How to unmute someone in Instagram: 3 good tips

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Since April, Instagram has announced some news. But the changes did not stop here in fact, Instagram announced the silent option that will allow you to check which posts to see in your feed. This way, we can view only what is important to us, although we will continue to follow that account. Today we well explain you how to unmute someone in Instagram and how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram.

To unmute an account, simply access the publication menu. Here, you can choose to unmute posts or mute both posts and account stories. After unmuting an account, you can only see posts when you log into someone’s Instagram profile.

You will also receive notifications about comments or publications you have tagged. For your part, the accounts you muted won’t know that you did, since Instagram will not send any notification of the action. Also, when you decide to reset the function, you can cancel it.

It may happen that for some reason you have had a rethink about a muted user and you want to proceed with reactivation to see again the content that publishes on the feed, how to do that? Also, in this case, unmuting a user is really simple and you can do it with a very fast procedure: go to the user profile, tap on the 3 dots at the top right and choose unmute.

As we have seen, this feature is very useful and is also quite simple to use, there is a small downside. Unlike the blocked users, you cannot have a general overview of those you have decided to mute.

In fact, on Instagram settings, you can find a section dedicated to unmute profiles, while actions that allow you to see all users muted, this field is not very convenient for a user, because you have to remember the username to mute or unmute again the profile in question.

But don’t worry, Instagram is already studying a faster and simpler method to find immediately in your profile the list of unwanted users. Be patient and wait for the next updates of the App. Doing a quick Google search you stumbled into a guide on how to block on Instagram and discovered, precisely, that even on the famous photographic social network you can block users.

However, if you are here now and are reading this post, evidently you have reconsidered and now you want to figure out how to retrace your steps. I’m right, aren’t I?

If you give me a few minutes of your free time I can in fact illustrate to you, step by step, how to unmute someone in Instagram, how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram and how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram. No operation in using Instagram has been clay to complicate a user’s use.

Just a little practice and the game is done. Note once a user is unmuted on Instagram: when you unmute a person on Instagram you also stop following their updates automatically. If you want to resume to follow his posts remember then after unmuting it, go to its profile, and press the button located at the top.

The user you had previously muted and then unmuted will not receive any notification of this action, but you started following him again. Let’s see how to unmute someone in Instagram, how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram and how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram.

How to unmute someone in Instagram

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To know how to unmute someone in Instagram from smartphones there are 2 different systems that you can follow. System 1: just to start, go to the screen of your device where all the apps are grouped and press on the Instagram icon.

Then go to the profile of the person you want to unmute by tapping on the button with the magnifying glass at the downside, on the search bar, type the desired username, be careful not to misspell the desired name, a small spelling error could create problems in the Instagram search.

Then press on the button with 3 dots on the top right and select, from the menu you see appearing, “unmute” then if you’re using an iPhone or a Windows Phone smartphone press Unmute again and then on Ignoring, while if you are using an Android smartphone you have to plug in to confirm. Is everything clear? ok!

If you want to speed up the execution of the steps I just pointed out to you, you can also go to the profile of the user you want to unmute and plug in the Follow button on iOS and Windows Phone or on that Unmute on Android that stands on top.

After that, the user’s mute will be removed automatically and you will start to follow the updates of that given user.

System 2: as an alternative to the procedure I just gave you, you can unmute one or more users on Instagram also by going to your profile by tapping on the icon of the man located at the tight down of the application screen. Then pressing on the button with the gear wheel that is to the right of your name and plugging then on the item Blocked users.

Now, stop on the name of the user to unmute, then press on the button with the 3 dots located at the top right, and choose Unmute from the menu that opens. Later, press once again on Unmute and then Ignore.

How to unmute someone’s story on Instagram

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Your story from some Instagram was hidden to users but, after a long time, you changed your mind and would like to reactive it? So do you want to know how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram?

A person you follow on Instagram had published, in the stories of this social network, a series of contents that were not to your liking, and for that reason did you deactivate his story, unmute his profile, or even blocking his account?

If you’re reconsidered, I guess you want to go back to see the content that publishes, but you don’t know how to do this operation. In this post, in fact, I’m going to explain to you how to get back to see and see the multimedia content of Instagram stories, as far as your stories and those of other users are concerned.

Before I explain how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram and how to turn off stories on Instagram, I need to give you some background on this operation. To succeed in this, in fact, the operations to be carried out vary depending on what you want to reactivate.

If, for example, you want to activate your Instagram stories, as previously you had hidden them to some specific users, you have to remove the silent mode or remove the block that is applied to the user.

Other tips about unmute stories

You deactivated a user’s Instagram stories but, now, you changed your mind and would like to know how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram? No problem, we are here for you. Follow me in this post. In case you have previously muted a user’s Instagram stories, you’ll be happy to know how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram.

The first thing you need to do is locate the user profile you muted, via the Instagram search engine. Now, tap on the name of the user you want to unmute the stories for and tap on the Follow Already button.

After that, in the menu that is shown to you, press on the item Mute and move the lever off, in correspondence with the item Stories, to unmute the display of the same in the Instagram Feed. Are the Instagram Stories in your feed repetitive and do you always get the same profiles?

Does an account publish too many stories every hour being first among the cute colored circles? Instagram Stories can be muted in a very simple and intuitive way thanks to the special function. to do this, click on the circle of the account you want to mute in Instagram Stories: holding down the icon you will see two options appear, view a profile, and muted.

Click on the latter to hide and mute the Instagram stories of your chosen account. The new IG stories will no longer appear in the feed but will be relegated down and colored gray almost transparent. If you want to unmute them, scroll with your finger until you find the muted account among the last, repeat the previous operation by clicking unmute.

How to unmute someone’s post on Instagram

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A new feature of Instagram, called Unmute User, allows you to hide a user’s posts from the feed without removing the Follow, a way to choose how and when to see what publishes, without necessarily removing it from your account.

With the Unmute user function, you can mute all annoying contacts, avoiding viewing in your feed the posts published daily, without letting him know that he has decided not to follow him anymore.

This feature is very similar to the one on Facebook, which allows silencing and hiding photos, videos, and stories published by a user without deleting them from their friends, substantially for the same reasons that push not to remove it from Instagram.

Besides, you can make a very precise choice, going to select the type of content to “unmute”, between only photos, videos, and stories or all but individually. Now you know how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram.

How to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram: why?!

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The Unmute User feature has several utilities and can be used for a variety of reasons as a replacement for a more drastic choice such as eliminating a contact.

This feature is very useful if you want to know how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram. For example photos and videos of people who publish content not pleasant or of little interest but continuing to have among followers.

And we know that followers are very important for Instagram. Sometimes you decide to start following someone on Instagram for knowledge or because at first glance, it seems that person publishes interesting content, unfortunately, if an Instagram profile is not engaging, you risk getting bored.

Quiet can happen to anyone and that’s why the mute function is ideal not to hurt the sensitivity of a user, who maybe is also your friend. What if a profile is private?” The answer is very simple.

The mute function of a profile is also useful for this type of setting, in the past if you no longer wanted to see the contents of a particular private user, you had to remove it from friends, this, however, meant that to regain accessibility to his profile in case of second thoughts, a new registration request must be sent and the response was not always positive.

One more good thing about this Mute feature? the people who are muted will not know anything about this choice and how they have hidden all their content.

Do you understand how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram? It’s simply, isn’t it?

Mute unmute feature on Instagram

The mute feature on Instagram allows you to better manage your feed. By activating it you won’t see any more account posts that you’ve decided to mute while scrolling the homepage and stories, all without having to “defolloware” contact.

The silenced person on Instagram will not receive any notification and you can enjoy the app avoiding for example to see the continuous brand posts you follow only for discounts or acquaintances who post photos stories and videos you don’t like or source spam. Once you have silenced an account, you can still visit it whenever you want to see what it has recently published.

You will also receive a notification if you are tagged in posts or comments and there is, therefore, a risk of being discovered. do you have a friend who publishes too many photos of his lunches? Your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend shoot with her or his new flame but you don’t want to take the following?

The solution will be to silence it: just tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner of their posts. Under the already known do not follow anymore you will also find the option Silence. One selected you can choose whether to disable only posts or also disable Instagram Stories.

You can retrace your steps and deactivate the function at any time. Then why are you still here reading me? Go get your smartphone and have fun putting aside Instagram profiles that you don’t like anymore. I’m here waiting for some new curiosity about this fantastic social network called Instagram.

Are you ready? You have learned how to unmute someone in Instagram expecially how to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram and how to unmute someone’s story on Instagram. Let’s go to!

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