How to save Instagram videos


Since you discovered Instagram you enjoy posting photos and videos that tell your days and your life? Instagram was born as a social network only photographic, later, in 2013. Instagram has built-in 15 seconds a video sharing. In August 2015, Instagram added support for widescreen videos, in the next year, Instagram increased the video limit by 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

The albums were introduced in 2017, allowing you to share up to 10 minutes of video in a post. A recent Instagram news that has expanded even more the vision of videos is IGTV. It’s a vertical video application on Instagram since June 2018.

Basic features are also available in the app on the Instagram website. IGTV allows uploads up to 10 minutes in length with a file size up to 650 MB but verified and popular users are allowed to upload videos a maximum duration of 60 minutes with a file size up to 5.4 GB.

In 2016, Instagram launched STORIES, a feature that allows users to take photos, add effects and layers, and add them to their Instagram story. The duration of a story is 24 hours, but recently you can save your story put it in a highlighted album.

In November of the same year,2016, Instagram added live video functionality to Instagram stories, allowing users to broadcast themselves live, with the video disappearing immediately after being terminated.

In this blog post today I will show you how to save instagram video and how to save instagram live videos and more. In fact, you will know how to save instagram videos to camera roll and how to save instagram video to your iPhone. Are you ready?

How to save instagram live videos



In 2017, Instagram has reviewed its live video functionality to allow users to add their live broadcasts to their Story for availability in the next 24 hours or to immediately reject the transmission.

Instagram began in this way, to allows users to respond to story content by sending photos and videos, complete with Instagram effects such as filters, stickers, and hashtags. The stories were made available for viewing on Instagram’s mobile and desktop websites at the end of August 2017.

Later in the same year, Instagram introduced ” FEATURED STORIES” also known as “permanent stories”, that are similar to Instagram Stories but do not eliminate them. Today Instagram reached 400 million users and active monthly users had reached one billion users.

As you will notice in this post, the popularity of Instagram has led to a variety of third-party services designed to integrate with it, including content creation services for posting to the service and content generation from Instagram photos and videos. It is important and necessary to underline that every user should have proper and respectful behavior in the use of Instagram. We should be aware that the privacy of any individual user should be violated.

The uses of Instagram serves as fun, sharing, and maybe also as a virtual tour around the world. This should be a fundamental principle for all those who want to open their own Instagram account. The Instagram social network is always a way to chill and enjoy, nothing else.

How to save quickly instagram videos

You spend hours and hours watching the endless list of photos and videos on Instagram? Especially, you love movies or videos that are posted by a group of users and would like to know if there is a way to save them on your Smartphone?

Moreover, the main reason for the success of Instagram is to be found in the originality of the contest and the beauty of the photos and videos published by users from all over the World. Not only that, many international artists and stars on their official profile publish interviews, videos and many singers share with their fans previews of upcoming hits and mini-live concerts.

Instagram is a social network that never disappoInted you because is always on the rise and it offers its users every type of service to be always up to date. So let’s start, pay attention. Save videos on Instagram is more simple as you can imagine it. If you’re trying to figure out how to save videos from Instagram o store them on your PC on your phone’s memory, knows that doing so requires no special skills and only takes a few minutes.

First of all, photos and videos can be posted either normally on your personal profile  (I’m talking about FEED), either as temporary status updates ( and I’m talking about STORIES, that as you know have a duration of 24 hours).

How to save instagram videos to camera roll

how-to-save-instagram-videos to-camera-roll


Now depends on your intentions, so keep reading to me. Unfortunately, if you do not save your own content, Instagram doesn’t offer any automatic feature to download videos posted by other users. So my friends, what would it take to do the magic?

If we intend to save videos from Instagram posted by others we must use third-apps to install on our device. Most of the apps to download videos from Instagram I’ll tell you about are bundled by their simplicity of use; a strong point that will allow you to download the decider movie in a few steps on the display of your smartphone.

How to do all this? Opening the play store on our device we can easily find several apps that can help us in downloading videos from Instagram. So choose the application that could be best on your device e download it.

All the apps to download videos from Instagram are very practical and functional and will allow you to download really a few clicks of all videos you want to have on your phone. I leave you some apps to download videos from Instagram, this way your search will be even faster: (FAVE SAVE, STORY SAVER). I suggest these applications, you of course, always snoop on your play store, you might also find other more interesting applications for your device.

Fell free to download all these apps are all free downloads. The first thing to do is to locate the video to download within the Instagram application. Open the Instagram app and, once you have found the effected video, tap on the icon with the symbol of the three dots, that you find at the top right and then copy the URL to share.

In this way you will have copied the URL of the video in question into the clipboard of your device; now go back to the downloaded application.

It’s done! The video will have been automatically downloaded and you can view it listed in the HISTORY section. If you want to save it to your device’s memory, tap on the matching sharing symbol present at the preview of the downloaded video.

How to save instagram video to your iphone

If you are using an IOS device, one of the apps that I suggest you install to download a video from Instagram is INSTDOWN.

I Strongly recommend this app as its operation is really intuitive and noteworthy.

Once you choose the desired video on Instagram tap on it to then tap on the icon with the three dots symbol that you can find at the top right. Tap on the COPY LINK entry to copy the link of the video in question to the clipboard.

Now open the INDOWN application and copy the link to the text box that you can see on the screen, under the heading PUT YOUR LINK. Then press the button with the down arrow symbol and wait for the video to be downloaded into the memory of your device.

Trust me is more simple to do it!

How to save instagram live videos


Is this a big day for you or your best friend? You thought well of making a live Instagram of your party share the happy moment with friends and parents, who could not participate in the event. Then you’ve come to the right place at the right time! In this post, I’m going to show you how to save other people’s Instagram feeds using some free app. I know you’re wondering why you have to resort to other solutions out your device to save other people’s live videos.

There’s nothing strange, simply today Instagram, as I told you before for the Instagram videos saved in your device, doesn’t integrate yet a function that offers this possibility. Maybe in the next future. Will see! I hope I’ve been clear so far. Well! So now I would say not to waste any more precious time in gossip and to enter immediately into the heart of this post. Enjoy it!

Do you want to save other people’s Instagram videos directly from your smartphone? You can use both and how apps and the screencast feature included on iPhone and Android.

If you want to save other people’s Instagram videos live directly to your Android device, I suggest you turn to one of the free applications that allow you to complete this task. I’m talking about STORYSAVE application.

Are you wondering how it works? It’s very simple. Just download and launch the application on your device, log in to your Instagram account, use the search function to find the user who made the direct to save, and then download by pressing the appropriate button. Everything will be automatically saved in your smartphone gallery.

If you already have the app on your smartphone, start the app by pressing on its icon and, press the button OK located on the right.

Live instagram videos: ready to download

Now you are ready. Now you can finally download the live Instagram of your friends. Press, then, on the symbol of the magnifying glass located at the top right, write in the field SEARCH USERS the name of the user you want to save LIVE. But there’s more, if you want, press the symbol of the man with the star to save the favorite users among your favorites.

Then select the content you want to save by pressing the LIVE STREAMS button located down. To save the live stream of your interest, tap on the preview of the same, and as soon as the download of the same will be completed, you will receive a notification from the app itself.

Last steps: you just have to go to the GALLERY of your device and open the folder that was created which has the name of the user whose live video you have downloaded. Now go and try directly on your device, you’ll see that you’ll look great.

How to save instagram video to camera roll



Downloading videos from Instagram is a feature not available within the application. There isn’t a button to download the multimedia content on your device.

However, to overcome this lack comes the rescue of a  multitude of applications to download, utilities to exploit directly from the web, and gimmicks that do not require any installation. It’s important to say that you can almost always download only the contents disseminated by public profiles, and even if the profile is private it is appropriate to maintain proper respect for the processing of private data.

To save videos from Instagram on your own camera roll you need to download applications from your play store. Choose the desired video and tap on the three dots symbol at the top right.

Select URL link of the video and report it with a simple tap on the download app for saving the video on your device. Automatically you can find the video on your camera roll. It’s really really simple.

Remember well, never to worry if your device will need continuous updates. The update of the application expansion to save videos on Instagram will improve the quality and use of the application itself.

I always wait here for any curiosity you want to know about this extravagant but engaging world, which is the social network Instagram.

How to save instagram videos
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How to save instagram videos
In this blog post today I will show you how to save instagram live videos and more. In fact you will know how to save instagram videos to camera roll and how to save instagram video to your iPhone. Are you ready?
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