What does restrict mean on Instagram


In the age of social media, there are many things that we can say have changed compared to even just 20 years ago. First of all, we are much more connected: it’s amazing to think that we are always able to let everybody know what we are doing, where we are, who we are with or even just what we are thinking or how we are feeling.

We might not even realize it, but we really are constantly connected with the whole world, yet we sometimes still manage to feel a little lonely.

Second of all – and this is one of the things that people usually do not want to think about – we are a little more “addicted” to technology: whether at school, at work or during an important meeting, we always have to check our social networks to see what is going on, who posted what and what the latest gossip is.

Another important thing that has changed in our daily life since the rise of social media is the number of people we are in contact with every single day, especially on social networks like Instagram. Yet, what if we don’t really like someone and want to “silence them” for a while?

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature, so what does it mean when you restrict someone on Instagram? I mean, what does it mean restrict on Instagram, when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean? Keep reading this article to find out!

What does it mean restrict on Instagram? You are about to find out!


So, before we move on and start understanding exactly when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean, I would like to further elaborate on what I was saying in the introduction. As I was explaining before, one of the problems that people usually find themselves dealing with when constantly using social media is that feeling of “addiction”: we feel like we can’t really stay away from our social media, no matter how much we try to take a break.

I know that sometimes people do not really address this issue when talking about social media, but I don’t think that it is necessarily something “wrong”. I mean, yes, sometimes our addiction to social media might indeed become too much and have an impact on our daily life, but I guess that, overall, most of us manage it pretty well.

Of course, I am absolutely not implying that it is good or positive to feel even the slightest addition to Facebook, Instagram or whatever other social media website. What I’m saying is that I think we need to be able to distinguish between the positive and the negative.

So, what is the positive side of social media? We always have a voice, no matter who we are or where we come from. There is always a way to speak our mind and let everybody know that we are here, we have opinions and we matter.

Have you ever wondered when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean? Well, you’re in the right place to finally find the answer to your question!

If we think about other positive aspects of social networks and social media, we should probably also mention the fact that they have made it possible to find and reconnect with people we had lost contact with, and people from whom we thought we would never hear again.

If 40 years ago you’d meet someone on holiday, you’d then have no possibility of talking to them again or even to “spy” their life for the following years. Instead, such a thing has become the norm nowadays, especially thanks to Instagram. How many people have you met, for example, while travelling, and then started following on Instagram even if you actually never texted?

And, to further elaborate on this topic, how many people from your past have you had the chance to text thanks to the fact that you were able to find their account on a social network? Can you imagine how many friendships would have never been able to blossom if it hadn’t been for the development of Instagram, for example? Aren’t all these things examples of positive aspects of a social networks?

I know you might now still be wondering what does restrict mean on Instagram, but before we specifically address this very important topic – which is actually a very useful feature that was recently introduced on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network – I’d like to talk a little more about the ways in which social networks – and Instagram specifically – have changed our lives.

Have you been asking yourself when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean? I asked myself that, too, and now I finally found an answer!

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I know I have only been talking about the positive aspects of Instagram, but I promise I will also address the more negative consequences soon.

There’s only one more “pro” that I would like to discuss, and that is the fact that Instagram has allowed us to create and develop friendships and relationships not only with people who we already knew in our past but also with thousands of new people who we otherwise might never have met if it hadn’t been for social media!

I know we read such news pretty much every week, but did you ever seriously think about how many people have found their significant other or simply started a very beautiful friendship with people they got to know on Instagram or Facebook?

I know that, if you are looking up what does it mean restrict on Instagram, you probably met someone who is not so nice, so you may now be thinking about blocking or restrict them (and are thus wondering what does restrict mean on Instagram), but can you seriously tell me that you never had the chance of meeting someone special on Instagram?

I know, I know, I talk too much. Believe it or not, I’m actually not an Instagram spokesperson, and I don’t even work for them. The only reason why I wanted to talk about the pros of Instagram is that I believe that many of us nowadays use social media but also take it for granted.

What does it mean restrict on Instagram? I’m about to teach you just that!

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Of course, having talked a lot about everything that is good and awesome with regard to social media, I do need to also address the negative effects and consequences that social networks might have on our daily life and on our relationships.

In general, I think that the most common criticism social media get is linked to the fact that, if people spend too much time on their phone, they might end up becoming (as I already said) addicted to it – and this could have a negative impact on our “real life” relationships, and also on our work or on our studies.

So, what’s the truth to that – if there is any? Are social media really that dangerous, and do they really make us go crazy and addicted to our screens? Well, first of all, before I dare to provide an answer to this difficult question, let me clarify that I am not a psychologist and I do not really know anything about the effects that social media actually do have on our life.

I am only a boy who has spent a lot of time using social media and who has a lot of friends who have been doing the same for many years, and that is the only reason why I think I know a little bit about the topic.

Very soon you will be learning what does it mean when you restrict someone on Instagram

Of course, the main aim of this article is still to answer the question what does it mean to restrict on instagram, what does restrict mean on Instagram and when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean, but I would also like to briefly give my opinion on this matter.

So, what is my opinion? As I stated at the beginning of this article, I might agree with the fact that social media might sometimes cause a sort of “addiction” to some people, but I believe that the pros really top the cons.

I personally never felt “addicted” to Instagram, even though I do sometimes think that I could be spending less time on my phone. My relationships are okay, my boss is happy, my life is good, and social media didn’t lead me to develop an awful addiction which ruined my life. Am I really the only one who is like that?

Well, I think I have talked a lot already. I decided to write this article because I wanted to explain to everyone what does it mean when you restrict someone on Instagram, what does it mean restrict on Instagram and when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean, but given that I am really sensitive to this topic – because I don’t like when people point their finger at social media without knowing what they are talking about – I did slightly go off-topic. My bad, now back to the serious stuff!

What does it mean to restrict on Instagram? Is it the same as blocking?

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So, if you googled when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean, you might think that this feature is actually the same as blocking someone. Well, it really isn’t. If you decide to restrict someone, you will not block them: you will still be able to see the person’s account, and they will be able to see yours.

They can even contact you (although with some limitation) and like your photos. So, what does it mean restrict on Instagram?

Restrict means that the person’s comments on your picture will be hidden, and that the person will not be able to directly DM you again. Let me explain a little better: if a person that you restricted decides to leave a comment on one of your photos, their comment will not be deleted, but it will be greyed out and hidden, so that people will have to specifically click on it if they want to read it – otherwise it will stay hidden.

About the topic what does restrict mean on Instagram, you might have another question: and what about messaging? Can somebody you restricted still text you? Well, yes, they can. But the good thing is that you will not receive a direct notification every time that person sends you a DM, but you’ll rather be able to see their messages as a “message request”, which you can, of course, always decide to accept or deny.

If you want to know when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean, you’re in the right place!

A restricted user who contacts you will not be able to see whether you read their messages or accepted their message request. Most importantly, they will not even be able to know that they have been restricted, as Instagram never sends notifications to let users know that you decided to restrict someone.

Does this feature seem useful to you, especially if there is someone who is bothering you by leaving mean comments on your photo but who you wouldn’t really want to block? Well, then I guess the next question is: after you learned what does it mean when you restrict someone on Instagram, how can you restrict someone on Instagram? There is nothing easier than that!

To restrict someone on Instagram, you will have to find a comment that the user left on one of your photos. Once you find it, everything you have to do is swipe left on the comment. This will give you two options: you can either report the comment you swiped left on, or you can decide to restrict the user who posted it. Of course, if you are reading this article, you will probably decide to restrict said user.

And this is it! This concludes our guide, as there is nothing else you need to learn about what does restrict mean on instagram and when you restrict someone on Instagram what does that mean

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