMMENT HISTORY and LIKE HISTORY with the file “comments.json” and ” Like.json”, which can be opened with the free notepad.

METHOD 4: recover photos from the CLOUD

This method is only practicable in the presence of backup files like GOOGLE PHOTOS. In addition to having these backups, you should also make sure that there is an updated backup on the files you want to restore. If all goes well, Tap the menu bar on your profile, tap the Settings icon, then select Account, switch to Original Photos in case of IOS, or Original Posts for Android users.

You will see the saving of the original photos or the saving of the original posts based on your operating system. Tap next to turn it on. Activating each of these functions will automatically back up photos on your phone even when they are deleted.

You can then recover them using the first method that I have shown you at the beginning of this article of all the methods to how to recover deleted instagram posts, we would like to ask the recovery software. Not only are these software numerous in number, but they are much more reliable than any other method highlighted above.

Method 5: how to recover deleted Instagram posts

If you cannot find your posts on any albums, you can recover them with data recovery software. An excellent example is FONEDOG DATA RECOVERY IOS. This program conveniently restores files deleted for you.

Don’t worry. It’s safe to use. The software will not overwrite your files. The software supports older and updated IPHONE, IPAD, and IPOD TOUCH. it also comes with a 30-day free trial.

Now if you have taken note of what I have indicated to you in this article, you will have understood that, if the content previously posted on your Instagram profile has been deleted and deleted due to loss, this won’t work the immediate return of publications to an account that involves a serious load or the restoration of large volume contents there are not in the archive, you can’t do without a long- term trial in court.

But rest assured, we are dealing with a popular social network used by millions of users, so to avoid such difficulties, it is not advisable to intentionally delete public posts, top store partially or completely.

Last bonus tip: how to recover deleted Instagram posts

Instagram encourages you to keep a copy of your content to avoid losing your Instagram photos again.

Back up your most valuable documents or data at any time, including photos, videos, and other Instagram files.

How to recover deleted instagram posts
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How to recover deleted instagram posts
Today you'll learn how to recover deleted instagram posts. You'll know how to recover a deleted instagram post and how to recover posts you deleted on instagram.
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