How to see deleted Instagram posts


How to see deleted Instagram posts? In this article you’ll learn how to find deleted instagram posts. And how to see posts you deleted on instagram and how to find my deleted instagram posts.

Let me tell you a story. Just the other day, while I was busy minding my own business – as I usually do – I get a call from my best friend, Lucas.

I know that, when Lucas calls me, he probably has a problem with his computer, with internet or with some social network he has been hooked on recently. He thinks I’m some sort of a computer genius, knowing all the tips and tricks that “normal” people do not know. What he fails to realize is that I am only different in that I actually spend time looking stuff up and informing myself when I have issues.

Anyways, Lucas was furious. “I accidentally deleted a beautiful Instagram photo that I posted a couple of years ago and now there is no way of getting it back!”.

First of all – and I say this because I’m sure you all might be wondering this as well – how on earth did he “accidentally” delete a post? It’s funny how people who do not like technology usually find ways to hate it even more. It’s like they make their own bad luck.

Jokes aside, I must admit that Lucas’ problem actually pushed me to think: how to find deleted instagram posts? I mean, is there a way to learn how to find deleted instagram posts? If you are curious to see what I found out about this issue, this article is written just for you!

How to find my deleted Instagram posts


So, before I start telling you everything I learned about the topic and before I share with you any solution that might possibly help you, let me be clear: if you googled how to find my deleted instagram posts because you are in the same situation as Luca and are now desperate because you think you will never be able to see again those beautiful photos you accidentally deleted, calm down and take a deep breath.

The very good news is that there might be a solution to this problem. So yes, it is indeed possible to learn how to see posts you deleted on instagram. The not-so-good news, however, is that it won’t always be possible to retrieve a photo you deleted.

As you will (hopefully) learn by reading this article, there are many things we can try to do when trying to desperately find again the photos we mistakenly delated. However, there are also different reasons for which this may have happened, and many different circumstances.

As always, I’ll try to guide you to every possible solution so that you, too, can learn how to see deleted instagram posts. So let’s not worry: keep reading this article and see what options you have, and hopefully one of the things I’m suggesting will end up being useful for your situation, too.

Let’s start with the very basics


In this guide about how to find my deleted instagram posts, I have no choice but to start with the basics. Hopefully, in a few minutes you’ll understand why it is important for me to properly clarify what we mean when we say “deleted Instagram posts”.

So, of course, Instagram gives you the option of erasing a post you don’t want to keep on your feed anymore. I mean, it is your given right to take care of your feed so that it looks exactly as you want it to look, so you do of course have the possibility of taking a picture down.

What you might not know, however, is that you have more than one option when dealing with a picture you don’t want on your feed anymore. You may, of course, delete it for good – and this is the worst case scenario and the reason for which you probably googled how to find my deleted Instagram posts.

You may also, however, choose to “archive” your photo, so that it’s not visible on your feed anymore but it stays saved in your archive and can always be seen (and even posted) again.

Have you checked your archive?

I know you might be feeling desperate, but don’t give up! Are you absolutely sure you didn’t just archive your photo or video, instead of deleting it?

Why don’t you check your archive so that you can be sure of it? I mean, it will only take a few seconds and might possibly lead to the solution of your problem, so follow these steps to see whether the picture you are searching is still saved on your account!

So, before you learn how to see deleted instagram posts, open app your Instagram app to check your archive. To do so, go on your profile and then click on the three little horizontal lines that are on the right side of your account. This is the section that allows you to go to Settings and to edit your profile in other ways.

This time, you will of course need to click on “Archive”. This will take you – you guessed it! – to your archive. However, the first thing you will see will be your past Instagram stories, as these are also automatically saved to your archive.

In order to check the list of your archived posts, click on the name “Archive” at the center of your screen and, when the submenu opens up, select “Posts”. You will now be able to see your past posts that you decided to archive.

How to find my deleted Instagram posts: is this a good solution?


So, is this it? Were you able to find that picture that you thought you had deleted? I really hope you did, but if this still didn’t solve your problem, don’t give up just yet! how to find my deleted instagram posts is a very common question people look up to, and I won’t of course only provide you with one solution to fix your problem! Keep reading this guide to learn other ways to how to see posts you deleted on instagram!

One other solution to the question how to see posts you deleted on instagram is to look on your device’s “Recently deleted” and “Instagram” album.

You may not know this, but Instagram is very well aware of the fact that many users end up deleting posts and stories and then regretting it. Moreover, it could also happen that users decide to take some time off Instagram, either by deleting their accounts or deactivating them, but don’t want to lose their content.

The auto-save feature is usually automatic (as the name itself might suggest), so if you posted something on Instagram during these past few months – or years – there’s actually a very good chance that Instagram might have stored a copy of it on your phone, even if you are not aware of it.

I know what you might be thinking now: “Okay, this is awesome, but how can I access the Instagram album on my phone? And more than anything, how to find my deleted instagram posts?”

Did you check your albums?

I will now be explaining the procedure to open up the Instagram album on iPhone, as this is the device most users have, but if you have an Android or another kind of smartphone, don’t worry! I’m sure it will be very easy to access your Instagram album on your device as well.

So, on your phone, click on “Camera Roll”. This will, of course, open your camera roll. Above your photos you will read “My Albums”, as your iPhone will show you the different albums it has on its memory. Scroll down (or scroll right) a bit until you see the Instagram album.

Once you find it, the rest is actually really intuitive: you will probably first see the oldest photos in the album.

So, if you more or less remember the date – or the period of time – in which you posted your photo or video, scroll down till you find it! Note that I didn’t say “the date in which you took the photo or video”, but rather that in which you posted it, as this is the date in which the content was saved in this album.

How to see posts you deleted on Instagram: does this work?

If, for some strange reason, you still didn’t find your beloved picture in this album, there is one more thing you could try before moving on to the more extreme methods. Have you tried to check whether your picture is in your “Recently deleted” album? This is another attempt that you should make when trying to learn how to see posts you deleted on instagram.

So far, I explained three different ways how to find deleted instagram posts. I said that you could (and probably should) go check your Instagram archive, as chances are it’s there that you will find the picture you deleted (or thought you deleted).

I then talked about the “Instagram” album on your phone and, if that also doesn’t work, about the “Recently deleted” album. If none of these solutions worked so far, I still have a few things that might help you.

First of all, I suggest you use an Internet archive to try and retrieve a previous version of your Instagram account. To do so, all that you have to do is access the Web Archive’s website and, once you are there, copy and past the URL of your Instagram account.

If everything goes according to plan – and I’m really hoping that it does! – you should be able to see a previous version of your Instagram page, which hopefully is old enough to still retrieve the content that you accidentally deleted.

How to find my deleted Instagram posts if none of these methods work?


Well, if you are still reading this guide and starting to feel desperate because none of these methods worked to retrieve your beloved photo that you accidentally deleted, I am now starting to worry as well.

I mean, I’m not saying that there is no other method to learn how to find my deleted instagram posts. I am just saying that, if looking at the archive and looking at your camera roll albums didn’t work, then it will probably be quite hard to get your post back.

One more thing you might try could be using a data recovery tool, which is able to recover old content that you previously deleted from your phone.

The only problem with this method is that it won’t allow you to directly retrieve old pictures, posts and videos from your Instagram account, but rather “only” from your phone’s camera roll.

So, if you did have – at any point in time – your Instagram post saved on your phone, you may of course very well try to find it again by using a data recovery tool.

The last resort…

I won’t, however, get into details about how to use data recovery tools in this article, as this is a whole other subject that would probably require another guide itself. What I can do is recommend some good data recovery tools that you might try to use: if you have an iPhone, you could try FoneDog iOS Data Recovery.

For Android, one good option might be Tenorshare UltData. For other types of phone, I’m sure there are many more options and tools to help you, just try to Google it!

I really hope you are able to find again that post you accidentally deleted. If you, however, don’t manage to do it, let’s try to turn this negative experience into an useful lesson: always allow Instagram to save your posts to your camera roll, so that you will never have to worry about losing a post forever!

How can you do this? It’s super simple: open the Instagram app, go to your profile and click on the famous three horizontal lines. Now, click “Settings”, then “Account” and then “Original Photos”, and make sure that “Save original photos” is activated. If you think about it, this is the only sure way to learn how to find deleted Instagram posts!

How to see deleted instagram posts
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How to see deleted instagram posts
In this article you'll learn how to find deleted instagram posts. And how to see posts you deleted on instagram and how to find my deleted instagram posts.
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