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Keeping the Instagram app up-to-date allows you to use the latest developer releases. Instagram, the social network owned by Facebook Inc., lately introduced numerous updates that you might have missed. Having Instagram updated allows you to enjoy advanced features that developers integrate to the platform to improve version after version. But how to update Instagram? If, for example, we think of the first versions of Instagram it was not possible to insert filters or other elements in the stories.

Thanks, however, to the updates made by developers, many features added later have decreed the spread and success of these social networks throughout the world. A classic example was the ability to add music on Instagram when we publish a story. To combat the purchase of likes Instagram has also released a recent update where it is no longer possible to view the total number of likes put to a post or a photo.

For those who frequently use this social network, update Instagram means being able to keep up with other users and have advanced features (filters, music, tags etc.) that gradually introduce the developers of the application to make it more appealing and fun to use. If you don’t know what you need to do to update Instagram to the latest version, read my post of today.

To update Instagram with an Android phone just open the Google Play Store. At this point, you have two alternatives. The first is typing in the top bar, where there is the word Google Play, the word Instagram. The Instagram logo will appear on the screen, and after opening the Google Play Store you can follow these steps.

How to update Instagram app


The screen will display the Instagram logo, and if available a newer version of the app that I currently installed on your Android Smartphone, a green button with Refresh. Tap the button to start the download, then wait for the update to complete. Once Instagram is updated on the button you will see the written Open. To avoid having to perform the procedure each time on your Android phone you can enable automatic update of applications.

To do this: go to the Google Play Store click on the three vertical lines in the upper left and look for the Settings item. Once in the settings press Auto Update App, and tap on one of the available entries ( you can activate automatic updates with Wi-Fi and data connection, or only via Wi-Fi).

If you have a device with an iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad or Mac), you can update Instagram by following these steps: access the Apple App Store, tap on the search function at the right downside and type the word Instagram, and in case you do not have the latest version of this social network, the button Update will appear.

After clicking on Refresh the download will appear and the application will update in a few minutes automatically. Alternatively, you can update Instagram on iPhone directly in the Updates section. By updating the latest version you can change the icon of the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

How to update on Instagram

Have you read about some features just introduced on Instagram, and would you like to know how to have them on your smartphone? Well, if the functions in question were officially released for everyone, all you have to do is update your Instagram and you’ll find them immediately at your disposal.

If you are here and you are reading this post of today, evidently you don’t know how to update Instagram on your smartphone and want a hand in finding out how it does. I’m glad to tell you that that’s why I’m here and I’m happy to be able to help you with these are your first steps in the smartphone world.

Find out how to get the latest version of Instagram on your mobile. I’ll take care of all popular software platforms: Android, Windows, iPhone, and Windows10. Enjoy reading and good update! If you use an Android terminal and want to update Instagram to the latest stable version, open the Google Play Store, press on the button located at the top left with three vertical lines, and select My apps and games from the bar that appears at the side.

At this point, look for Instagram in the list of apps that need updates, and if it is present, press first on its icon and then on the Update button to start the download. Within moments the latest version of the app will be installed on your smartphone, and you can use all the new features in the latter.

Update Instagram on Android System


If you are reading this post directly from your Android device, you can do it before and update Instagram simply, and pressing the Refresh button on the screen that opens (that is on the Play Store page) dedicated to Instagram. Android features an automatic update feature that downloads and installs the latest versions of the apps as soon as these available (or almost). If Instagram has not been updated on your smartphone, that functionality may have been disabled by mistake.

To verify- and possibly deactivate- the automatic update function on your device, open the Google Play Store, press on the button with three vertical lines located at the top left, and select the Settings item from the bar that appears to the side. Next, tap on the Auto Update app, and if not, check the checkmark next to the Auto Update app item only via Wi-Fi.

This way Android will start automatically updating apps without consuming data traffic (so only if the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network). The Instagram features you’re interested in trying have been introduced only in the beta version of the application?

How to update my Instagram


You can subscribe to the official beta testing program of Instagram, and install the preview version of the app on your smartphone. To participate in the beta testing program of Instagram on Android, open the Google Play Store, search for Instagram within the latter, and press on the application icon present in the search results ( or, if you are reading this post directly from Android, press your Instagram page and it will automatically open on the Play Store).

At this point, swipe the screen up and down, press the button Yes in the box Become a beta tester, and confirm your participation in the beta testing program by doing tap on the Join button.

To find out when the update will be available- and to install it on your device- open the Google Play Store, press on the button with three vertical lines located on the top left, and select My apps and games from the bar that appears on the side. Next, select the Beta App tab that should appear in the upper right corner, tap on the Instagram icon, and download the application by pressing the Update button.

In the case of second thoughts, to return to the stable version of Instagram, uninstall the app from your smartphone. After dropping the beta testing program, wait a few minutes, and reinstall Instagram from the Play Store (making sure that next to the name of the app there is no longer the words beta). If you have a smartphone on which the Google Play Store is not present, you can update Instagram by downloading manually the apk package of the latest version of the app.

Apk package for Instagram update

To download the Instagram apk package to your device, open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet and press the arrow icon next to the latest version of Instagram. At this point, scroll through the page that opens up to the Downloads list, select the first link under Variant, and proceed to download Instagram by pressing on the Download Apkpresent button on the page that opened.

If you are asked with which app you want to download the Instagram apk package, choose the browser you are using right now and reply Ok to the warning that should appear at the downside.

Once the download is complete, open the Android Download app (or use a file manager like ES File Manager to open the Device Downloads folder), select the Instagram apk package, and confirm the installation of the updated version of the app by pressing on the Install button present at the downside right of the screen that opens.

If an error message appears, try going to the Settings- Android Security menu, and authorizes the installation of apps from unknown origins by placing the checkmark next to the appropriate item.

If you have an iPhone, you can check for updates for Instagram by opening the App Store, and by selecting the Updates tab from the screen that opens (at the right downside). If Instagram appears in the list of the applications to update, tap on the Refresh button located next to its icon, and wait a few minutes for the download to be completed.

How to update Instagram: general Update Instagram conditions

A well as Android and all other mobile operating systems, iOS also has an automatic system that checks and downloads updates for apps. If Instagram didn’t update itself, it may be that this system was accidentally disabled on your smartphone. To check the status of automatic updates on your iPhone, and possibly restore them, go to iOS settings (the gear icon located on the home screen), and select the iTunes Store and App Store entry from the screen that opens.

At this point, make sure that the levers related to the App and Updates options are both active and the game is done. If the levers are not active, put them on ON so you can automatically download updates for apps. I recommend, if you do not want to consume data traffic and risk unwanted charges on your phone credit, make sure the Use mobile data option is disabled.

This way iOS will only download app updates when the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. As for Instagram Beta, unfortunately, on iOS you can not access the preliminary versions of the application, and so you have to wait until the new functions are introduced in the stable version of the app.

How to update Instagram on iPhone


How to update Instagram on iPhone? Then to update Instagram on your smartphone you have to open iPhone  (shopping bag icon with windows flag printed in the center), you have to press the button with three dots (…) at the downside and you have to select the settings item from the menu that appears.

On the screen that opens, move the Update ap options to Yes automatically, and update only with Wi-Fi and press the update search button. This will enable automatic updates of apps only under Wi-Fi, and you will force iPhone to download the latest version of Instagram.

To follow the progress of the download, press the button with three dots (…) located at the downside of the iPhone  Store home screen, and select the download item from the menu that opens.

To be exact it is available in the form of a Modern application for iPhone, and so to update it you have to use the Apple Store. To start the app update, just open the Apple Store and press the Check for Updates button located at the top right corner.

This will automatically update Instagram and you won’t have to perform the procedure every time. Good! Now that you know how to proceed with the automatic or manual update you just have to find out all the news regarding the latest version of Instagram. So why are you still here to read me! Go to enjoy with your smartphone and make me proud of you. See you next time!

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