How to see post insights on Instagram

How to see post insights on Instagram

Instagram is part of our everyday life: from breakfasts with flowers and croissants, through brunches with smoothies and avocados, to dinners on the terrace under the stars. From the table to the wardrobe, from the bed to the suitcase.

At home, on the road, alone and in company. Always with us. Sometimes it seems as if it is even our reality that is shaped according to its own rules and dynamics. And even more so now that there are Stories.

The functions of Instagram are many, many of which are in common use, while some are little known but equally useful. Have you ever heard something about how to see post insights on Instagram android? Do you know what an “insight” is? There are many functions that everyone knows about, but few uses correctly.

I am sure a friend of yours recently told you about Insight, a feature of Instagram that allows you to view statistical data about your account. Intrigued by this, you immediately rushed home to view your account statistics and perhaps try to read this data to improve your ‘social strategy’.

If you have come to this article, however, it is clear that you are struggling to understand how to activate Instagram insights and you are wondering “how to see my post insights on Instagram”, am I right?

In this article, I will explain how best to use the social network that is taking over from Facebook in the hearts of young people.

Instagram is your favourite social network, and since you have been posting a lot of content on it, you would like to know how to see the statistics for it, so you know how popular it is on the platform. You probably have heard of a section of Instagram called “Insights”, which shows you the number of followers who viewed your posts and stories.

If you are wondering how to see post insights on Instagram you will be happy to know that, in this article, I will provide you with all the instructions on how to see your post insights on Instagram.

Before moving on to the more operational part, namely, how to see my post insights on Instagram, I want to better clarify the meaning of “insights”.

Are you looking forward to learning more about it? If so, I suggest you sit down comfortably and, smartphone in hand, take a few minutes to read my advice. Follow the directions I am about to give you carefully and you will see that you will succeed in no time at all. Are you ready to get started? I wish you a good read.

What is an insight?

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Before to focus our attention on how to see your post insights on Instagram, let us define what an Insight is. It is almost impossible to define what an insight is without giving some examples.  It is that something you did not know you knew about yourself.

A need that was inside you, but you did not know it. A behaviour so innate that you did not feel it was part of you. Ultimately, an insight is that which discovers things about you that you did not even imagine.

An insight is the true revelation of the consumer. It finds out why your target audience thinks what they think, behaves the way they behave and feels what they feel. And it works on these aspects to provide answers to real needs.

One of the biggest secrets and best adventures in the world of advertising is decoding the mind of the consumer. Getting inside them and knowing what drives each of us to perform certain actions. The intuition, the habits, the perception of every human being is what conditions their actions and your work and find out where they come from.

Insights are created from a deep analysis based on observation, intuition, introspection, and deduction regarding different aspects. The best advice to get the answers is to be curious and observe everything.

Insights are found on the street. They live among people and are understood through examples. But first, you have to know that to find them you have to study your target audience and everything about them in depth. It is a collection of facts and insights.

Different definitions of Insight

These are some definitions that can help you understand what an insight is.

An insight is an understanding of the real needs expressed and unexpressed by customers. It can be a set of needs and desires. A value or belief that determines buying behavior. Finding out what is in the mind and heart of the customer. It is a new business perspective on the symbolic relationship between a brand and its potential consumer.

Identifying an insight

To better understand the mind of the consumer you have to find the key moment. It is essential to observe all their steps to be present now when they express an interest in your brand. Be it positive or negative.

In this way, you can observe what led them to have a certain attitude. In the same way, you need to detect the expectations of your target audience and how they reach them. You can help with surveys or interviews. But, without a doubt, one of the best ways to get this information is to observe your own outlets.

One of the most important steps to gaining good insight is to listen. Take advantage of all your communication channels, social media, call to action, surveys to find out what is being said about your brand and competitors. Get to the bottom of what your target audience thinks of you and what they are really looking for.

On most occasions, it will be your potential customers who will shape the needs through different channels. Take advantage of this.

Thanks to the internet, you have the enormous advantage of being able to access millions of data and statistics that analyse the behavior of your target audience. But on top of all that, you can start by paying attention to your data.

Acquiring external databases is never a good idea. Proprietary databases provide you with particularly important information. You can get a profile of your customers and information about their consumption habits and tastes. That is why it is better to take advantage of your own resources.

Why finding good insight can help you?

Your interest in insights will grow as you discover their potential. To begin with, you should know that finding good insight will give you the motivation you need to unleash your creativity. You will have at your fingertips a source of ideas for generating new products and services.

The essence of insights is to know aspects of the consumer that even they do not know. And from this point new needs are generated that you have to discover. From this point on you can launch new products and services to meet the new needs that your customers have not yet discovered.

It will also serve as a unique opportunity to reposition yourself in the market. A well-designed campaign will breathe new life into your brand.

How to activate the Instagram insight function

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Before you know how to see post insights on Instagram you should learn to activate the Instagram insight function.

To activate the Insight function on Instagram and to view statistical data from your account, you need to do a few things in advance: as the Insight function is only available for company profiles, you first need to convert your personal profile into a company profile.

Switching from a personal account to a business account on Instagram is extremely easy to do. All you have to do is create a Facebook page (if you do not already have one) and then link it to your account. The procedure is also reversible, and if you have second thoughts, you can switch back to a personal account

Once you have converted your personal Instagram account to a business account, you will not only be able to use the Insight feature to view statistical data about your profile, but you will also be able to access all the features designed for businesses, such as the ability to sponsor posts, add your company contact information and sell on Instagram.

In the next few steps, I will show you in detail how to create a Facebook page and how to link it to your Instagram account, so that you can switch to your company profile and activate the Insight function.

Creating a Facebook page

You are almost close to finding out how to see post insights on Instagram. The first thing you need to do to convert your personal Instagram account into a business profile is to create a Facebook page.

After creating your Facebook page, you need to link it to your personal Instagram account to convert it into a company profile and activate the social network’s Insight function.

To link your Facebook page to your Instagram account, you must first launch the official Instagram app, call up the function for switching from your personal account to your business profile and follow the simple wizard that appears on the screen.

Launch the official Instagram app on your mobile device (if you have not downloaded it yet, you can remedy this immediately by clicking on the links I provided above) and login in to your Instagram account (if you have not activated automatic access yet).

Once you have logged in, tap on the little man symbol in the bottom right-hand corner and, on the screen that opens, click on the ☰ symbol in the top right-hand corner. Then, in the menu that appears, tap on Settings.

Now tap on the item Switch to a professional profile in the Account section and follow the guided procedure to change the “nature” of your account by transforming it into a company profile or a Creator profile.

To do that, press the blue Continue button four times in succession, tap on Choose Page, select the Facebook page that you want to link to your Instagram account, click on Next in the top right-hand corner, edit or remove the information that you do not want to show on Instagram, click on Finish and you are done.

At the end, you will see a welcome screen confirming that you have switched to the company profile and that you can use the promotions and statistics function.

How to see my post insights on Instagram

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After activating the Instagram Insights feature, you are ready to understand how to see post insights on Instagram Android.

It should be noted that Instagram Insights are only visible when using the Instagram app for Android or iOS. That said, launch the previously downloaded application of the photographic social network and, if necessary, log in to your account.

Then go to your profile section, clicking on the little man icon in the bottom menu, locate the content that you have published in the posts and tap on it. Then click on View statistics before the description and a drop-down menu will appear at the bottom.

Now swipe upwards to expand the Insights section of the published post and the next screen will show you all the Insights related to the post, such as the Interactions received in terms of likes (the heart-shaped icon) and profile visits.

In addition, the Suggestions section will show you the total coverage of the post (the number of unique accounts that have seen your post) and the sources from which the post has received the most views (impressions): from the home page, hashtags, profile or other.

How to see post insights on Instagram in the stories

Instagram Insights are also visible for content posted in stories. To access this section, you must always act via the Instagram app for Android or iOS, after downloading it to your device and logging into your account.

Launch the app and go to your profile section by clicking on the little man icon in the bottom menu, then tap on your profile picture to see the stories you’ve posted.

To see the Insights corresponding to the content posted in the stories, swipe down to see a menu of views. Click on the histogram icon to go to the Insights screen, where you can find all the statistical data showing interactions, such as replies or profile visits.

In addition, under the heading Statistical data, you will see information such as the number of accounts reached by the publication of the story and the number of followers obtained.

How to see post insights on Instagram in your profile

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If you want to know how to see your post insights on Instagram analyzing the Insights for your profile, you will need to use the Instagram app for Android or iOS. After launching it and logging into your Instagram account, go to your profile section by clicking on the little man icon in the bottom menu.

Now click on the ☰ icon in the top right-hand corner and tap on Statistical data in the side menu. The Insights for your Instagram profile are divided into three main tabs: Activity, Content and Audience.

The Activity tab shows, on a weekly interval, information relating to interactions (the number of actions performed on your account) and statistical data (the number of accounts reached). By tapping on the Content tab, you can see the views achieved for the posts and stories published.

Finally, the Audience section is used to measure the progress of your followers and find out information about them such as their city or country of origin, age group, gender, and the times and days they are most active.

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