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You’re searching for when was Instagram created, I know but I want to start with this thought. I have been thinking about something over the last few days, and I would like to share it with you today, as an unusual introduction to this new article. In case you don’t know, I recently started college, so my life has changed a lot lately.

You know, with everything that needs to be done, so many new things to learn, new people, to meet. I mean, I know that I should still be feeling that sense of “novelty” with regard to my new academic adventure, yet it’s only been a few months and I already quite feel like this is my new normal.

I mean, sure, life has changed a lot for me since last year. If I look back at who I was, who I was with and what I was doing 12 months ago, I am really surprised by how different things are now. Yet, on the other hand, I do feel like I have actually gotten used to it quite a lot. This should still feel new to me (and I say “should” because it still does feel new to all of my friends), but for me, it’s like this has been my life forever.

So, what’s the point of these thoughts? I know they certainly doesn’t answer the question when was Instagram created, but I think they are a great start to further investigate the topic. Ready to begin this adventure with me?

When was Instagram created: it feels like yesterday… or does it?


So, I know you have probably been wondering when was Instagram created (as a matter of fact, this is probably the reason for which you decided to click on this article!), but before we really analyze this question and try to find an answer for it, allow me to briefly look further into the question itself. Or, even better, allow me to reflect on why we might want to find out when was Instagram created.

I started this article by saying that I have been reflecting quite a lot and have come to a conclusion over the past few weeks. So, what is my conclusion? I know that I sometimes get lost in words. The thing is, I really like writing, and when I start writing something I always try to express all my feelings, even if this usually means I get pretty sidetracked. In any case, I hope you can really understand what I think and, maybe, let me know if you agree with me.

So, what am I thinking? What is the point of this reflection and what does it have to do with the very important question when was Instagram created? I am thinking about the fact that, when we get used to new things, they do feel like they have been around forever. Or am I the only one who thinks that?

Are you looking for an answer to the question when was Instagram created?

I promise that, by the end of this article, you will finally have learned the answer to your question when was Instagram created, but before we can start exploring Instagram’s great story (and history), I want to tell you why I reached this conclusion.

As I already mentioned, even though I have only recently started university, I have already gotten used to my new lifestyle and, although I am shocked to realize how many things have changed over the course of one year, I do also tend to think that my life has always been like this. This is how much I got used to everything new in my life!

So, how does this even relate to the question when was Instagram created? I think my thoughts do relate to the question when was Instagram created because, on the one hand, we all know that Instagram is quite recent: I mean, we do remember a time in our life in which we didn’t share anything going on in your world with our hundreds (or thousands) of followers, right? On the other hand, however, I know that many of us feel like Instagram has pretty much always been part of their lives. I don’t know exactly why that is, but I feel like many of us take Instagram “for granted”, meaning that we expect it to be around forever and we think it has also been around forever. Yet, just when was Instagram created?

Have you been wondering when was Instagram created?


If we all know that Instagram is quite recent but also feel like this great social media has been part of our life for a lot of time already, it’s only nature that we start to wonder when was Instagram created. I mean, how recent is Instagram? Who created it, and when? Is this what you have been wondering as well? I, for one, have always been pretty curious about the history behind social media.

Yes, yes, I know what you might be thinking of right now: if I’m curious to know more about how social media were created, I should probably watch “The Social Network”. Duh, don’t you think I watched it already? But that movie is about Facebook!

I mean, sure, Facebook and Instagram nowadays are owned by the same company (and thus the same man), so I guess the story of that movie kinda relates to Instagram, too. But that’s not enough for me! I mean, sure enough, that movie doesn’t answer the question when was Instagram created at all!

Another question that you might probably get when you tell your friends that you are curious to learn when was Instagram created might be “well, why do you care when was Instagram created? I mean, just enjoy it and whatever!”

Hey Google, when was Instagram created? Here is the answer to this question!

Does this sound familiar? I mean, I know that I got that question quite a lot! Sometimes I feel like my friends don’t even know me at all, and they don’t realize that I don’t always have a reason for the things I want to know, I’m just a very curious person in general!

However, when it comes to the question when was Instagram created, I do also have some more reasons as to why I am so curious about it. You see, I have always been quite fascinated with the world of entrepreneurship. I mean, if you think about it, it’s actually quite crazy how one can build a company (or a product) from his/her basement and then work their way up until becoming the richest person in the world!

Yes, okay, this example was inspired by you-know-who, but it still holds true anyway, doesn’t it? I mean, I don’t really care about the whole money part – although that’s most definitely a very good perk of being a successful entrepreneur. What I am really passionate about is the mere fact of being able to create something that can become as big as your ambition can make it. For me, this is absolutely impressive.

It is therefore no secret that I might be interested in learning Instagram’s story, including getting an answer to the very important question when was Instagram created.

How old is this social network?


When I learned when was Instagram created, I was actually quite shocked. I mean, of course, the answer to this question is not 1980 or something: this social network is quite recent and it was created in the third millennium. As a matter of fact, I was quite shocked to realize just how young it is! Sure, I guess that nowadays everything goes faster with the internet: people can become celebrities overnight if their TikTok gets viral, I get it. Yet, can you realize just how insanely huge Instagram is? And how much it is worth?

I think that such numbers are incredible, even if we only focus on the “human” aspect of Instagram: with over 1 billion users a month, this means that about 1 in 8 people access Instagram pretty much every month. Up until 30-40 years ago, such numbers were probably unimaginable.

I mean, sure, in the past you could have a great product or come up with a great idea, have great skills and also a bit of luck – which is always important – but… a billion clients? Who would have ever been able to achieve something like that?

That is what fascinates me, and what led me to wonder when was instagram created. Before finding out exactly just how old this social media is, I was expecting it to have been created in 1950s or something, given as popular it nowadays is!

The surprising answer to a very common question

What I learned in finding out when was Instagram created is that it doesn’t really matter how old a company (or an idea) is. If it is really good – and also if it is well-promoted, let’s not forget that! – it could reach the whole world in a matter of months. And although Instagram didn’t quite reach its current popularity in a matter of months, I think we can all still agree with the fact that the story of this company, and especially the rapidity with which it became the most popular social network in the whole world, remains astonishing.

Okay, so, are you ready to find out when was Instagram created? I know you’re eager to calculate how old you were when this social media was first launched and how much time went by before you decided to join it… at least, that’s what I calculated when I find out the answer to this question!

When we are talking about when was Instagram created, however, we also have to keep in mind another important date: 2012. No, this is not the year in which Instagram was created (meaning that Instagram is a bit older than that), but rather the year in which it was sold to Facebook.

Are you curious to learn how much Facebook paid to get a hold of this young, promising company back in 2012? Think about what I told you in this article: how many users access Instagram each month?

When was Instagram created? Are you ready to find out?

So, remember how many users? One billion! And, funny enough, this is also the amount of money for which Instagram was sold to Facebook back in 2012. Yes, you got it right. The Instagram creators got one billion dollars for their app! I know what you might be thinking – something I also thought myself when I first heard about the insane amount of money they hard: I wish I had had such an idea!

Well, although it might be a little late for you to invent Instagram, nothing stops you from coming up with the next great idea that will revolutionize the world of social media, and make a ton of money from it! I have been brainstorming and trying to come up with an idea for a new social media for quite a while now, but no news so far. Maybe you’ll be luckier than me?

So, why did I want to mention 2012 before specifically answering the question when was Instagram created? Because this is something many people are also curious about. A lot of people have argued that Instagram only started to become more popular once Facebook becomes its owner, so, in a sense, I guess 2012 could be one answer to the question when was Instagram created, as it was in this year that Instagram started becoming what it is today!


Still, 2012 is not the real answer to the question. So, are you ready to find out when was Instagram created?

Okay, so, when was Instagram created? I mean, we all now know that it was bought by Facebook in 2012 for a billion dollars, but when exactly was the app first invented?

Well, here is – finally – the answer to the question when was Instagram created: the app was launched on the App Store on October 6th, 2010.

Before this day, Instagram didn’t exist on the internet, although it would be wrong to assume that this social media was only created in the month of October 2010. Most likely, the developers had been working on the app for quite a while before publicly launching it. Nonetheless, this is the answer you were looking for! So, when was Instagram created? In 2010!

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