How to schedule Instagram posts


If you have created an Instagram page to give visibility to your favorite activities, to make them known through the most used social network, you need to post photos and videos with a certain regularity. This is not always possible, because to do it you need to have a lot of time available to publish interesting posts at regular intervals and with a high frequency.

For this reason, you should evaluate the option of preparing a series of posts in advance, during your free time, then using a tool that can publish them, in the future, for you and at the right time.

But how to do it? How to schedule Instagram posts? In this article I will explain how to program posts using your smartphone, your PC or even your tablet, whichever tool you prefer. You can do this using a set of safe and legal tools that can help you achieve your goal.

The solutions that I will point out to you are very simple to use, they are also suitable for those who have difficulties with technology.

How to do scheduled posts on Instagram

First of all, it is important to keep in mind some information on how to schedule Instagram posts. It is not possible to do it directly, except through Facebook for Creators which can only be used on a computer.

However, there are numerous social media platforms that are perfectly legal and that pay attention to the preservation of privacy, which allow you to prepare in advance the content you want to post. At the appointed time, you will receive a notification that will allow you to publish the content quickly.

It is not recommended to rely on unofficial apps and systems, these have the disadvantage of having a dubious management of privacy. These platforms promise to schedule and post on Instagram automatically, but in reality, by providing your login details, you could seriously jeopardize the security of your account and also risk serious things like identity theft or total account loss.

If Instagram discovers the use of unofficial tools, it could penalize your account. Bad news, isn’t it?

How to schedule Instagram posts free

Once the privacy and security details have been clarified we need to understand how to schedule Instagram posts free.

One of the useful platforms for this is Crowdfire, a social management platform also available as an app to download for smartphones and tablets. This is one of the best tools to answer the “How to do scheduled posts on Instagram.  Among the various features, it also provides the possibility of creating scheduled posts on Instagram.

It is a platform distributed under a commercial license but also has a free plan that allows the programming of 10 monthly posts between the various social networks that can be connected.

How to schedule Instagram posts with Crowdfire? After downloading the app on your device, you have to start it and press “Connect with Instagram”, to start the phase that will lead to the connection between the platform and your social profile.

If you are using iOS, you must give the app permission to access Instagram through the web by tapping the “Allow” button. Next, use the screen that opens to login to Instagram and authorize the connection between the two platforms with “Authorize”.

Then, enter your email address in the text box and to complete the configuration, go to “Done” and “Skip”. At this point you should see the main screen of the app: to program a content, go to “Compose”, then tap “OK”, authorize the app to access the device memory and send you notifications with “Allow” and “Ok”.

How to schedule Instagram posts with Crowdfire

To start creating new scheduled content, tap on “Compose a New Post”, tap the camera-shaped button at the bottom left to select the photo or video to add. Finally, tap on the “Whats On Your Mind?” Text box, to add a caption to the content: if you want to see a list of the most common hashtags, you can press the hashtag button located at the bottom.

If you want to set the publication date, tap on the button that is located next to the item “Best time”, choose the item “Publish at a custom time” from the options you will see available and, using the panels that are proposed, specify the date and time you want to receive the published notification for the post.

When you have finished, tap on the “Schedule” button and at the set time the app will send you a notification to allow you to publish the post prepared previously. All you have to do is open the notification received and, when requested, press the button to start Instagram and indicate whether to publish the post in the Feed or in the Stories.

To view the posts you have scheduled, go back to the main screen of the app, touch the calendar icon with the clock and access the “Scheduled” tab, located at the top. At any time, you can change the post or the programming date by pressing on “Edit”, or delete it by tapping on the “Delete” item.

How to schedule video post on Instagram with Creator Studio

Are you searching for how to schedule video post on Instagram? To schedule posts on Instagram from a computer, you can use Creator Studio: this is the official tool made available by Facebook. Allows you to manage the publication of multimedia content by corporate Instagram accounts linked to a corporate Facebook page.

To use it, connect your company Facebook page and related Instagram account to the Creator Studio. 

Then click the “Get Started” button. If you prefer, you can skip the first use wizard by clicking the “Complete later” button. Next, click on the Instagram icon and the “Connect your account” button and authorize the members of the Facebook page of your interest to share access to Instagram by clicking on the OK button.

Now use the new screen to log into Instagram and connect the two services, so you can use Creator Studio to schedule the publication of photos and videos in the Instagram feed.

Programming a post is very easy: click on “Create Post” located in the upper left corner of the screen, indicate where you want to publish it (Feed or IGTV) and select the multimedia file to upload, taking it from the files saved on your computer or choosing it from the contents already uploaded to the Facebook page linked to the account.

Remember to include the caption and geotag if you want. After doing this, schedule and publish the post.

How to schedule Instagram posts with Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler is a computer program, compatible with Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, which allows you to automate the publication of photos and stories on Instagram in a simple way, offering the user the possibility to schedule the publication of their contents even for weeks or even the following months. The first step is to download the program on your computer by connecting to the site and clicking on “Try for free”.

To schedule a new post on your Instagram profile, select “Posts” and click on “Add a new post” at the bottom. This will open the Combin Scheduler box for scheduling posts on Instagram. Here you can directly drag the image you want to insert. You can edit it however you like, write a caption and set the time and day you want that content posted.

Finally, click on “Create” to schedule the publication of the post on Instagram.

How to schedule Instagram posts with Hootsuite

If you are wondering how to do scheduled post on Instagram, you have to know that to do this you need to download the Hootsuite app, log in, activate notifications to post on Instagram. They are active when there is a green symbol.

To add Instagram to your Hootsuite dashboard, you need to click on your profile icon and then on “Enter a social network”. In the window that opens you have to select Instagram and “Connect to Instagram”. Log in with your credentials and authorize the app to access your account.

Go to “Stream” and “Add Stream”. Choose Instagram from the list of your connected social networks and finally select the Instagram profile from which you want to post. At this point, you will be ready to start composing your posts.

How to schedule Instagram posts with other tools

There are so many tools to schedule posts on Instagram, here are others:

  • Instaeasy: It’s a platform dedicated to brands and professionals who manage the publication of content on one or more Instagram profiles, allowing them to be managed in a single area, giving the possibility of scheduling content sharing through personalized Posts and Stories with place tags. , profile tags, emojis and much more. The Stories Creator function is also available, which allows you to create eye-catching Stories by customizing them with numerous stickers and texts.

It offers a free trial period to test all features. Then you can choose a monthly or quarterly subscription plan without automatic renewals.

  • Later: This is an official partner of Instagram and allows programming not only on Instagram, but also on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. It allows you to create a repost of images from other profiles, organize the media to be shared and analyze published content. It is available in the free version with some limitations in the functions, for those who have many photos to share and want to do it with order and care. Up to 30 posts per month are allowed.

Scheduling Instagram posts is essential for business profiles, but how can we get one?

How to have a business account

After creating your account on Instagram, to set up a business profile, you need to establish a connection with a Facebook page that you are an administrator of. It is no longer necessary to have a reference Facebook page, but without it you will not be able to have some functions of the company profile, such as sponsorship of content.

Setting up the company profile on Instagram is a procedure that takes a few seconds and can only be performed through the social network app. The transition from the personal account to the business profile is not permanent and you can return to a normal account at any time.

To switch from your personal profile to the company one, tap the icon at the bottom right, go to your account settings and select “Switch to a professional account”. Choose the type of account you want to use: Creator or Company. Then, tap Next or Continue and give the company’s public commercial information.

Then, tap on Next, choose the Facebook page to connect to your account. To conclude the operation, then, tap Finish.

If you don’t like or no longer need the professional profile, you can change it at any time. Start Instagram, go to settings, select Account> Switch to a personal account and confirm the operation in the box that opens.


Scheduling posts on Instagram, like doing it on any other social profile, is essential if you manage multiple Instagram accounts, but it’s also important if you only have one account.

Thanks to this possibility you can save time and dedicate yourself to other equally important aspects of your marketing strategy.

In some cases, the best time to post something so that it reaches as many followers as possible isn’t the best time for you. Now that you have learned how to schedule Instagram posts, your content can always be published at the right time, avoiding incomplete publications.

Plus, scheduling multiple posts at the same time can help you define a clearer, more streamlined goal using colors and captions. By achieving as many interactions as possible in the first few minutes, Instagram will consider that post with a positive score.

How to schedule Instagram posts
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