How to use Instagram, 5 tips

How to use Instagram

“How to use Instagram?” seems to be a quite common question nowadays. Over the past few years, Instagram has seen enormous growth, from one million users in December 2010 to over one billion in 2020.

The platform is used every day worldwide by people who want to share their pictures and videos. On Instagram, you can actually find everything you need.

Browsing through the billion posts, you can find recipes, fashion tutorials, tips on thousands of fields. Moreover, a lot of famous brands, like clothing or food brand, use Instagram to reach thousands of people on a daily basis.

So, during the last decade, Instagram has evolved into a massive shopping window. In addition to this, Instagram is used by people from all over the world to keep in contact with their friends and family.

Moreover, the platform allows you to discover what people around you like, what are the places that they visit, what is their favourite restaurant and what is the type of music they like the most. It is a gigantic means of communication that links people who live in different angles of the world.

That’s why, currently, it’s important to know how to use Instagram, how to use Instagram Stories and most of all how to use Hashtags on Instagram. Let’s discuss it together!

What is Instagram and how to use Instagram?

Before diving into the deep ocean of Instagram, let’s discover what is Instagram and how to use Instagram. It is a social media platform that emphasizes photo and video sharing via its mobile app.

How to use Instagram stories

The creators of the very famous platform are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who launched the social on the 6th of October 2010. On the 9th of April 2012, the innovative social network was bought by the founder father of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for 1 billion dollars.

Since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, more and more functions have been added to the platform. In fact, in the beginning, it was just possible to post pictures, like and comment on them.

Then, later on, Instagram has integrated a lot of brand new functions, like Stories, filters, Reels and IGTV.

Currently, Instagram counts more than a billion users in 2020. Thanks to Instagram you can check not only the activities of your friends, but you can also be part of the life of millions of celebrities from all over the world, who daily share their thoughts and images on the platform.

How to create an Instagram account

I bet that now you are curious and want to know how to be part of the millions of users who knows how to use Instagram. But, before this, the first step to do is to create an Instagram account. But here I am to explain to you how to do it!

To sign up for Instagram, all you need to do is:

  • Go to the Instagram site on your desktop or download the app from your AppStore or Google Play Store;
  • If you’re on a desktop you can click “Log in with Facebook” or sign in filling the form with your number, email address, username and password, then click “Sign up“;
  • On Android, you can click “Sign up with email or phone number“;
  • On iPhone, tap “Create new account“;
  • Enter you email address and phone number, click “Next“. If you want you can also sign up with your Facebook account on the app;
  • Once you’ve filled your username and password, Instagram will ask you to fill out your profile info. When finished, tap “Done“;
  • If you register with Facebook; you will need to log into your Facebook account if you are logged out.

How to use Instagram filters

How to use Instagram to post pictures

So, now you have an Instagram profile! It’s time to learn how to post pictures of landscapes or whatever you are interested in on your feed! Keep in mind that Instagram is a completely visual platform, it means that, differently from Facebook, images are more important than words, because Instagram’s first aim is to share visual contents with your followers.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

Instagram allows you to post from one to ten pictures is every post (or album), so it’s totally different from Facebook enormous albums. The most important tip I can give you is to use this space to upload as many pictures as you can, but they must be different from one another, otherwise, you will appear boring to your followers.

Set your creativity free and show whatever you want, but make sure that it is unique and that it mirrors your style! To share a post on Instagram, you need to:

  • Tap the “+” icon in the bottom centre of your screen;
  • Now, you have to choose between a brand new picture or a picture which is already in your camera roll, or you can decide to post a video as well;
  • When done, tap “Next” on top of your screen;
  • If you want now you can edit your picture in two ways: “Filters” and “Edit“. The first one will apply a filter on your photo, while the second one allows you to adjust the brightness, the saturation and more;
  • Last but not least, you need to create a caption which is funny or captivating, add a location and tag your friends if they’re present in the picture;
  • Tap “Share” so all of your followers will see your post.

Be ready to learn how to use Instagram Stories, how to use Instagram filters and how to use hashtags on Instagram.

How to use Instagram Stories

At this point, you already know how to use Instagram and you are familiar with your feed. Do not forget to click the “Heart” button under your friends’ posts and to leave them a comment! Now, it has come the time to learn how to use Instagram stories.

How to use hashtags on Instagram 1

Stories were launched in 2016 and it has soon become one of the most used functions on the app. In fact, thousands and thousands of Stories are uploaded every day by worldwide users.

Please remind that Stories are only available for 24 hours, then Instagram will delete them. Let’s see how to create a Story and how to use Instagram stories:

  • Tap the camera icon on the top left;
  • You can take a picture or video from the app or if you have an image saved to your phone that you’d like to use, click the little square in the bottom left corner;
  • Now you can edit your picture through the smiley face that allows you to add stickers, like location, hashtag, time, date, and other fun images or emoji. You can even handwrite on the image thanks to the pencil in the top corner or write a text with the symbol ‘Aa’: there are many fonts you can use as well.
  • You can also swipe left or right to add filters to your picture or video.
  • Once you’re happy with your content, tap the “+ Your Story” icon, which allows you to share your Story with your followers.

Now that you know how to use Instagram stories, let’s move on and learn how to use Instagram filters.

How to use Instagram filters

Seems like you’re an Instagrammer now! But let’s dive even deeper and discover how to use Instagram filters.

Filters are one of the most important things on Instagram because thanks to them you can add a little bit of magic to your shots and render your posts unique. Professional photographers use digital tools to do this and they modify things like colour balance, sharpness, saturation…

For everyone else, the Instagram app includes filters which are really easy to use and editing tools that can render your photos and video more and more appealing. You can find Instagram filters following these simple steps:

  • Upload the photo on Instagram using the “+” button on the home screen, then choose the picture you desire from your phone’s camera roll and tap “Next” (If you want you can even use the Instagram camera, but using it you cannot take multiple shots);
  • The app is now opened on the filter screen. Tap on any filter to see it applied to your picture. If you tap the thumbnail twice, you can dial down the intensity of the filter;
  • Edit, if you want, your picture in brightness, saturation and contrast;
  • Tap “Next” to share your post.


How to use Instagram filters in Stories


Did you see people looking like dogs or other animals you their Stories? Do you want to know how this is possible? Well, let me explain to you how to use Instagram filters in Stories.

As you might be wondering, filters are available not only for posts but also for Stories. Instagram filters are face filters that use AR (augmented reality) effects, that you can layer on the original photo or video.

They render your picture more amusing and funnier and they are really simple to use. Let’s see together how to use Instagram filters in Stories:

  • Click the camera to create a new Story;
  • Swipe left at the bottom of the screen and you will see all filters;
  • Pick the filter you like the most and have fun.

Also, if you keep swiping, you’ll find the Effect Gallery that helps you to discover new filters. There are filters from various categories, such as “Instagram”, “Love”, “Selfies”, “Contour”…

How to use hashtags on Instagram

We have come really far! You learned how to use Instagram, how to use Instagram stories and also how to use Instagram filters. So now you know how to share and edit your picture. Last but not least, it’s fundamental that you learn how to use hashtags on Instagram.

Hashtags play a major role in brand strategy. You can figure hashtags out as tags that are able to connect a specific social media to a certain event, theme or chat.

Moreover, they make it easier to find a specific post or image among the endless quantity of contents that are present on the platform. If you want to use hashtags, always remember that:

  • What you’re saying starts with a #;
  • You must have a public account, otherwise, people who don’t follow you cannot see your content;
  • Don’t put too many words together with the same #, it is not easy to read and remember;
  • Don’t use too many hashtags or the algorithm will label it as spam.

So, as we were saying it is indispensable to know how to use hashtags on Instagram to increase engagement with your followers through likes, comments, shares and so on. But hashtags are fundamental if you want to support a specific cause or social issue.

Last but not least, you can follow hashtags of issues and causes you’re interested in. For example, you can follow the hashtag #travel if you love to see places and landscapes from all around the world, or the hashtag #nature if your passion is flowers and plants.


In this blog we have talked about how to use Instagram, discover all the articles on our blog.

How to use Instagram, 5 tips
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How to use Instagram, 5 tips
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