How to watch Instagram live on Mac


If you spent a lot of time on Instagram, you undoubtedly saw Instagram Live videos. However, can you watch Instagram videos on your desktop? How to watch Instagram live on Mac? The answer is yes, but with some warnings.

The first thing you need to know is that accessing your Instagram account on your browser won’t help you. Instead, you’ll need to download a Chrome extension to access the feature.

In the post of today, we list the various ways to watch Instagram live videos on your desktop. If you use a PC or Mac, the options to watch Instagram live on computers are limited. In most cases, we recommend that you watch Instagram live via the mobile app. However, just because your options are limited does not mean that they do no exist.

You can watch Instagram live on your Pc or Mac using the Chrome extension. An extension that lets you view Instagram Live on PC is IG Stories for Instagram (not be confused with Chrome IG story). IG Stories for Instagram is an extension that lets you watch Instagram Live videos on a desktop computer.

It also you to watch stories and download finished live videos. Just a little note: the ability to download live video is only available for Windows, based on the latest update of the extension.

It also seems that at the moment some functionality issues affect the app’s ability to download videos, as per reviews. However, after testing the extension, we are glad to report that the ability to watch an Instagram video in a browser seems to work well.

An Instagram live videos and stories on Mac


Another feature added recently includes the ability to upload images to your Instagram story via the app. To watch Instagram Live desktop videos install Chrome’s IG IG Stories extension for Instagram. Next, sign in to your Instagram account via a Chrome browser. 

Choose Go to IG Stories, after clicking Go to IG Stories, you will be directed to an extended version of your Instagram page. On the IG Stories for Instagram page, you should see four categories along the search bar: friends, location, researching, and upload. The section you see at the time of access is generally Friends.

On this page, there will be a list of your friends who have recently posted pictures or videos for their stories. At the top of the Friends section, if your friends are currently broadcasting a live video, you will see the username of that person with a Live icon next to them.

Click on the icon to start watching the live videos: if there is no live video playing, you can click on the “eye” icon of your friend to view the previously terminated live videos that have been added to the Stories section. You can also: download stories, look at the stories of strangers who are tagged with a country. Search for stories for users, tags or places.

Additional considerations: IG live on Mac


This app really useful if you want to watch Instagram live on PC or Mac. However, we advise you to use it in tandem with another app to access the full functionality of Instagram, since its focus is on live videos. We also want to issue a warning for this extension before proving it.

During the review check, several complaints emerged in which users were asked to download a .exe file while downloading a live video. It was a .exe that some felt superfluous and suspicious. Some users even reported that .exe was marked as malware.

Although the developer has done its best to respond to these concerns in the comments, there were enough complaints that we thought justified a warning.

If you’re not satisfied with the recommendation above, but you still want to watch Instagram Live on computers or other devices, some other apps that are worth trying out. There is a tool called that allows you to stream live video from your desktop across multiple platforms, including Instagram.

However, Loola tv is strictly oriented towards content creators, not followers who want to watch Instagram Live on PC.

This means that it is not suitable for watching videos in a browser, at least for the average user. One of the best extensions we’ve tested is Desktop for Instagram, by Devanco. With this app, you can search for Instagram for recent videos and images.

How to watch live stream on Instagram on mac: more Instagram Live PC App to try

You can watch people’s stories, post your videos on IGTV, and download videos and images from Instagram to your desktop. Developers say that this extension allows you to do everything you would normally do on the Instagram mobile app, including watching Instagram Live videos. However, after testing Desktop for Instagram, we don’t think it’s up to the hype.

IG Stories for Instagram is even more suitable for this purpose. No matter what app you try, there are some simple tips to find live streaming on Instagram. And these work on all the extensions that we mentioned in this post.

Who you follow is important: if you want to know how to watch live stream on Instagram on Mac streams from your friends, some people are much more likely to stream live than others. Instagram stories: when you log in to the app or use an extension like Desktop for Instagram, you will see a row of colored circles avatars at the top of the feed.

This is your Stories section. If you see the words “Live” under a user’s avatar, it means that your friend is broadcasting.

Play live video: if happen to miss a live video, never fear. Instagram live videos can be shared with Instagram stories at the end, although it is noted that replays disappear from the feed after 24 hours.

Find new people to follow: using the Instagram search and Explore option, you can find other people to follow who can also share live videos.

The Instagram mobile app is the best option on Mac device

While all the extensions listed above are good, there is no simple and bug-free way to watch Instagram Live on a PC or Mac.  That said, you should still try IG Stories for Instagram since it is a good extension to watch live videos right now.

Are you a great Instagram fan? Would you like to upload photos to Instagram directly from your Mac, without having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket every time? Then I think you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

With today’s post, in fact, we will see together how to use Instagram on the Mac thanks to some online services, and some applications that allow you to enjoy all the images posted on the famous photographic social network, if necessary to load new; all in a matter of clicks and totally free of charge. Then follow my directions on how to use it and enjoy the Instagram browsing experience directly from your Mac.

The most complete, quick, and effective solution to use Instagram on your Mac is to turn to the Web version of the famous social network, that is Instagram, through which you can browse all the content posted by your friends, discover new content, download photos, and also post new images on your profile.

Instagram Web on Mac


To access the web version of Instagram, open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet, linked to on the item Do you have an account? Sign in at the downside, and sign in using a username and password. Alternatively, if you signed up for Instagram via Facebook, you can log in using the button dedicated to the social network or the button with your name. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, you can create it by filling in the appropriate form on the main page of the service.

Once logged in, you will find yourself in the presence of the main page on Instagram with, at the top, the search bar to search for users, hashtags, places, and etc., on the left the feed with the photos and videos posted by the users you follow, and on the right, the links to access your personal profile, and watch the Stories posted by the people with whom you are connected within the social network.

To like a photo, all you have to do is select the heart icon underneath it or, alternatively, double click on the image itself. To comment on it, instead, you can use the box located at the downside. By clicking on the (…) three dots button located at the downside right you can open a menu that allows you to view the post in full screen ( go to post), report an inadequacy, or embed the image in an external website or blog.

How to watch Instagram live videos on Mac: how can you use it?


To browse posts composed of multiple photos, use the arrows that appear automatically on both sides of the first image, the right to go forward and the left to go back. To view a user’s profile, instead, all you have to do is select the name of the user on the top of one of the photos or videos that the user posted, or alternatively, you have to look for it using the search bat at the top. Once you arrive on his profile page, you can view all the content he posted.

By clicking on the Follow button already you can choose to follow or stop following the user while clicking on the button with three dots (…), you can report or block it (in case he did something against you and/or Instagram rules).

To view stories, you just have to go back to the Instagram Web home page, and click on the circular photos that portray users who have posted stories of your interest. Alternatively, to view the stories of a specific user, you can connect to his profile and click on the circular photo at the top left, or if present, on the circular photos listed below your personal information. To start the movies, remember to click on the play button.

Would you like to find out which are the most interesting contents of the moment on Instagram? No problem, click on the compass icon at the top right and you will find yourself in the Explore section of the social network, in which there are posts receiving more attention from users, and at the top, some advice on the people you might be interested in following.

Last suggestions about how to watch Instagram live on a Mac

To view a full-screen photo or video or to view the profile of one of the people suggested by Instagram, all you have to do is click on the thumbnail related to the latter.

Finally, to complete this chapter dedicated to exploring Instagram from Mac, please note that by clicking on the heart icon at the top right you can see a menu with the latest notifications received (likes, comments, follow and etc.), while clicking on the icon of the man (also located in the top right), you can access your personal profile.

To change your profile settings, disable or even delete them, click on the Edit profile button at the top of your personal profile. To change your Instagram login password, manage apps connected to the social network, and adjust settings related to notifications, privacy, and security, click on the gear icon instead.

If you want to download your photos and want to do in “in bulk”, you can take advantage of the data download feature offered by Instagram, which allows you to download an archive containing all your data (including photos) without resorting to external solutions.

So what are you still here reading my post, go to have fun with your Mac and discover new solutions for your Instagram live an how to watch Instagram live on a Mac.

How to watch Instagram live on Mac
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